Pity threw a party and nobody came.  Last week, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn called Fox News, “the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party”:


Fox then spent days whining about the “Obama Administrations’ attack upon Fox News.” Fox “News” Sunday spent a good portion of their show last week bemoaning the Obama White House for snubbing their network. And who did they bring on to respond to the Obama White House’s criticism of Fox News? Karl Rove, a protege’ of Lee Atwater, who practically invented the art of “war with the media” during the first Bush (41) Administration.

Last week, I pointed out all the examples of President Bush’s revolving door for Generals that failed to support his Iraq and Afghanistan agendas, in response to Right-Wing criticism of President Obama daring to “question” General McChrystal’s request for up to “40,000 additional troops for the war in Afghanistan”.

And now we have Fox News whining about a White House that dare criticize them? Yeesh!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Republicans REALLY need to see a doctor about having the memory of a goldfish. Can a political Party be stricken with Alzheimer? Or does the GOP just attract Alzheimer’s patients?

A little online research reminds us:

This is just three examples of the Bush White House criticizing a network that reported something it did not like. I’m sure there are plenty more (and if I included “The Washington Post” and “The New York Times“, this report could go on for pages.)

Fox defends itself by distinguishing its “News” division from its “Evening Commentary”, but the problem is Fox constantly blurs the line between “news” and “commentary”. And simply because someone is a “commentator”, that does NOT give them the right to repeat false claims and even outright lie with impunity simply because they don’t brand them “hard news”. I actually considered working from the opposite end, listing specific examples of Fox “News”… not just its “Commentary” guys like Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly… playing fast & loose with the truth, but that would be too monumental a task. I already posted one example here just last August. Want a little fun? Try a Google Image Search for “Fox chyron”.

For eight years, the Right complained about “the Librul Media”. The fact VP Dick Cheney insisted that the hotel TV be tuned to Fox News before he’d enter the room, and “honored” Fox with a “farewell interview” during his final days in office as a “thank you”, should tell the people at Fox something (too cozy a relationship). But no. At Fox, anything short of a ball-pin hammer to the skull is “too subtle”. Such was the nature of Dubya Bush’s relationship with the media. (I remember back when Conservatives derided “CNN” as “The Clinton News Network”) And now, Fox and their Republican fanbase dare whine about a White House that question their reporting? (So well known was the Bush White House’s war with the Media, even Russian President Putin believed Bush had “gotten Dan Rather fired” from CBS.)

Apparently, it is only bad to show your displeasure with the media if you’re a Democrat.

ADDENDUM #1: – ThinkProgress revealed Monday:
   Perino admits the Bush administration essentially froze out MSNBC ‘towards the end.’

ADDENDUM #2: – via Huffington Post:
   The Ten Most Egregious Fox News Distortions (VIDEO)


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