Totally disgusted. I can’t bear these Republicans anymore.
July 11, 2007


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After a week of responding to defenders of “Scooter” Libby attacking Democrats for OUR hypocrisy, followed by Right-wingers on the TV trashing Michael Moore’s new movie “SiCKO”, accusing him of “fudging the facts” using fudged facts of their own, then responding to a few racist email chain letters, I had had about enough! You correct them with facts supported by links, and they ignore you, only to come back days, weeks or even months later repeating the same tired long debunked allegations. Then came the straw to break the camels’ back:

As I’ve noted on here before, I maintain a video news archive on YouTube. President Bush still enjoys a 29% approval rating, and I felt like I heard from all of them this week, posting frantic responses to videos they don’t like. (It is becoming apparent that as they see their little world slipping away, they are in a panic.)

Without exception, their responses are always full of falsehoods, long-debunked “facts” and an obscure sense of logic that attacks Bill Clinton for “crimes” he supposedly committed while excusing/dismissing/denying every crime to come out of the Bush Administration.

My own exasperation piqued after having to debate the virtues of “peace” over “war” and “truth” over “lies” to a Baptist Minister from Texas. To him, Bush could do no wrong, Clinton could do no right, and the only reason Democrats hate Bush is “sour grapes” over the 2000 election. A tiny sampling of our two-day exchange:

> I’m not like you. I would vote for a Democrat. I would vote for Lieberman in a heartbeat.

“Liberman” is your idea of “voting for a Democrat”? Please, he’s to the right of most Republicans (I’m sure Zell Miller had your vote too!)

> Bush went off the same intelligence the Dems had. The
> reporter asked John Kerry “Can Sadaam be dealt with
> without using force, John Kerry, “I DON’T SEE HOW!”
> Clinton bombed him for crying out loud, he had three
> terrorist training camps, what more do you people want,
> did you want Sadaam to set off a bomb here before you
> would confront him?

If you believe Congress gets the same intel as the President, you’re not dealing in reality. Perhaps you are familiar with the “Presidential Daily Briefing”… most notably, the one on August 6, 2001? When Congress wants to know something, it must form Committees” that the President can then bar from revealing what they know to the rest of Congress. That was the case in both the 2003 NIE and the NSA Domestic Wiretapping scandal.

Please provide a date and link for Kerry’s quote about Saddam, because you have YET to provide ANY support (despite repeated requests) for ANY comments you claim support your position.

Yes, Clinton bombed him. But HE DIDN’T INVADE. And after the bombing turned up nothing but an Advil factory, any talk of taking military action against Saddam ended…

Then you turn on the news, and we hear the Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff telling us that we may be attacked this Summer. But when asked if he has any information to support this, he says No, it’s just “a gut feeling”. This guys job isn’t to “fear monger” for his bosses Bush & Cheney in order to steer the political debate over Iraq/Iran.

Bush’s own former Surgeon General, Richard Carmona, along with Reagan’s SG C.Everett Coop and Clinton’s SG David Sacher all testified before Congress that the Bush Administrations’ meddling in science policy is the worst they’ve ever seen, blasting him and his anti-science administration before a joint session of Congress. His comments were so scathing, it is highly recommended viewing for all.

On the NBC Nightly News, Mid-East reporter Richard Engle gave a stunning report this week showing the children of Iraqi refugees living in Syria, some that appear to be as young as six, have been forced into prostitution to help support their families, fleeing the violence in Iraq. I’ve about had it.

There’s a special place in Hell for the people that helped cause all this.


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