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There is a special place in Hell for the people that write computer viruses.

Some time last week, I inadvertently downloaded an archive that contained one Nasty computer virus. My anti-virus software didn’t detect it when I downloaded it, and didn’t catch it when I scanned the suspect file by hand. So, thinking the program was virus-free, I unleashed Computer Hell upon myself for the past week (in fact, my post last Thursday was submitted using another Operating System). Then, to make matters worse, while trying to rescue my defiled PC, the computer suddenly just up & died for no apparent reason. But Murphy’s Law was in full effect and, after sitting at the local Repair Center over the weekend, they called me back on Monday to say my computer was powering up just fine and had no idea why it wasn’t powering-up for me. So I brought it home only to find it still wouldn’t turn on (not so much as a spark). A few hours of fiddling with wires and checking connections, the system powered up again, but I still had the virus problem (and another day of Hell) waiting for me.

When I’m not blogging about Conservative idiocy, I’m a computer “jack-of-all-trades”, from repairs to websites, and even so, it took every bit of my 25+ years of computer know-how to recover my system.

And while I was stuck in Computer Hell, John McCain was flip-flopping around like a fish on dry land, Sarah Palin was out making a total fool of herself on national television, the Presidential candidates had their first debate, where Barack Obama appeared as Presidential as any man can without already having won the Presidency, while McCain looked small & petty refusing to even look at Senator Obama throughout the debate (even when Obama was turned and speaking directly to him).

And now we are about to see the debate everyone is waiting for… the Vice Presidential Debate (likely the first time in history the VP debate will see higher ratings than any of the presidential debates)… Thursday nights’ debate is to be moderated by (admitted “Moderate Conservative”) Gwen Ifil of PBS (I hope to post a video containing clips of her slanted questioning and defense of Cheney in the 2004 debate, along with any defense of Palin like I expect we’ll see from her Thursday).

So stay alert. Between updating the McCain Master Flip Flop List, the Thursday debate, and the current roller-coaster on Wall Street, I have a LOT to catch up on.