Does Cuba hold the keys to ending the war in Iraq?
May 30, 2007


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Here’s an interesting thought: Does Cuba have the power to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Maybe!

Though it could take some time, legally, the power to end President Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might actually be within Cuba’s power. Let me explain. It has to do with the Ninth Amendment to the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. Most people only know the “biggies”: 1st (freedom of speech/religion/assembly), 2nd (bear arms), 4th (privacy/quartering soldiers), and the 5th (remain silent/self incrimination). The 9th Amendment gives ANY person within the borders of the United States ALL of the same basic human rights of protection guaranteed every United States citizen. This includes the rights of Habeas Corpus and Due Process. The 9th Amendment is very short, as if to emphasize how truly basic such a right is, leaving no “legaleeze” for bureaucrats to debate the “true meaning” of:

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Translation: the Constitution shall NOT be interpreted in such a way as to deny ANYONE held by the U.S. their inalienable rights. Why is this important to our case? Because the U.S. holds all of its prisoners from Iraq/Afghanistan in a prison camp on foreign soil… Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be exact. If the prisoners were held somewhere on U.S. soil, be it inside the United States, an American Territory, or an American embassy (which is likewise legally U.S. soil), then those held there would automatically be entitled all basic human rights. That means no torture, a speedy trial by jury, and legal representation. The Founding Fathers were telling the World that EVERY PERSON “is born with certain inalienable rights”.

Now here is where it gets tricky:

The United States leases the land for the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay from the Cuban government for $4,000 a year (and Cuba doesn’t even cash the checks!). It is Cuban land. They own it, and if they felt strongly enough about it, they could conceivably break their 99-year lease with the U.S. government in protest or on some technicality. Forcing the U.S. to move all of its prisoners from Camp X-Ray to someplace else. While there appears to be no shortage of foreign countries willing to house American POW’s, that was for just a few “special” prisoners, not the hundreds now being held in GiTMO. Likewise, if enough pressure were applied by the people of those countries, the Bush Administration could be left with no other choice but to house those prisoners on American soil (housing them anywhere in the Middle East… Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar… would be too tempting a target for insurgent forces looking to free their comrades). And when they do, the 9th Amendment kicks in, and all of those prisoners would have to be put on trial.

Likewise, unwilling to bring home more POW’s to stand trial, and unwilling to release angry prisoners that are likely to join the insurgency upon their return out of spite for their unlawful multi-year imprisonment… the Bush White House would be left with no other choice but to stop taking in more prisoners and hasten the end of the war before the others returned. The alternative is to face the public humiliation and global outrage of literally hundreds of unlawfully held “enemy combatants” being released due to lack of evidence, and possibly joining in the fight against us.

Hey, Cuba hates us, and they certainly aren’t doing it for the money if they aren’t even cashing the piddly $4,000 checks Eisenhower insisted we pay. They likewise oppose Bush’s war, and their close friend & ally Hugo Chavez would like nothing better than to stick it to George W. Bush, so why the heck not? Just a thought.


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