Responding to CBS’s Bob Scheiffer’s comments on the Libby Trial.
March 11, 2007


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On CBS’s Face the Nation this Sunday morning, host Bob Scheiffer posed the following questions in his closing commentary regarding the outing of Valery Plame: “Was a law actually broken? … We don’t even know if she was a secret agent covered by that law. Nor will we ever.

This obviously demanded an immediate response which I will repost for you here:

Dear Mr. Scheiffer. Regarding your final comment on Libby’s conviction:

I find it remarkable that anyone might still question whether or not Ms. Plame was indeed covert at the time she was outed by this Administration (she was). The fact that it was the CIA themselves that filed the charge should have put that question to rest long ago.

BUT, even if she wasn’t, consider the repercussions of her outing: the CIA front company she worked for, Brewster/Jennings, was still active. Any other agent using it as their own cover, was instantly exposed, rendered useless and their lives put in jeopardy because of her outing. Any foreign official that had ever dealt with “Brewster/Jennings” would now know they had dealt with a fake CIA front company, and all those agents lives were put at risk, as was any foreign agent working with them against their own government. Those governments most likely immediately closed all offices of that company operating in their country and a long established CIA Front with long honed business history was lost.

Likewise, now that foreign governments know that the spouse of a U.S. Ambassador might be an undercover CIA Agent, ALL of them have now been rendered useless, destroying what was likely an enormous intelligence asset.

Please also consider that the reason Fitzgerald has yet to prosecute anyone for the original crime of leaking Ms. Plame’s name is quite possibly BECAUSE the investigation was deliberately misled and derailed by the false testimony of Mr. Libby to the Grand Jury.

Please retract your ill-informed comment on next weeks show.

We’ll see.


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