First 100 Days. Thinking about what should be on the top of the Presidents’ agenda.
January 23, 2009


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If you are like me, the fact Bush is finally gone hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I suppose it won’t really hit me until we see President Obama address us live from the Oval Office.

Long before the election, I already started thinking about some of the things President Obama should concentrate on during his agenda-defining “first 100 days in office”. Here is the list I started, and I’m happy to report that some of them have already been acted on:

  1. Close Gitmo… immediately. (DONE! His first day in office, Obama signed the order to begin the process of closing the Guantanamo Bay Prison immediately… a process that will be complete within one year.)
  2. Release all prisoners from Abu Ghraib. Transfer most serious threats to another prison, then bulldoze AG to the ground in a big public spectacle.
  3. Pull ALL foreign contractors out of Iraq. Offer financial assistance to Iraqi government to hire Iraqi workers to rebuild country, thus creating jobs, rebuilding their economy, and diverting those with nothing to do all day but plot violence against troops and other Iraqi citizens.
  4. Begin pull out of all U.S. troops from Iraq, starting with National Guard and Reservists that never signed up to be full-time military to begin with.
  5. Begin PUBLIC investigations into the myriad of Bush Administrations’ crimes to enlighten those with blinders on for the past 8 years. (it appears that Republicans are obstructing the confirmation of Attorney-General nominee Eric Holder long enough for the Statute of Limitations to run out on some of Bush’s earliest crimes.)
  6. Make FEMA a Cabinet Level position again. (Bush placed FEMA under the “Department of Homeland Security”. Obama needs to extract it… as well as breakup “DHS”, asap.)
  7. Announce that the U.S. will be joining the Kyoto Protocol.
  8. Announce a “Green-works” program that will aid businesses that develop Green technology.
  9. Announce an immediate review of The Patriot Act.
  10. Empower the FISA Court to review the now defunct Telecom-Wiretap-Immunity scandal.
  11. Reopen case against Don Siegelman.
  12. Overturn Bush’s ban on Federal Funding for Stem-Cell research (expect this one soon).
  13. Convert every distressed “Adjustable Rate Mortgage” (ARM) to a Fixed Rate Mortgage approximately 1.5% above the rate at time of signing. Many homeowners only defaulted on their mortgages because the payments became too high as banks raised their monthly payment to unaffordable rates. All those mortgages that were defaulted on cost the banks billions causing the current bailout crisis. Lowering & fixing the rate on these homes will put millions of people back in their homes with payments they can afford, while banks would start receiving income again, greatly reducing the amount of money that might be needed to bailout banks for the remaining defaulted loans.

So far, I am very optimistic that we can expect many of the items in my list to actually take place soon. If you haven’t already heaved a huge sigh of relief that the Bush Administration is finally gone and America is emerging from The Dark Ages, you may do so now.


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  1. Mugsy - February 4, 2009

    Oops on my part.

    #2 regarding Gitmo. The prison was “closed” in 2007 following the public scandal. It is however now in the possesion of the Iraqi’s who plan to renovate and reopen it.


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