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I remember just days after President Bush’s 2001 Inauguration, Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan penned the famous line: “The grown-ups are back in charge”. The first thing I thought of was some of the people I went to college with that thought they knew better than the people still telling them what to do.

For eight years, Republicans that complained bitterly of President Clinton… from his private misbehavior to perceived violations of the personal privacy of Americans, who not only said nothing of Bush’s FAR more damaging policies, law-breaking, fiscal irresponsibility and outright lying to the American people, but even went as far as to defend everything he did in the name of “keeping America safe” from nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction”.

The Republican Party is growing more & more out of touch with reality. When John McCain tried to convince the country that Sarah Palin really was ready to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency behind the oldest presidential nominee ever picked by either Party, people started to get that these people just weren’t dealing in reality.

Even before President Obama’s inauguration, the Talking Heads on the Right started making comments that showed just how disconnected from reality they were. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were blaming the sinking economy on President-ELECT Obama.

Then, recently, we heard “El Rushbo” unapologeticly defend his “hope that Obama fails” comment without regard for what it means for the country if Obama does indeed fail (does it matter how he succeeds so long as he succeeds? Limbaugh thinks Obama’s recipe for success is “socialism”, which to Limbaugh is a system that doesn’t work. So Limbaugh fears Obama succeeding using a system that doesn’t work???)

Most recently, the latest Talking Point on the Right is over President Obama’s (apparent) overuse of the “teleprompter”. That’s all they’ve got now. No answers of their own on how to fix the economy. All they’ve got left is to try and cook up some perceived “deficiency” in President Obama to try and tarnish his stunningly apparent competence and breadth of knowledge in his new job.

Then last night (Tuesday, 3/24), President Obama gave his second Press Conference in just 63 days in office (by contrast, President Bush set a record for the fewest Press Conferences since the advent of radio during his first term). After an 8 minute opening comment, President Obama proceeded to answer questions from the press, and the immediate response from the Right was not regarding anything the President had to say, but the fact he “used a teleprompter” for his opening statement (like Bush never used a teleprompter???) I have yet to hear anyone explain the significance of his use of a teleprompter when he followed that up giving detailed knowledgeable answers to questions for 50 minutes on a range of topics from “fiscal policy” to “race” off the top-of-his-head with no teleprompter or “mystery box strapped to his back“.

During last nights Press Conference, President Obama took two questions from two well-known Conservative outlets: Fox News and The Washington Times. Fox reporter “Major Garrett” (his name, not a rank) used his question to ask President Obama about China’s concern over devaluation of the U.S. dollar (being our largest creditor)… a perfectly reasonable and legitimate question. However, it was really just a pretext to allow Garrett to segue into a popular Right Wing paranoid fantasy… One World Government with a One World Currency. Unless you’re a paranoid Conservative idiot that sees “Biblical prophecy” in every decision made by government, you couldn’t help but look at the Fox reporter like he had just sprouted a second head right there in the third row.

Later, President Obama gave John Morton of The Washington Times (aka: “The Mooney Times”) a chance to ask about him lifting the ban on federal funding of stem cell research. Morton (naturally) couched his question to insinuate that President Obama was somehow indifferent to the plight of all those little embryos that were going to be used for research. Obama was quick to point out that the alternative was to simply allow these unused embryos to be “discarded” rather than use them to find cures and save lives. Again, the Conservative questioner came off looking like the ideological crank that he was.

Following the presser, the Right Wing’s FIRST observation was the fact President Obama “used a teleprompter” during his 8-minute opening statement, despite the fact he just spoke for 50 minutes without it.

NBC’s David Gregory, now host of “Meet the Press” (and Karl Rove’s dance partner) unwittingly revealed to the world that he’s just another Right-Wing tool who listens to Conservative TV/radio, when his first comment to host Brian Williams following President Obama’s PC was the observation “he used a teleprompter“.

In another recent disgusting display, Bill O’Reilly attacked a contributing blogger to ThinkProgress (whom he despises because they keep exposing him by replaying clips of his own frightening/idiotic/fanatical/dangerous/etc words for the world to hear), accusing her of “hurting” the very organization she sought to protect (a rape-victims advocacy group called The Alexa Foundation) by warning them that the man they invited to address them had in fact blamed a rape victim for her own murder (not to mention his own sexual-harassment lawsuit and history of misogynistic comments). O’Reilly responded by sending out an ambush team to stalk her across state lines for two hours and surprise her with in-your-face questions about a column she wrote over three weeks ago (I would be hard pressed to recite details of anything I wrote three weeks ago myself). O’Reilly called the 26-year old female blogger “vicious” and the website she blogs for, ThinkProgress, “vile and evil”.

The Right is starting to come unhinged. Far worse than the usual insanity like “the War on Christmas” that elicits chuckles every holiday season, these latest delusions are dark and dangerous, actually wishing harm upon… not just Democrats in general… but upon the country and anyone that doesn’t believe as they do. From Fox’s new darling Glenn Beck shedding crocodile tears over the future of America under a “Marxist President”, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R-MN) who is giving Sarah Palin a run for her money for a string of bizarre comments such as “urging armed rebellion to stop cap & trade”, Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) who openly calls the Obama Administration “Fascist” (not a student of history to be sure), and of course, the stream of Conservatives lining up to apologize to Rush Limbaugh after suggesting he wasn’t in fact the leader of the Republican Party.

As they say and do these bizarre things, the Right calls us “the Looney Left”. Because in Bizarro World, what’s up is down, and you can be sure that if they accuse you of saying/thinking/doing something, it’s because they either did or are doing it themselves and naturally assume you are doing it too.