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Wednesday’s presidential debate will be the last one before Election Day. I have a short list of questions I’ve been waiting for someone to ask Senator McCain, but so far, have not been asked. The October 8th “Town Hall” debate would of been the perfect debate for such questions, but it was not to be.

With our last chance to ask questions rapidly approaching, here is MY very brief list of questions I’d like someone to ask Senator McCain. I encourage you to add your own questions in the Comments section.

  1. Q: “Senator McCain, the Federal Highway Administration, which is in charge of highway repairs and new road construction, reported recently that they are facing a multi-billion dollar shortfall next year due to fewer people driving and buying less gas, meaning less gas tax revenue. If simply buying *less* gas created a huge shortfall in the highway fund, what might be the effect of your “gas tax holiday”?
  2. Q: “Senator McCain, President Bush, who had the power to enact a “gas tax holiday” over the Summer, didn’t. Why do you think that is? (please note there was no way of knowing at the time that oil prices would fall in the wake of the Wall Street crisis.)”
  3. Q: “Senator McCain, how did we loose ground in Afghanistan? It wasn’t that long ago that people… including yourself… were pointing to it as a success. What happened?”
  4. Q: “According to the ‘Bush/Cheney’ definition of torture… which you ascribe to, *you*, Senator McCain, were not tortured while a POW in Vietnam. Do you agree? If not, does that mean the U.S. is indeed engaging in torture as bad or worse than what was committed against you?
  5. Q: Senator McCain, recently, both you and your running mate have resurrected the issue to Senator Obama’s association with Chicago Professor William Ayers, claiming Senator Obama “hangs out with domestic terrorists”. Do you believe Senator Obama “hangs out with terrorists”, and if so, would you launch an investigation into Senator Obama’s relationship with “terrorists” should you be elected?

Please add your own questions for either senator in the Comments section below.