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I received an extremely interesting comment Friday from a Right-winger responding to one of my YouTube videos:

…and im sure but im pretty sure the remaining 45 is subject to income tax wich means the extra income puts you in a higher tax palin

Ignore the nonsense leading up to those last two words… “vote palin”

Not “vote mccain”. “Vote Palin“. Fascinating.

I’m waiting for a reply from him to my question: “Palin? Not ‘Vote McCain‘?” And not “Palin in 2016” either (assuming a McCain victory and “inevitable” re-election, as I’m sure they do). Just, “vote palin”. Huh.

Last week, Palin even gave herself Top Billing, referring to a “Palin & McCain Administration”:

There is no question in my mind that the GOP is grooming Sarah Palin to run for 2012 (not even waiting for 2016 even if McCain wins).

Palin has become the darling of the Religious Right. She’s to the Right of even most Republicans on the issue of abortion (opposing the exceptions of Rape & Incest). Like them, she’s a religious nut, and they LOVE that!

She belongs to a Wingnut Evangelical church that practices “speaking in tongues”, group cellphone Conversion sessions, and has a third-floor “portal to God”.

She doesn’t believe Global Climate Change is “man made” (whether she even believes in GCC at all is a bit murky. Only cautioning against “overreacting” to the issue.) Not only does she favor drilling in the “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge” (ANWR), but even said politicians like McCain that oppose drilling there are “living in La-La Land”:

She loves guns, hunts moose and has no problem lying her ass off for political expediency.

And… of course… she’s a woman, giving the G.O.P. the perceived “novelty factor” that they think is solely responsibly for Senator Obama’s meteoric political rise. After a string of old white men (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush-41, Bob Dole, McCain, et al) running for the presidency, the G.O.P. is desperate for new blood.

The Republicans HATE John McCain, but they are supporting him in this election because they hate Democrats more. It was assumed for a long time that when the Bush term ended, McCain would be his natural successor, to the displeasure of many in the GOP.

Republicans looked desperately for an alternative to McCain for months. First it was NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, the “hero of 9/11”. But Giuliani is “pro-choice”, has never held an office higher than “mayor”, has a nasty marital history, and a penchant for appearing in women’s clothes. And when his dear friend “Bernie Kerik”… the man he made NYC Police Commissioner and recommended to Bush to head up the new Department of Homeland Security… was indicted for tax evasion and corruption (Mob ties?)… Rudy’s campaign was all but sunk. So they looked elsewhere.

Next up was “Hollywood” Fred Thompson, the gruff star of NBC’s “Law & Order”, former Senator of Tennessee with a long movie career, proudly partisan with a pro-life voting record. He also had a trophy wife that’s 4 years younger than his oldest daughter and couldn’t campaign his way out of a paper bag. The death-nell of his campaign was that he waited FAR too long to announce he would actually run, hosting fundraisers and accepting campaign contributions for months, trying to string-out the “will he or won’t he” novelty factor for as long as possible. By the time he finally announced he was running, nobody cared. Republicans that initially backed Thompson envisioned “the next Ronald Reagan”… a former B-actor turned rabid Republican attack dog. Only to find out Thompson was no “Great Communicator” like Reagan, and gave 2-minute stump speeches that were duller than his personality (and about as deep). Bye-bye, Thompson.

Mitt Romney had some novelty. A Republican governor of the most iconicly Liberal state in the country (Massachusetts), that instituted a state heath care program to ensure millions of New Englanders. A multi-millionaire businessman (of the “Staples” office-supply chain). BUT, Mitt was a Mormon (synonymous with “cult” to the religious-right)… which Evangelicals just *couldn’t* overlook. Bye bye, Mitt.

Huckabee, a former Baptist minister from the Clinton’s home state of Arkansas, also had some novelty appeal to the Right. But running on a “Fair Tax” (National Sales Tax) platform, the “powers-that-be in the G.O.P.” would never of allowed him to be the nominee.

When the dust settled, Republicans found themselves right back where they started, stuck with John “won’t overturn Roe” McCain, who believed (past-tense) in “Global Warming”, opposed drilling in ANWR, and called Evangelical icons Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “agents of intolerance”. McCain is also 72 years old. If he wins, he’ll be the oldest person to ever become President.

Enter Sarah Palin.

When 2012 comes around, McCain will be 76. Win or lose, Republicans won’t want him to be the nominee again. They don’t like him *now*. He’s unlikely to be any more popular four years from now. And if McCain loses, NO WAY would he be the nominee a third time. Win or lose, expect Palin to stroll to the GOP nomination in 2012 (sans an “Obama-like” star to appear out of nowhere to derail Palin the way Hillary’s “inevitable” victory was derailed by Barack Obama).

No longer an “unknown”, Palin will have more “experience” four years from now… doing away with the “too inexperienced to be President” argument. The GOP will pull out ALL the stops to ensure Palin wins reelection as governor of Alaska from now until 2012 (because “losers” don’t get the nomination for President), so be on the lookout for “mysterious” election results in Alaska over the next four years if McCain loses.

The RNC is *already* schooling Palin on the issues to prepare her for next weeks’ Vice Presidential Debate, and they’ll continue to do so over the next four years. No more “Miss Teen South Carolina-quality- -answers-. She’ll dramatically cut Alaska earmark requests, and maybe even actually *visit* Russia instead of just stare at it from a distant Alaskan island.

Many of the arguments being made against Palin’s fitness to be so close to the Presidency today will evaporate by 2012 (then again, those same arguments about Obama’s inexperience will likewise have been rendered moot). Democrats better start working on some better arguments on why Palin has no business being anywhere close to the presidency than just “inexperience“.
Also in the news: After a week on Wall Street that made “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” look like a study in “Continental Drift”… a 500 point drop, 150 point gain, a 450 point drop, and back-to-back 400+ point gains… the DOW ends *down* exactly 34.28 points below where it started one week ago… but with American Taxpayer’s left holding the bag for $800 BILLION DOLLARS in Federal bailouts and a Republican Party that has suddenly gotten religion when it comes to “Federal Regulation”… which they opposed for years on the grounds it was “bad for business”.