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About a week ago, I received a Copyright Infringement Notice from YouTube regarding one of my videos: “Thompson delivers GOP talking points to deafening silence”:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by NBC Universal claiming that this material is infringing:

I responded to them with the following:

If this is the case, I recommend you simply search your site under “Thompson Leno” and remove the half-dozen or so other copies of this same video.

A week has now passed, and as you can see from the link above, every other copy of the exact same video… sans my critical comments… are still there. Only my video critical of Fred Thompson’s announcement has been removed. Those copies intended as praise for the Presidential Candidate remain.

Now, whether Thompson’s campaign themselves or just some Brownshirt little Thompson-supporting Hitler Youth didn’t like my video and reported it to “the powers that be” over at YouTube, I can’t say. But it is obvious that it wasn’t “NBC Universal” themselves behind the complaint, going through YouTube and targeting every video containing the word “Leno” or “Tonight Show” or else ALL copies of said video would of been targeted for deletion.

So this got me wondering, “Is someone targeting anti-Fred videos?” It’s impossible to say for sure, but a quick search of YouTube on “Fred Thompson” produces a long list of PRO Thompson videos containing long clips of copywritten material. Those few videos criticizing Thompson are almost entirely “self produced” with all original content, of which no one could accuse of “Copyright Infringement”. I did find one video critical of Fred using copywritten footage from Fox Newz, but it is less than :30… the ceiling for the “Fair Use” Law.

Over the weekend, two New Hampshire surveys showed Thompson was now in SIXTH place with just 3%. Support for the intellectually challenged, short on current-events Thompson (he recently referred to Russia as “The Soviet Union” in one speech) has been shriveling under the spotlight like a grape in the hot Texas sun. Someone, either his campaign or his supporters, seem to be getting desperate, taking to scrubbing the Internet for negative portrayals of their candidate.

Served up to the populace as the GOP’s White Knight to rescue Conservative voters from the unpalatable choices of Rudy, Mitt or John, it wasn’t until his official (and much delayed) announcement on The Tonight Show that night that most voters got a really good look at him to discover their actor-turned-politician “Ronald Reagan wannabee” was more like Dan Quayle (Bush Sr’s bumbling VP) than “The Gipper”. And pointing out just how anti-climatic his announcement was… six minutes without cheers or applause… on Leno, is apparently something Thompson’s supporters don’t want anyone pointing out.