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(Editor’s note: Last weeks early posting of our extended report has thrown our schedule off slightly, and next weeks DNC Convention will do so as well, but we should get back to our regular Wednesday posting schedule after that. – Mugsy)

I just don’t understand the Hillary Clinton loyalists… ESPECIALLY the ones that say they’ll vote for John McCain over Barack Obama… apparently out of spite. These people would rather destroy the country by electing another Republican that will not only continue George Bush’s policies, but also would be interpreted as a vindication of George Bush by The Rabid-Right (“Apparently President Bush wasn’t that bad if the country voted for another Republican after him, knowing he will continue those same policies”, they’ll say), rather than vote for a guy that agrees with them on 95% of the issues, just because they think his nomination “wasn’t fair”.

They’re willing to risk adding another two Conservative judges to the four Right-Wing radicals already on the Supreme Court (as I’ve previously noted, three of the four most Liberal judges on the SC are also the oldest and most likely to be replaced by the next President). These are *lifetime* appointments, so even if Hillary wins years from now, she’ll find herself strapped with a Conservative Court, and who knows just what Neo-Conservative agenda they’ll okay that no one, not ever Hillary, can rescind?

Following Senator Obama’s pick of Joe Biden as his running mate, all the Sunday political talkshows could talk about was “Why not Hillary?”, some even predicting we will hear (for the first time) delegates from the Convention floor saying “they will not support the nominee.” The Hillary camp has said they want a “roll call” so that Hillary’s supporters votes are counted (despite pledging to support Obama), and there are even a few die-hards that still hold out hope for “a miracle” that Hillary ends up with the nomination.

All this is INCREDIBLY short sighted. Besides the points I mentioned above about the potential for disaster by electing McCain, here are a couple of other facts Hillary voters should consider:

1) If McCain wins, it’s not a gimme that she’d be the nominee in 2012. Obama, with 70% support among Democrats, if McCain wins, Hillary is likely to be seen as a “spoiler” that cost Democrats an election they should of won with both hands tied behind their back. So don’t count on the 2012 vote if McCain wins in ’08.

2) Joe Biden is currently 65 years old. Even if Obama had chosen Hillary to be his VP, she wouldn’t have a (“real”) shot at becoming the nominee again until 2016 (sitting Presidents almost always win renomination, and never has a sitting VP challenged their boss for the job). By then, Biden will be 73 (going on 74), older than Grampa McCain is now. Should Obama win re-election, we’re looking at another “wide open” campaign in 2016 just as we’re seeing now in 2008. So even without being the nominee, Hillary is in the best position to run in 2016.

The McCain camp is already running ads of Hillary criticizing Obama. You want to know why Hillary wasn’t chosen? THAT’s why. Imagine the next two months with McCain ads replaying clips of Obama’s own VP criticizing him (even praising McCain over Obama):

…potentially costing him the election.

Obama choosing the 65 year old Biden as his running mate should be the best news Hillary fans could of hoped for. So stop this nonsense about “voting for McCain” or “still holding out hope for a miracle at the convention” and look at the huge gift laying at your feet.

(PS: I hope to provide short daily commentary on Convention Highlights next week, so be sure to check in! – Mugsy)

ADDENDUM: A question has come to mind. Might Obama of selected the 65-year old Biden to appease Hillary?