Implications of Recent Successes of Surge in Iraq.
March 15, 2007


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There is a story in the news today (“Iraqis point to success; U.S. reaction cautious“) that the increase in the number of troops being sent to Baghdad is having the desired effect of reducing the violence there.

But consider what this tell us…

IF al-Qaeda was the main instigator of the violence, targeting U.S. troops, and the Neocon theory that “fighting in Iraq draws the terrorists there ‘so we don’t have to fight them here’,” then sending more troops into Baghdad should of made things WORSE not better (though any success is sure to be short lived if living conditions do not improve during this same period) as anti-US fighters were drawn to where our soldiers were. But this has not been the case.

This (sure to be temporary) reduction in violence in Baghdad proves one thing LOUD AND CLEAR: That the fighting in Iraq is being instigated (for the most part) by Iraqi’s, and that quelling the violence there is a POLICE MATTER, not one for American soldiers occupying a foreign country to bring under control!

What is proved over-and-over again every time we flood a particular Iraqi town with security forces, is that the violence immediately, temporarily, decreases as “the authorities” move in. There can NO LONGER be any defensible excuse for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq on the grounds of “fighting terrorism” in that country. They have now proven TIME AND AGAIN that the great majority of violence is between Iraqi’s, not terrorists, and that the violence can be quelled though increased law enforcement.

Likewise, reports last year of massacres committed by Iraqi’s “wearing police uniforms” proved a very disturbing fact: insurgents are joining the Iraqi police force, being given a uniform, weapon, and training in how to use it by U.S. forces, then going out and committing crimes disguised as the police.

Time to bring our troops home NOW. Not August of 2008. Not 12 months from now. TODAY.


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