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Over the weekend, North Korea test-fired a 3-stage missile potentially capable of delivering a nuclear payload as far East as Alaska claiming to launch “a telecommunications satellite into orbit” (because, as we all know, impoverished North Korean dirt farmers can’t live without their 3G cellphones). This would not be such a global concern if it weren’t for the fact North Korea has as many as eight nuclear weapons (up from just one… or less… before Bush-43 took office) that they could load into one of those missiles. And how did they build those weapons? From the technology (and extracted uranium) gained in the construction their own nuclear power plants.

Last month, Great Brittan, along with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) gave Iran permission to pursue “nuclear energy” while banning it from pursuing “nuclear weapons“. Iran says it needs to pursue nuclear power if it is going to become a modern 21st century nation (when oil peaked over $120 a barrel, Iran started to pursue electric vehicles. Even though gasoline was less than $0.25/gal locally, it was too valuable to waste in Iranian cars. This is the credo of the drug dealer: “Never get high on your own supply.”)

Pakistan, one of the newest members of The Nuclear Club, having successfully test fired missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead, is currently in chaos. Al Qaeda, with the assistance of the Taliban, has found refuge in the border-region between Pakistan & Afghanistan, and would like nothing more than to overthrow the government and seize control of those weapons.

So how exactly does an unstable terrorist nation like Pakistan develop a nuclear bomb? Noted professor of Theoretical Physics, Michio Kaku, explains:

How Pakistan got the bomb (and how we know Iraq didn’t have nukes after Gulf War I) – 7:45

Open Journal” – Aug. 8, 2003


When every major nation on Earth actively relies on nuclear power as a “green” alternative to fossil fuels, the U.S. hasn’t a leg to stand on from which it can deny any other nation from pursuing that same technology. America can have nuclear weapons but not Iran only because most other nations are reasonably confident America wouldn’t actually use them… at least before George W. Bush came along. Yet, had Bush’s “mini-nuke bunker-busters” of been developed and actually used in Iraq or Afghanistan, that “moral high ground” would of been lost forever, along with any rational argument against permitting Iran from having nukes.

So, there’s the impoverished North Korea, led by the wildly unpredictable, reckless and desperate leader Kim Jong Il, which used nuclear “energy” technology to build more than a half dozen nuclear bombs; there’s Pakistan, a known sponsor of terrorism, currently in political chaos as the government falls apart, and currently has in its possession as many as 50 nuclear missiles being eyed greedily by al Qaeda from their safe-haven on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border; and now Iran has been given the green light by the IAEA to pursue nuclear power as well, as seen in this report:


Rather than support nuclear power and encourage its use, President Obama should be vocally opposing nuclear energy. It’s not “green”. It creates millions of gallons of radioactive waste every year with no means of disposal except to bury it, and reactors consume billions of gallons of cold water that is superheated and then pumped back into our rivers & streams where it kills off the fish and wildlife.

Radio host Thom Hartmann recently made the following observation:

“Had the ancient Egyptians of had nuclear power and buried the nuclear waste in the desert, while they would of gotten their 30 years of electricity, we’d still be guarding that waste 5,000 years later, and for another 5,000 years to come.”

Instead of being an advocate, President Obama should be vocally OPPOSING nuclear energy and DISCOURAGING its use in favor of safer and truly green energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal and tidal. We haven’t built a new reactor in this country in over 30 years. It’s time to close them, not build more. By coming out against nuclear energy, the U.S. can then denounce nations pursuing nuclear technology in all its forms without being total hypocrites.