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I’m actually posting this entry unfinished. A nasty computer problem last week took me out of commission for several days, and family events have distracted me further still. So rather than delay this next post any longer, I’m posting it incomplete in the hopes that you, dear reader, will contribute your own thoughts in the Comments section to flush out the missing points. (You’ll also get a small glimpse at my writing process). I’m also hoping to assemble a new YouTube video on the subject fairly soon. – Mugsy

I‘ve never been prone to hyperbole. I’m not easily excitable and “overreact” is not in my vocabulary. When I encounter some prophet of Doom & Gloom, my usual first reaction is to roll my eyes and chuckle. But every once in a while, a string of events so worrisome cross my notice that they simply cannot be dismissed as the machinations of some Nervous Nelly.

This past week, Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf declared “Emergency Rule” (aka “Martial Law”), disbanded the government and ordered the police to arrest THOUSANDS of lawyers, politicians, civil servants and citizen protesters in the wake of the riots following the visit of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to challenge Musharraf in their upcoming elections. Musharraf claimed the move to suspend their Constitution was due in part to “a wave of attacks by militants linked to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban this year” and ‘interference’ by the judiciary”.

Now, if George Bush needed a blueprint for how to suspend OUR Constitution, the chaos that might result, and how to respond, Musharraf just gave it to him on a silver platter.

I remember when President Bill Clinton gave his first State of the Union speech after his first year in 1993. That is when he first spoke of his Administrations’ plan to finally bring a National Healthcare system to America. In his speech, he held up a mock red-white-&-blue “Health ID Card” that would be given to every U.S. citizen, upon which, a persons’ entire medical history could be stored. The Right went into hysterics, slamming it as “an invasion of privacy” and “a way for the government to collect information on every single American without their consent!“. The Evangelicals even alluded to “The Mark of the Beast”, the Biblical notion that in the endtimes, every person on Earth would be “cataloged” and identified only by their (ID) “number“.

Now, if you can stop giggling long enough to provide your own thoughts on the following current events…

Other points to address:
o collapse of the U.S. dollar.
o closing in on $100/barrel for oil
o The plunging DOW
o The current mortgage crisis
o Democrats in the House voting NOT to begin Dick Cheney impeachment hearings.
o Pat Robertson of the “Christian Coalition” choosing to endorse the formerly pro gay rights, formerly pro gun control, thrice married, cross dressing, “moved his mistress in to live with his wife and kids into the Mayors’ mansion”, has friends with mob ties, “hated by the NYFD” Rudy Giulliani because he is the candidate most likely to continue Bush’s War on Brown People in the Middle East (and South of the Border), promising to kill as many non-Christians as one can in the time allotted, should he be elected President… while they ridicule and jeer candidates like Dennis Kucinich… whose very slogan is “Strength through Peace“.
o etc…