Putting the “Snowpocalypse” into perspective with maps
February 18, 2010


Recently, the Right-Wing echo chamber has been in a lather over record snowfall in the American North East, suggesting that it is “proof” of the nonexistence of “Global Warming”. Last week, I noted how famed Conservatives Sen. Jim Inhoff (R-OK), Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin are all giddy over how foolish Al Gore must now feel in light of the massive amount of moisture dumped on DC this Winter in the form of snow. Add dead-squirrel-toupee enthusiast Donald Trump to that list, who suggested that the Nobel Prize committee “take back” Al Gore’s award in light of “the coldest Winter ever recorded” (total nonsense. No such claim has ever been made.)

On last weeks “Fox news Sunday“, regular panelist Bill Kristol said of the Winter blizzard, “It’s awfully convenient to have a theory that predicts both less snowfall and more snowfall at the same time.” I defy Mr. Kristol to name a single scientist that ever said Global Warming would produce “less snowfall”. In fact, the opposite is true. In 2006, when he and Boss Limbaugh were pointing to “increased snowfall in Greenland and Antarctica” as “proof” that Global Warming didn’t exist, the response was the same then as it is today: that increased snowfall means more water is evaporating. The scientific community has been absolutely consistent on that point… unlike the Deniers.

Meanwhile, as the American North East digs itself out from under record snowfall, the Vancouver Winter Olympics on the West Coast is being plagued by unusually warm weather disrupting the event schedule. So let’s put the Deniers “proof” in perspective with some maps (click on map for interactive version):

(two more maps on linked page)

(If you have any reports I’ve missed, post them in the comments and I’ll add them to the maps. – Ed)


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  1. Grant in Texas - February 18, 2010

    I just returned from two weeks in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil and they are having a RECORD breaking hot “summer” there. Of course if one never gets out of their county (let alone the nation), and only read reich-wing websites, they might form the opinion the “WORLD” is just like their small space here on this planet.

  2. Grant in Texas - February 19, 2010

    Last Tuesday, on the time/temperature signs that line the beaches of Rio, for a second it actually read 47°C (over 115°F) in a summer there of record breaking heat. This signpost was next to the very hot beach sands, so hot I was burning my feet through sandals. This didn’t stop tens of thousands of folks pitching umbrellas over folding chairs on the beach. The beach water, due to South Atlantic current coming from Antarctica, was cool just as is the California coast with its currents from Alaska, so surprisingly not that many were in the water.


    Besides the sweltering heat being uncomfortable, I was robbed twice during Carnaval in the Ipanema bloco parties where nearly naked people were shoulder-to-shoulder. First a guy tried to cut out my wallet with a box cutter but I grabbed my wallet in time and saved it without getting the back of my hand sliced, however those cargo shorts are ruined. On the next night I left my wallet with credit cards in my room safe and divided loose folding money into several pockets on another pair of shorts. However, during a shoving match a guy was able to rip open the Velcro on one pocket and got $10 but if he had targeted my left pocket would have gotten $60. From then on carried money in my shoes! The city appeared to be half slums so poverty there appears to breed crime.

    Besides the unsafe streets, Rio’s tap water is not safe to drink so spent much money on bottled water. I have now visited 35 nations and Brazil is the worst for finding anyone who can speak English. They didn’t even understand my Spanish. Good luck to the tourists from around the world who visit the 2016 Olympics! At least in Chicago with its rich ethnic diversity, I would think it would be more tourist friendly. I grew up in Chicago and was never robbed and I could always drink from the tap there. Did the IOC make the right choice???

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