Hi all, just a quick mid-week thought on the latest news.

This past week, a parade of former Bush Administration hacks, such as former NSA Director Hayden and VP Cheney himself are going around telling us “torture works”. Nonsense, of course, but if they truly believe that (and it appears they do), then what does the fact they never tortured Saddam Hussein tell us?

It suddenly struck me this morning: If they REALLY believed all that crap about Saddam’s WMD’s and ties to al Qaeda (if not 9/11 itself), why didn’t they torture him to reveal, “What did you do with the weapons of mass destruction?” and “what was your involvement with al Qaeda?”

Think about that for a moment. Saddam was captured just months after the invasion of Iraq, when the possibility that “stockpiles” of WMD’s they insisted existed pre-invasion may have simply been moved or hidden prior to the invasion. Yet, they never tortured him to find out what he had done with them. This tells us they they NEVER believed the WMD’s ever existed. Nor did they torture Saddam to find out what contacts he had with al Qaeda. In fact, quite the opposite:


Again, clearly, because they already knew none of it was true.