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The week before the inauguration, I openly questioned the wisdom of Obama spending so much time & effort to court the Rabid Right, a group of ideologues that would NEVER support him, are always on the wrong side of every issue, a group that NEEDS to divide the country through desperate lies & fear-mongering in order to maintain power, that are beholden to the most extreme factions of this country (racists, religious radicals, free-market anarchists, etc), who wouldn’t hesitate to stab him in the back for the most minuscule of short-term gain, and most importantly, a group the American people are SO disgusted with they voted them out is SUCH huge numbers that we’ve made it clear we neither want nor need their input when it comes to fixing our country. Yet, for some inconceivable reason, then President-elect, now President, Obama, felt it necessary to try and make them feel as if their concerns were being addressed, making concessions and working with Republican Congress Members, all in a vain attempt at bi-partisanship.

After I wrote my earlier column, I considered the possibility that Obama might actually be “crazy like a fox”, very PUBLICLY working hard to engage the GOP, only to have them inevitably stab him in the back, then going on camera to say, “Hey, I tried! You saw me! I reached out to them, tried to work with them even when I didn’t have to, and in turn I received even more bitter attacks & obstructionism. So now we’ll do what’s needed to move this country forward without them.” But until I actually hear him say that, I have to wonder what on Earth he’s doing wasting so much time and effort to woo a group that still defends the use of “Barack the Magic Negro” in their criticism of him.

Since his pre-inauguration attempts at bipartisanship, the Radical Right has instead taken this as a sign of weakness, using this time instead to become even more shrill, attacking every move he makes, vowing to oppose and obstruct every policy, even voting against things they them themselves once supported. And despite a Herculean effort to include unneeded Republican input on his $825B Stimulus Package, EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted in lockstep against the bill. But the bill passed anyway (despite 11 Democrats crossing over to vote with them) because that’s just how irrelevant the GOP has become after eight years of disastrous Republican incompetency:

Stimulus Bill Passes House without a Single Republican Vote.

A few examples of comments by Republican obstructionism since Obama sought their support:

Rush Limbaugh: “I hope he fails.”

And when fellow Republicans criticize Limbaugh for his comments, they are forced to go on his show and beg for forgiveness from his listeners following a flood of angry email and phone calls attacking him for it.

As of that meeting of Obama’s with ten of the most high-profile Conservative columnists (I refuse to call them “reporters”) in the industry? Each described Obama’s “stimulus package” this way:

Charles Krauthammer: “one of the worst bills in galactic history.”
David Brooks: “…an unholy marriage that manages to combine the worst of each approach – rushed short-term planning with expensive long-term fiscal impact.”
Kristol: “The stimulus has so much bad stuff in it. … They let the House Democrats get out of control in sort of writing a pork-laden bill.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Tx) reflexively criticized the Stimulus Bill by making up a fake reason when cornered by MSNBC’s David Schuster.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va) is just nuts in general.

Boehner (R-OH) and Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) wanted (and apparently got) “100 percent” opposition to the recovery package.

Right attacked restoring funding for “birth control” in Stimulus Package as a way to cut healthcare costs.

They forced the White House to strip funding ($20mil) for restoration of the National Mall after going on a tirade over “wasteful spending”. Some other examples of what the Republicans considered “wasteful spending” that they did not conceive of as being “an economic stimulus”:

Examples of Stimulus opposed by GOP
Stimulus opposed by GOP

More bats#!+ crazy Conservative “love” for Obama after his attempts to “make nice”:

Fox’s token “Liberal” Juan Williams compared Michelle Obama to Stokely “Black Power” Carmichael.

Rep. Steve King: Closing Gitmo “could Give 9/11 Mastermind KSM A ‘Path To Citizenship’.

Mitch McConnell: The Employee Free Choice Act (which would allow workers to unionize without fear of reprisal) will ‘fundamentally harm America and Europeanize America.’

I am sick to death of all these self-righteous Republican hypocrites going all over the airwaves bemoaning “wasteful spending” by Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan after they approved a $750 Billion dollar bailout of Wall Street with ZERO oversight on how the money was distributed or spent. Only ideologues with no sense of self-awareness or the reality around them could possibly listen to these MONSTER HYPOCRITES and actually think they have ANY credibility left on the issue of what is good for the economy.
Here’s a little reminder why Obama doesn’t need to waste his time courting the GOP vote…

Inauguration 2009
Inauguration Day crowd.
(Click for full-size image)