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June 25, 2009


Hello all. Often, I wish I could update this blog a dozen times a day like “Think Progress”, “DailyKOS” or “Crooks & Liars”, ad infinitum. But those sites all have a staff of writers and contributors providing content that I just don’t have. So I must be satisfied with weekly Op/Ed’s (if holidays don’t get in the way like it did last weekend).

I’m currently working on a big report on the unseen advantages of “Single Payer” healthcare for next Monday, but I wanted to get “on the record” regarding the revelation that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who disappeared over Father’s Day weekend; admitting he was actually in South America visiting a married Argentinian woman he “had known for some eight years” but had been having an affair with only within the past six months, and went to see her “to convince her to return to her husband” because “it is what God would want her to do”. Sanford claims his wife has known of the affair for the past two years (you know, the affair that’s only 6 months old?) and was aware of his whereabouts (unlike his Lieutenant Governor and personal staff) for the days he went missing.

Okay, forget the fact that yet another “Family Values” Republican that criticized Bill Clinton for his affair on moral grounds, was caught being a monster hypocrite. And forget how NOW he’s suddenly concerned about “what God wants”… I just want to get this on the record:

There is only ONE reason a wife would allow the father of her children to visit his mistress over Fathers Day weekend: There’s a kid involved.

He’s known this woman for “eight years”? Then this kid is several years old and he has missed every single Father’s Day this poor child has ever had. Feeling guilty about it, he convinced his wife to let him spend at least one Father’s Day with his illegitimate love-child on the condition he “break it off” with the mother while he’s there.

I’m calling it now that in the next few days, this will be the next big revelation in the “Sanford Affair”. Mark my words. – Mugsy

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