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What would YOU do when the man responsible for the death of members of your family, the destruction of your country (where crime runs rampant and has lacked reliable power and clean water/sewage for over five years), and created a society where you spent the prior month kidnapped and held for ransom… comes to town?

Bush: “I don’t know what his beef is.”

He’s lucky that’s ALL the guy threw at him.

I remember back in 2004, reporters asked President Bush “what was the biggest mistake of your Presidency?” Bush seemed stumped for an answer to the loaded question, and I would of been floored if he had answered it honestly, but he said at the time that he “might be able to come up with an answer if he had more time”. Admitting that “invading Iraq (either without proof of WMD’s” and/or an “exit strategy”… take your pick) was a “mistake” would of been political suicide in the middle of an election, so I wasn’t surprised he gave no answer. At the time, I wrote friends saying, “It would of been smarter to dodge the question with a joke. At least then we’d of known he was at least AWARE he knew he had done something wrong. But instead, he sounded like he was truly stumped to think of a single mistake he’d made.”

Back then (2004), I thought he was just being coy. But now, with Sunday’s shoe-throwing incident, one can’t help but wonder if Bush really is THAT clueless.

(UPDATE: Crooks & Liars is relaying reports that al-Zaidi, first taken into custody by Iraqi police and transferred to U.S. custody, may be being tortured, who, according to witnesses, was seen sporting: “a broken hand, broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs”.)