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Recently, a “voter registration group” called “ACORN” (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which the Federal Government contracts every year to register low-income voters, became the focus of attacks by the Right-Wing Noise Machine. ACORN hires temporary workers to go out and register people every election year, and pays its’ workers based upon the number of people they register. The more people you sign up, the more you make.

And every election year, there are always a few people that take advantage of the system by filling out fake registrations themselves of people that don’t exist in order to pad their count. While they may make up “real” sounding names (like “Jimmy Johns”), it quickly becomes difficult to think up creative new names, and eventually start using names like “Micky Mouse”, “Batman”, etc. Unfortunately for these idiots, ACORN checks every registration, and those they find to be fraudulent, they report. The ONLY reason these Republican Wing-Nuts even know about these fake registrations is because ACORN reported it. (I briefly mentioned the ongoing war on “voter-fraud” at the end of my report on the third debate.) The McCain campaign has revived the “ACORN is subverting the election” meme from 2004 when it was discovered Senator Obama donated to the organization. Because ACORN focuses on “low-income” voters, these voters have a tendency to be disproportionately Democrat.

The screaming Right is suggesting that “thousands” of fake votes may be cast by people that don’t exist. Senator McCain, who attacked ACORN during the third debate, even suggested the organization was “destroying the fabric of Democracy.” Truth is, while “registration” fraud is a crime, NO ONE is going to show up to a polling place and try to vote using the name “Batman“. That’s “election” fraud, and it’s exceedingly rare.

The “Christian Science Monitorreports:

Research into voting fraud by Lorraine Minnite at Barnard College in New York has turned up no contemporary cases of an election thrown out or overturned due to fraudulent registration. She found only two prosecutions for people faking others’ registrations between 2002 and 2005, involving a total of 13 false applications.

You might remember the “Attorney Firing Scandal” from 2004? Several of the nine U.S. Attorneys fired as a result were due to their refusal to prosecute “election fraud” charges (under pressure from Karl Rove) against ACORN shortly before the 2004 election.

So what’s going on?

I just returned from Early voting here in Texas, and saw something I’ve never seen before: a line! I’ve been voting at the same Early-Voting precinct for years, and never have I had to wait in line. Turnout for this election is going to be very high. I’ll go out-on-a-limb and say there is probably more enthusiasm for those voting for Obama than there is for those voting for McCain. Looking at this line, I couldn’t help but think, “Could Obama win Texas?

Okay, I know that’s a pipe-dream, but it does make one thing abundantly clear: in close states where polls say McCain is leading, there is a far better chance of Obama pulling out a surprise win than McCain pulling out a surprise win in Obama-leaning states.

And that’s when it hit me: THAT’S why the Right is suddenly screaming about “ACORN” and raising the false spectre of election fraud. Because, if Obama wins any “leaning McCain” state, it allows the Right to claim “the election was stolen”, and throw the results in question.

The lack of any “paper-trail”, defended by Republicans for eight years to allow any sort of “recount”, may come back to bite them in the ass. But before you grin and say “HA!”, realize that the result of claiming “election fraud” serves one purpose, and one purpose only: To brand an Obama win as “illegitimate“, just as Republicans had to defend Bush’s stolen election in 2000, now they want to return the favor.

When President Clinton was impeached in 1999, Representative Henry Hyde (R-IL, deceased) said it was “payback for [the planned impeachment of] Nixon” in 1974. To Hell with doing what’s in the best interest of the country, these petty WATB’s know how to hold a grudge, and have no problem whatsoever throwing the country into chaos for years over of grudge.

So be on the lookout election night any time Obama wins a closely-contested “toss up” state, for shouts of “election fraud” by the Right all night long.