I actually watch “Fox newz Sunday” every week as part of my Sunday routine. And almost without fail, I will hear someone say something so mind-boggling that it is clear Conservatives live on a different planet if not an alternate reality entirely.

During “Fox news Sunday” yesterday (7/5/09), Senate Minority Leader John Boehner, in a debate with Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, said President Obama’s healthcare reforms would “deprive people of their freedom”.

the Boehner Boner


This, from the Party that gave us The Patriot Act, “free speech zones”, illegal wiretaps and suspension of Habeas Corpus.

But give every American an additional health insurance option and suddenly you’re “depriving people of their freedom”.

This 4th of July weekend also brought us the resignation of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. After a rambling and incoherent resignation speech, the former beauty queen turned GOP VP candidate once again gave another one of her best “Pageant answers”… you know, when you feel you HAVE to give an answer even when you have no clue what to say, so you try to bluff your way through it, hoping that no one can tell you have no clue what you’re talking about? Yeah, one of those answers. Resigning after less than one full term as governor, many equally delusional Republicans actually believe Palin’s resignation is a shrewd political move to position her for a run at the Presidency in 2012… because nothing says “ready to be President” like quitting after just two years on the job, citing media scrutiny as your reason for doing so.

These people truly live in a world of their own.

Note: I have to report for Jury Duty Tuesday (do my civic duty) and hope that I it turns out to be just a one-day deal. I will let you know if this derails my blogging duties in the coming week (weeks?).