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President Elect Obama

I‘d like to thank George W Bush…

…without whose tireless work to destroy the GOP and any hope of a “Permanent Republican Majority” that they dreamed of just four short years ago, none of this would of been possible.

Just think about what an ASTOUNDING F-up George had to be for Americans to have come so far so quickly?

When Bush stole re-election in 2004 (side-note: last night was the FIRST legitimately decided Presidential Election of the 21st Century), there was talk of a “Permanent Republican Majority”, how this was a “Conservative” or “Center-Right” Nation where more people identified themselves as “Republican” or “Conservative” than “Democrat” or “Liberal”.

Bill Maher put it best last week when he said, “After eight years of George Bush and just seven years after 9/11, Americans looked at their choices and decided: I’ll take the black guy with the Arab-sounding name that is accused of paling around with terrorists” over the Republican.

The historic significance of what we saw last night can’t be overstated. It was on par with seeing a man walk on the Moon or the Berlin Wall coming down. It will be repeated in the same breath as Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and MLK for hundreds of years. Our children, and our childrens children will have no memory of a time when an African-American can not become President of the United States because a majority of the country would never vote for someone due to skin color.

An election where accusing someone of being “the MOST Liberal Senator” (more Liberal than Ted Kennedy?) and saying “some of you will have to pay higher taxes”, isn’t an automatic ticket to defeat.

And none of it would of been possible without the tireless hard work and dedication of George W. Bush to be a complete and total F-up. I tip my hat to you, Sir!