Why did Bush tick off Putin with sudden threat of European Missile Shield?
June 8, 2007


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You’ve probably heard this past week about a possible “resurrection of the Cold War” thanks to President Bush’s impetuous suggestion of putting a new “missile defense shield” over the NATO countries in Europe. Russian President Putin naturally saw this as a threat to Russian national security (a country with a shield can attack with impunity).

The rhetoric only grew after Commander Guy criticized Vlad’s recent rollbacks of numerous democratic reforms (sorry if you almost swallowed your gum over that one). And despite President Bush’s clueless reassurances that such a shield was intended only as protection from Middle Eastern terrorist states and that Russia had nothing to fear, Putin still condemned the system as a threat that could resurrect the costly arms race of 1980’s.

Putin caught the Bush Team off guard Thursday with a reasonable offer of putting the systems’ radar control center in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. Not expecting the former KGB officer to act reasonably, after a quick confab (see photo), the Bushites hailed the compromise as “an interesting idea“. (Hey guys, easy does it with the enthusiasm!)

Quick confab

Never mind the fact that our so-called “missile defense shield” is only a little further along than the GOP’s plan to resurrect Ronald Reagan’s dead corpse and run him for President in 2008, why on Earth would G-Dub choose now of all times to start ticking off Russian President Putin just days before the G8? And why such a lukewarm reaction to such a welcome compromise that seems to give us everything we want?

I was pondering those very questions and getting nowhere until I remembered to think like a NeoCon (not an easy task mind you! Part of your soul must be sacrificed). That’s when it struck me: the Bush cabal wasn’t happy to be given an “easy out” because they don’t WANT an easy out. Despite all their assurances to Russia that such a missile defense shield was no threat to Russia, that is EXACTLY what it is meant to be.

Now, at this point, your average cynical Democrat like me would just assume The Bush White House WANTS to restart the Cold War as a gift to all their contractor buddies. But that’s not “Neocon-warped“, that’s ordinary “greedy bastard”. No, to understand the reasoning behind the Neocon’s sudden “piss off Russia” strategy, you need to think a little darker: Think Iran.

Russia and Iran have been allies all the way back to the Jimmy Carter “Iranian hostage crisis” / “Soviet Grain Embargo” days (if not long before), a fragile alliance that continues to this day. The new Russia may not support the policies of the radicals in the Iranian government, but they’d much rather be regarded an ally than a foe in a time when President Bush’s war in Iraq has only given rise to violent radicalism throughout the Muslim world.

So what are the Neocons thinking then? Simple: they want to bomb (bomb bomb, bomb bomb) Iran, a move that would almost assuredly put Russian President Putin in the uncomfortable position of having to defend their ally. So what’s to stop WWIII and a U.S./Russia conflict over Iran? The threat of missile strikes from neighboring NATO allies around Russia perhaps? And the liklihood of them doing so is greater if they knew they could do so with impunity. So, the Bush White House can then say, “don’t get involved in our attack on Iran or all these tiny countries in your backyard might just launch a few warheads in your direction.

So you see, the “missile shield” idea is all about keeping Russia out of Georgie’s plan to attack Iran; nothing to do with protecting our allies from radical Muslim’s firing nuclear missiles they ain’t got at them.

Think about it. The proof will come in the next few days when the Bush White House rejects Putin’s reasonable offer with its usual flimsy explanation.

BTW: In financial news, the Dow fell nearly 400 points in the past three days. Stay tuned.


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