Look out Iran! As predicted, U.S. rejects Russian offer to relocate European missile shield. (Told ya so!)
June 15, 2007


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A shade over a week ago, I theorized why the Bush Administration suddenly chose *now* to put a “missile defense shield” in Europe in the Russian border state of the Czech Republic: With all that is going on it the world, why the sudden concern for “protecting” minor Eastern European countries from a missile attack by rogue Middle Eastern nations that have had few/no threats made against them? The obvious answer was that it was *really* a way to keep Russia from rushing to the defense of their ally Iran should we decide to invade; fearing a potential missile strike by a Russian border state lobbing ICBM’s with immunity. It’s the Bush Administrations’ way of making Russian President Putin “think twice” before getting involved in Bush’s next war.

I said the proof of this theory would be if the Bush Administration rejected Putin’s completely reasonable offer of placing the missile shield’s control station in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan under shared control.

Today (Friday, June 15th), U.S. Secretary of Defense publicly rejected Putin’s offer, stating that it would continue its plan to place the station in the Czech Republic. At this time, there has been no response by the Russian government.


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