Amazing things to come out of the election.
November 10, 2008


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Besides the fact that barely 40 years since the end of Segregation, (well over) a majority of the country… black, white, Latino, Asian, etc… felt comfortable enough with the idea of making a black man the most powerful man in the country in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth, is nothing short of remarkable. But there were more amazing events to come out of this election than just the historic earthquake of Obama’s victory.

For instance, with only Missouri’s 11 Electoral Votes still undetermined, the “final” vote count is 365/Obama to 173/McCain… giving Obama just slightly more than twice as many EV’s than McCain. Let’s give McCain Missouri’s 11 votes, as it appears he is likely to win when the final votes are tallied:

Obama could of lost California (55) AND Pennsylvania (21), and STILL won by 8.

He could of lost Florida (27), Ohio (20), Pennsylvania (21) AND HIS HOME STATES OF ILLINOIS AND HAWAII, AND STILL HAVE WON with 272 Electoral votes (270 needed to win).

The NY Times created a map that seems to show why:

Country turning blue
(click to enlarge)

While the map does NOT show the states/counties Obama “won”, it does show… county by county… places where each Party did better in 2008 than they did in 2004. Except for that patch of red in the middle there, Democrats made gains in almost every county across the entire country.

Chuck Todd spoke about the Bluing of America on the NBC Nightly News last Thursday night, revealing the next amazing fact to come out of this election:

TODD: “[What group put Obama over the top?] Well, guess what? We eliminated every voter under the age of 30 and only two states would have flipped, Indiana and North Carolina. Obama would still be President without a single vote under 30. Eliminate every Hispanic vote and only two states would of flipped, New Mexico and Indiana [Obama would still be President].”

So, without a single voter under the age of thirty, and without a single Hispanic vote, Obama STILL would have won with 334 Electoral votes, busting the myth that Obama didn’t win over white suburban voters.

Another interesting fact to come out of this historic election: Obama won TEN “Bush States” that went Red in 2004: NM, NV, CO, IA, IN, MT, OH, FL, NC and VA. Deep red Nebraska is one of only two states that splits it’s Electoral Votes by district (Maine is the other). Nebraska split its vote this election, with Obama siphoning away one of Nebraska’s 5 Electoral Votes for the first time in history.

A couple of other Election Night news reports seem to suggest that someone was trying really hard to steal Florida for Senator McCain:

Strange Exit Polling in Florida

Bizarre Palm Beach ballot

It’s like someone works overtime thinking up ways to confuse Florida seniors every election.

One of the benefits of the election finally being over is that I can now concentrate on many interesting and unique topics that I’ve had sitting on the back burner for months. Just because the election is over, doesn’t mean there isn’t a LOT to talk about.

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