Chevron Admits to Violating “Oil-for-Food” Program While Condi on BoD.
May 9, 2007


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EXCUSE ME, but why in the hell isn’t this a bigger story???

Apparently, Chevron has confessed that they were violating the “Oil-for-Food” program (to deprive Saddam of money he could use to buy weapons) in 2000 while Condi Rice was on their Board of Directors (1991 to 2000).

Now excuse me, but the Bush Administration made a BIG DEAL about how Saddam violating the “Oil-for-Food” program was “a violation of U.N. sanctions that demanded a military response”. They frequently pointed to Saddam violating the “Oil-for-Food” program when making the case for war, and afterwards using that fact to defend the decision to go to war when no WMD’s were found. (all links are to the official website):

o “Saddam Hussein has illegally imported hundreds of millions of dollars in goods in violation of economic sanctions and outside of the UN’s Oil-for-Food program. For example, Iraq has imported fiber optic communications systems that support the Iraqi military.” – Item #1: Saddam Hussein’s Efforts to Circumvent Economic Sanctions, April 29, 2003


o “President Discusses Growing Danger posed by Saddam Hussein’s Regime“:

“Saddam Hussein’s regime continues to support terrorist groups and to oppress its civilian population. It refuses to account for missing Gulf War personnel, or to end illicit trade outside the U.N.’s oil-for-food program. And although the regime agreed in 1991 to destroy and stop developing all weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles, it has broken every aspect of this fundamental pledge.” – President Bush making the case for war with Iraq, Sept 14, 2002

And Rice herself on the subject in an interview with Al-Jazeera:

o “Now, we understood when we came to power here in Washington several months ago that we had a problem, for instance, on Iraqi sanctions; that people believed, or that Saddam Hussein was claiming that the sanctions that were in place were somehow harming the Iraqi people. We do not believe that they were harming the Iraqi people because in the north, where the U.N. administers the oil-for-food program, Iraqi people are doing well. It’s only where Saddam Hussein administers oil-for-food that there is a problem with the Iraqi people. – October 16, 2001 (barely a month after 9/11)

Couple this with Halliburton illegally doing business with Iran while Cheney was their CEO, and this should be a MUCH bigger scandal. Yet, not even the top sites on the Left seem to be giving it much play.

Is there a member of this administration left that shouldn’t be facing IMPEACHMENT? Rice, Gonzales, Cheney, Bush… this crowd makes the Nixon Administration look like the Founding Fathers.


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