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As I type this, Hurricane Gustav, soon to be Tropical Storm Gustav heads my way. I’m actually eager for it to arrive. My A/C went out Sunday morning here in my apartment, and with Monday being a holiday, it would be Tuesday before anyone could come out and fix it… if not for Gustav, which will bring torrential rain Tuesday, forcing me to wait till Wednesday before my air conditioning is repaired. Here in the South, the days still reach the mid-90’s, so I’m hoping the wind & rain will cool things off enough to make the wait till Wednesday bearable. Why do these things always seem to happen on a holiday weekend?

Speaking of prolonging misery, the RNC Convention was called off Monday due to Hurricane Gustav. The Republican Party thought it might be “bad taste” to party while a monster storm slams into New Orleans three years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. Gee, you think?

Instead, because the start of the convention is required for legal reasons, the wives, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain, gaveled in a brief “opening ceremony”, prayed for those affected by the hurricane, endured an ear-curling rendition of the National Anthem by an American Idol wannabe who should thank her lucky stars almost no one heard her perform (if you click the video, I encourage you to exit before “rockets red glare”. Don’t say you weren’t warned), a gavel-out, and Day One of the RNC National Convention was over. As damage from the storm appears to have been less than expected, the RNC expects to resume its convention on Tuesday.
So, on to other news.

Hokey Smoke! Republicans appear to be less-than-thrilled with the senior senator from Arizona selecting the Governor of Mooselvania as his running mate last Friday. Hey, I’m not one for ad hominem attacks, but when your Presidential pick chooses “Rocky” as his theme song, and his running mate expresses an affinity for “Moose Burgers”, how can one NOT think of these two:

Moose & Squirrely (er, uh, Rocky & Bullwinkle)
Rocky & Bullwinkle

No, actually, the first to come to mind are THESE two:
Boris & Natashia

..ESPECIALLY when you think of them taking orders from Fearless Leader:

Boris & Natashia with Fearless Leader

Okay, no cracks about my mediocre PhotoShopping skills. It was a rush-job, and no one’s paying me to do it.

The Right-wing is in a tizzy over Sarah Palin as McCain’s pick to be his VP. Choosing the first-term governor (having served only 20 months) of Alaska (a state with 1/19th the population of Obama’s home state of Illinois), didn’t even have a passport before 2007, has completely undermined his “experience over judgment” argument he has used against Senator Obama’s “judgment over experience” defense. Oh, and what self-respecting Republican wouldn’t be under investigation for ethics violations after only months on the job? Pro-gun, questionable ethics, sounds perfect… but don’t we already have this VP???

But Palin isn’t without her fans. As far back as February of 2007, after having been Governor for less than two months, one Palin fan had already started a “draft Palin blog/petition“… not for President, but for “VP”. Her top three attributes for the job: pro-life, pro-gun, and female (to counter the Hillary or Obama novelty).

Palin is an Evangelical Christian, which has the Right-wing religious nuts in absolute rapture. She’s everything McCain isn’t: deeply religious, life long hunter & NRA Member, global warming denier, extreme pro-lifer (even opposing the commonly accepted exceptions of “rape, incest & life of the mother”), that supports the death penalty, drilling in ANWR, and taking polar bears off the “endangered species list” to free up more land for drilling.

Ever since learning of the Palin pick, I’ve been telling people that I believe, after seeing Obama’s acceptance speech before 84,000 people, every other possible McCain running mate backed out, deciding that hitching their wagon to McCain’s dead-horse of a campaign is political suicide, choosing instead to focus on 2012.

In addition to other concerns, the 44 year old mother of four gave birth to her fifth child only months ago, which was diagnosed as having Down Syndrome. Because of all this, I’m going to predict (and we all know how bad my track record is making VP predictions) that, as a result of extreme pressure from the Right, Palin will pull a Harriet Meyers and reject the VP nomination during the Convention, citing her new Special-Needs baby as the reason, allowing the delegates to vote on her replacement… EXACTLY what some Republicans hoped/suggested Hillary should do to disrupt the Democratic Convention (and let’s not forget, they “prayed for rain” to disrupt Obama’s big speech, only to have a hurricane lobbed their way three years to the day of Katrina. It’s as if some deity wants to remind everyone just how disastrous electing another Republican would be. Hmm.)

Hurricane Gustav seemed to arrive just in time to remind everyone of how the current Republican President failed to protect the American people from a threat you could see from space that took DAYS to arrive, and resulted in the loss of an entire city with desperate citizens left to die in hospitals and make-shift shelters, not to mention dead bodies floating in the streets. It’s almost like some divine deity wanted to remind everyone just how disastrous it would be to put Republicans back in charge… if you believe in that sort of stuff… and as I pointed out last week, millions do.

The RNC chose Labor Day to kick off their convention, and by no coincidence, had picked the day most Americans would be away on vacation as the day the most unpopular American President in modern history was to give his big speech… that is, until Gustav came along. President Bush’s Monday appearance was canceled. And while it appears the Convention is back on for Tuesday, no one has yet confirmed whether Vice President Cheney’s canceled Tuesday appearance is back on. We will see. (Fingers crossed!)

Not wanting to appear callous, with a national emergency confronting him, President Bush and the RNC hope to turn lemons into Lemonade by having him “too busy” to attend the Convention at all. Instead, the RNC has chosen to turn their convention into a telethon for victims of Hurricane Gustav. There are already concerns… as there should be… of a political Party so chock full of millionaires & billionaires asking people to “give generously” only to later fly back to one of their seven homes on their private jet (the McCain delegation has set aside one of Cindy’s private jets to fly Louisiana and Mississippi delegates back home to collect stranded loved ones.)

So that was the first day of the Republican’s big convention. Thrown into turmoil by disasters, both natural (Gustav) and man-made (the Palin pick). Let’s all pray I’m wrong and Palin sticks around for the rest of the election. Remember what happened the last time a major Party candidate with almost no chance of winning chose a woman as his running mate in a last ditch political stunt? That would be Mondale/Ferraro in 1984. Reagan won 49 of 50 states, where Mondale won only D.C. and his home state of Minnesota. This time, the horseshoe is on the other pachyderm.