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I‘ve been noticing a disturbing trend in the evolution of Health Care Reform in Congress. It seems to me that… as long as the final bill includes some kind of government run health insurance program, it would be a “victory” for healthcare reform… even if the only people that can sign up are the people the insurance companies don’t want. (Have you signed our petition? See link on left. Pass it along.)

Right now, the bills coming out of Congress are mirroring the disaster in Massachusetts with everyone being forced into private insurance and the government plan used as a dumping ground for the uninsurable (resulting in NO PUBLIC COMPETITION to drive costs down.) The whole idea behind a “public option” is that it would drive costs down by forcing private insurance to compete with a low-cost public plan (with no shareholders, CEO’s or advertising budgets to pay). But if the only people that can join that plan are the people the insurance companies don’t want, and everyone else is forced to buy private insurance, how does that drive costs down?

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he passed a nearly identical health care plan, forcing everyone to purchase private insurance, and anyone that can’t afford… or otherwise can’t get… private insurance is dumped into a public system. Sound familiar? The result, while 97.4% of all MA residents are covered (the highest in the country), it has done NOTHING to reduce costs. Worse yet, people are still being denied payment for procedures, and the state is going bankrupt as insurance companies cherry-pick the healthiest patients and dump the rest in the government program.

Why are we duplicating the MA plan that we already know doesn’t work? And why does the Democratic MAJORITY allow the Conservative MINORITY to dictate what the final bill will look like???

Two weeks ago, the Fox News Sunday roundtable’s Bill Kristol pointed to the lack of Swine Flu vaccine, and the resulting long lines, as an example of “what to expect if the government takes over health care.” Fellow roundtable panelist Juan Williams correctly pointed out that the lines were the result of PRIVATE industry over-promising how much vaccine it could deliver.

The Thursday edition of NBC Nightly News reported the sobering estimates of just how bad the Swine Flu epidemic has been in the U.S.: 22 million sick, 98,000 hospitalized, 3,900 deaths (540 of which were children).

That same night, the CBS Evening News reported how England’s government healthcare system is successfully dealing with the H1N1 outbreak FAR better than we are in the U.S.:


Once again, the British government-run health care system shows the U.S. how it’s done. Let’s hope Congress is listening. Model our healthcare reform after Britain, not Massachusetts.


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