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Rarely have I seen a better example of “Conservative disconnect from reality” as the way Republicans are now casting blame for their crushing defeat Tuesday, dismissing evidence that this country really is more Liberal now after eight years of George Bush:

Conservatives Who Slammed Obama For Being A Socialist Now Say He Ran A ‘Center-Right’ Campaign.

The scientific term for this is “cognitive dissonance”. It’s not “hypocrisy” really because they aren’t making an “exception” and they aren’t “making excuses” for their prior position. It’s a complete 180′ reversal, and they see no contradiction from what they were adamant about not 12 hours before.

Now, of course, this isn’t new. During the 2000 Presidential Election, Republicans publicly dreamed of how great it would be to elect a Republican President while a Republican Congress was in control, effectively giving them “one Party Rule”. Governor Bush, running for President, worked hard to convince voters that “the economy isn’t as good as they say” just to get elected, to the point it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. And then, once he got in and for next eight months, President Bush bemoaned “being handed a recession” that crippled any plans he might of had for the country. And, just as they had with the economy, they invaded Iraq without regard for the consequences. Conservatism is all about a total disregard for consequences.

They were hot to invade Iraq and “deal with” Saddam Hussein without ever considering what it might mean to the balance of power in the Mid-East if the only check on Iran was removed.

Bush’s 2004 razor-thin “re-election” was a “mandate” that meant Republicans didn’t need to “work with” Democrats, instead only reaffirming the call for “one Party Rule”. Bush then went back on the campaign trail to push for “privatization of Social Security”… a scheme that was born out of the incredible Clinton bull-market, indefensible under the anemic (now toxic) Market of George W Bush. It never occurred to Republicans that the Stock Market may not always go up like we saw in the ’90’s. Just imagine if they had gotten their way.

The Republican Controlled Senate threatened Democrats with “the nuclear option” that would strip the use of filibusters during “confirmation” of Presidential appointees. Now, they better pray Democrats don’t threaten to do the same to them, and counting their lucky stars they never went through with their threats.

Republicans pushed through an “audit-less” electronic voting system that makes recounts impossible (sorry, John.)

And if you review the litany of crimes committed by this administration for which they should now fear prosecution: warrantless indiscriminate wiretaps even when assuring us they were doing no such thing, attacking another country based upon cooked, cherry-picked & falsified evidence, and most notable of all, outing an undercover CIA agent (treason) as an act of political retribution. The odds that they may now be prosecuted under an Obama Administration must have them all making plans to move to Dubai.

They pushed HARD for indiscriminate deregulation of Wall Street, Big Business and the financial markets without regard for the consequences. And when the markets collapsed, their only solution was to do what they (falsely) accused Democrats of doing for decades: “throw money at it”.

Then John McCain, after attacking Senator Obama’s “lack of experience” for months, picked an even LESS experienced running mate under criminal investigation (“Troopergate”) for reasons best left to the imagination based upon her miserable TV performances… proving either, no one actually sat her down and asked any tough questions before picking her, or did and didn’t care because she’d secure the “wingnut vote”.

My Conservative, Limbaugh-listening father (not to suggest he’s a clueless wingnut) is beside himself today. But, based upon some of his recent comments, you’d think he’d be pleased with the result last night: “Bush is an idiot”, he’s said on many an occasion. “It would be a disaster if John McCain were elected President” (back when Romney was still running)… ditto for “Hillary Clinton”, the economy is “in the toilet” and the price of gas is “ridiculous” compared to eight years ago.

So why might formerly anti-McCain Conservatives become such adamant supporters and SO opposed to Barack Obama? Because Obama is the future, and Conservatives can’t see beyond the Present (or longing for the distant past).