Way back in March of last year, I wrote about the fact that someone appears to have deliberately flipped the stars on the RNC’s elephant logo upside down:

Upside down stars

The upside-down star is symbolic of the Satanic Pentagram:

Pentagram with goat

Why this was done is anyone’s guess. But it wasn’t always this way:

Bush Sr. 1988 Convention pin
George Bush Sr’s 1988 GOP Convention pin

Anyway, last Friday, during “Jim Lehrer’s News Hour” on PBS, a curious thing caught my eye:

PBS flips stars
(click to enlarge)

Someone obviously went through the trouble of DELIBERATELY inverting the stars on the DNC logo. How do I know it was “deliberate”? Note the logos in the background all show the stars upright. NOWHERE does the official DNC logo appear with the stars inverted, so someone not only had to create the graphic from scratch, but take the time to flip the stars on just the foreground logo. Notice the foreground donkey graphic has fewer legs and a different nose than the background graphic. This foreground logo was made from scratch.

A few minutes later in another graphic with less pronounced logo, the stars are once again upright:

Stars flipped back
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Same two-legged donkey graphic as above, only now with the stars right-side up. So the alteration is quite clearly deliberate.

Meanwhile, as George W. Bush leaves office, the GOP has changed its logo once again:

2008 GOP Convention logo

Only one star this time, but once again upright. Interesting. What do you make of all this? Is it a mountain out of a molehill or something more sinister?


(Follow-up: One reader on the Democratic Underground website noted that the new RNC logo seems to resemble roadkill, complete with tire tracks across the back and stars in the eyes. Funny!)