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Gold-star Mother Cindy Sheehan tendered her public “resignation” as head of the anti-war movement on Wednesday (read her letter here). In a letter bitterly entitled, “Good Riddance Attention Whore” (undoubtably a slur given to her by a detractor), Cindy describes how being “anti-war” should know no Party. That there are people on both sides of the aisle that both support and denounce the Bush Administrations’ rampant militarism and socially irresponsible ways.

To that point, I, a proud Liberal Democrat, am pleased to post for you a response to Ms. Sheehan’s departure by an anti-war Conservative Republican friend and contributor to “Mugsy’s Rap Sheet”:

A Sense of Futility.
by “Longfisher”

From the conquest of the Eastern Seaboard over the indigenous native population, to Manifest Destiny which resulted in uncountable murders and savagery against native and competing peoples (remember the Spanish, Mexicans and the French?), to our more recent foreign wars, America is addicted to militarism. That that militarism has contributed immensely to our short-term wealth is certainly true. But it’s corrosive impact on our moral foundations and our humanity has been far greater.

We are addicted to the fruits of militarism and oblivious to the damage it causes because America has never been devastated by a foreign enemy. We have not felt the pain of destruction. Accordingly, nothing will even so much as moderate our militaristic tendencies until there is a devastating war on America itself; a nuclear war in all likelihood. When it does come we will have richly deserved it for more than 250 years.

Ms. Sheehan’s personal and “the anti-war movement’s” protestations will amount to nothing as long as America continues to benefit from war, regardless of our ruthlessness, barbarity and savagery towards our victims. Only when they strike us a death or near-death blow will Americans awaken to the dangers militarism has always presented.

Sheehan senses this. Her farewell letter (if it should be called that at all as she wished few fair tidings) contains kernels of these thoughts. And, over time, hopefully quiet time for her reflection, I’m sure her position on America and our seemingly innate militarism will crystallize into a position much closer to mine. I’m happy that she has finally found her way towards this way of thinking. But, I regret that she only attained these insights as a result of her long, personally-costly and immensely frustrating journey. She has paid a very high price for the neglect of her parental and citizenship responsibilities before Casey was killed.

I am proud that as the leader of my own family, I recognized the destructiveness of America’s militarism some decades ago and have led my children away from it. Both of my children are alive today and wholly indoctrinated in the peaceful ways of Jesus Christ. I will not apologize for that indoctrination for there are great prospects that they will bring into the world the sorts of peaceful leaders that a one day peaceful America will desperately need.

Best regards,

David W.
US Marine and Vietnam Vet