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I can name three or four good reasons off the top of my head why you shouldn’t vote Republican in just about any race (though, full disclosure, I did vote Republican in ONE race this year… the local school board, where the only opponent was a Libertarian.) It’s the usual reasons we all think of nowadays: rampant fiscal irresponsibility, culture of corruption, cronyism, etc and so on. And when it comes to Senator McCain, his clear lack of understanding of economics, the urgency of environmental issues, tax fairness, and the usual misguided belief that a “free market” left to its own devices will always do what’s in the public’s best interest… all the usual reasons not to vote for Senator McCain for President. Not to mention my own Master List of McCain Flip-Flops, Gaffes & Deceptions providing able examples of someone not suited to be President of a Bubble Gum Factory.

Then there is the more “personal” stuff like his age and the very real possibility that… even if he lives to see the 2012 election… he’ll be so old he will likely be pressured to step aside and hand the nomination to Palin. The woman is a clueless wingnut that has no business being anywhere near the Oval Office. McCain is 72 and his father passed away at the age of 70 of “heart issues”. If Senator McCain were to have a heart-attack and die of shock after winning on Tuesday, the former beauty-queen turned sportscaster, turned mayor that left a town of 6,000 $25 MILLION in debt, turned Governor that charged rape victims for their rape-kits, turned VP candidate despite not knowing “exactly what the VP does“, would be our next President.

But there are several important issues that fall below most peoples’ radar when considering whether or not to vote for John McCain as the next President:

  1. Senator McCain is/was pushing for Georgia’s membership into NATO. – Prior to the recent skirmish between Russia and Georgia over the territories of Ossetia and Abkhazia, Senator McCain was vocal about his desire to give the former Soviet Republic of Georgia membership into NATO. In the days immediately following Georgia’s invasion of Ossetia and Russia’s subsequent invasion of Georgia, his support grew even moreso. According to the NATO pact, an attack on any one NATO member is an attack on all. Had John McCain of won the Presidency in 2000, or had gotten his way in Congress to make Georgia a NATO member, the United States would now be at war with Russia. And you thought we were overstretched between Iraq and Afghanistan? And, I’d like to point out, the evidence shows (and I may be wrong on this, but don’t think I am) that McCain’s beloved Georgia was CLEARLY the aggressor here with its unprovoked invasion of the breakaway regions of Ossetia and Abkhazia, putting us on the side of the aggressor.

  3. McCain pushed for “deregulation of the banking industry”. – Phil Gramm, a chief financial adviser to Senator McCain until he blamed the foreclosure crisis on “a nation of whiners”, was the architect of the current home mortgage crisis with his 1999 Banking Deregulation bill, which McCain championed in the Senate. Despite the deregulation catastrophes of the banking industry crisis and Wall Street implosion that resulted in the Federal Government having to basically nationalize (read: socialize) some of the largest banks and investment firms in the country, Senator McCain has no regrets over his support for the decreased deregulation that led to these crises, even calling for more. And now he wants to deregulate the health care industry.

  5. McCain’s choice of Palin sheds insight into the kind of cabinet he’d appoint. – Think about the qualifications of the person Senator Obama chose to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency vs. who Senator McCain chose to be his running mate. Think about George Bush choosing the former head of the Arabian Horse Association to head FEMA, former head of the RNC to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, and even considered appointing his 2000 financial adviser “Kenny-Boy” Lay of Enron to be his “Treasury Secretary”. And McCain’s current roster of advisers, from Phil “mental recession” Gramm to Carly “bankrupt HP” Fiorina, doesn’t instill much confidence in his ability to appoint a competent & capable cabinet.

  7. Most obviously, The Supreme Court. – Three of the four oldest members of the Supreme Court are also the most Liberal. Two of the youngest were the appointees under George W. Bush, Roberts and Alito, who have proven themselves to be shameless Right-Wing Bush loyalists. In the three years since their appointment, The Court has handed down fifty-one “5:4” decisions, with the tie-breaking vote almost always being cast by one of those four oldest judges, Moderate Justice Kennedy. There is a very good chance that the next President will appoint as many as three judges to the highest court in the land. And the likelihood of the balance of the court tipping Conservative for the next 20-30 years should McCain be elected is almost certain.

Believe it or not, there are still some people out there that are “undecided” as to who’ll they’ll vote for on Tuesday. There can be only one reason for this: a lack of information. You can cite facts and opinions all day to these people, but they’ll always find a way to remain undecided. If you know any of these people, be sure to proffer them the above points.