About a month ago, the Obama Administration admitted what we all knew: that Fox News was a mouth-piece for the Republican Party. Fox “News” was SHOCKED, SHOCKED I SAY that the White House might think they were anything but “fair & balanced”. But dutiful bloggers like myself, with the most cursory of online digging (a few simple Google searches) can turn up a mountain of proof showing… not only bias in their “legitimate news” broadcasting, but acting as their own echo chamber, citing their own pundits to claim “some people are saying…” and reporting on ginned-up “events”, like the “TEA parties”… started by their own pundits. Then there are the “selectively edited videos“, the frequent “mistakes” that always favor Republicans, and the incessant snarky editorializing by their “legitimate news” anchors against the Obama Administration. So it was only a matter of time before Rupert Murdoch would declare War on the Search Engines and seek to repeal the “Fair Use” law that allows others to repost clips that capture Fox’s lies, distortions and bias for the world to see.

One person suggested to me that Murdoch may own part of “”, and seeks to limit the access of his competition. While it is true former Fox CEO Barry Diller currently runs Internet conglomerate IAC, which includes “”, I can find no evidence either way that Murdoch has a stake in “” (or any other search engine for that matter.) But even if that were true, it would only explain him going after Search engines, not “fair use” laws in general. “News” enjoys a special exemption when it comes to “fair use”. And most other networks don’t mind if you repost their stories because it serves as great advertising and attracts viewers. YouTube videos of Katie Couric exposing Sarah Palin’s ineptitude turned into a ratings bonanza for CBS News.

So, if Murdoch doesn’t want his networks’ clips being replayed on the Internet, you know it’s not because they make Fox look “good“. Murdoch is simply trying to make it more difficult for people to expose them for what they are.

I’ll report on this again if/when more comes out.

Next… we learned last week that the trial of “9/11 Mastermind, KSM” (you know his name) will be held in New York City, just blocks from where the World Trade Center Towers once stood. Now you would THINK that letting a jury of New Yorkers decide the fate of this man would be seen as a GOOD thing by Republicans. After all, when the Bush Administration tried the “alleged 20th hijacker” in Alexandria, Virginia back in 2006, Republican tool Rudy Giuliani heralded it as “a symbol of American justice”. But NO! Today, with a Democrat in office, the decision to close Gitmo and try terror suspects on U.S. soil is an abomination. “It will make New York City a target again”, said Giuliani on several Sunday news shows yesterday. KSM will use the trial as a platform (do they think this guy will take the stand and testify???) to draw terrorists to NYC, disrupting a trial that could last “for years”. Who would think something like that was a good idea???


Oh yeah! You might remember the man in the above video. He once told us that the reason we were “fighting them over there was so that we wouldn’t have to fight them over here”. Yet, after eight years of war, all it takes is one trial in NYC and suddenly the town will be swarming with Jiadists (how they get here is best left up to the Republican’s wild imagination.)

I don’t normally us language like this, but have you ever seen a bigger bunch of pussies in your life?


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