Two stories from NBC Nightly News that caught my ear
October 29, 2008


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Among the three major evening network newscasts, I prefer to watch “NBC Nightly News“. I came to this decision about a year ago when NBC was the only one of the three to open their program with (IIRC) the conviction of “Scooter” Libby, while the other two opened with some non-story like “a cold front headed for the mid-west”, or some nonsense.

Anyway, two stories caught my attention last night. The first was a report that General David Petraeus, who was about to assume his new role as head of CentCom, said “we will not end this war [Afghanistan] on the battlefield” and “we should talk to the Taliban” the way we talked to insurgents in Iraq that led to the dramatic drop in violence in Iraq.

Not one word was mentioned of how this is what Senator Obama has been saying all along, and how the Right has been attacking Obama for “wanting to talk to our enemies” (falsely adding) “without preconditions.” So when the darling of the Right, General Petraeus says THE EXACT SAME THING AS BARACK OBAMA, directly contradicting John McCain, you’d think that would be worth mentioning. Nope. Not a word.

A little later in the newscast, embedded reporter with the McCain campaign, Kelly O’Donnell, commented on another gaffe (likely taken out of context) by Sen. Joe Biden of him claiming that maybe the tax cuts should be focused on “people making less than $150,000” (addendum: during the noted “Saddleback” debate last August, Senator Obama also cited the $150K figure, so it is not “new”). When asked to comment, the Obama campaign corrected Biden’s comment, but… according to O’Donnell… the Obama campaign gave “a new number of only $200,000… far below the $250,000 figure we so often hear”, then played a clip of McCain claiming “they” (Obama and Biden) keep lowering “their definition of rich”:

But the fact is, Obama has ALWAYS said the tax CUTS top-out at $200K, saying no one would pay MORE taxes below $250K. But here, O’Donnell was suggesting Senator Obama had “changed his position” on who gets a tax “cut“.

No one on NBC Nightly News corrected her. It’s up to us to stay diligent and get the truth out there so no one helps The Media swing this election via bias & lies.


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