Last Friday, Dick Cheney was admitted to George Washington University Hospital in DC after experiencing “discomfort” in his chestal area. Though ruled “Not” a heart attack, Cheney has been rushed to the hospital for some of that evil government heath care at least nine times before:

“Mr. Cheney, 69, who has been having heart problems since he was in his late 30s, had a minor heart attack in February. Before that, he had had four heart attacks, quadruple-bypass surgery and two procedures to unclog his arteries.

In July 2007, Mr. Cheney had a defibrillator replaced and received electric shocks to correct irregular heart rhythms. – The New York Times

Where are those “Death Panels” when you really need them?

Speaking of Conservative hypocrisy over health care, the “historic Financial Reform Bill” passed Congress on Friday as well. The bipartisan bill that added sweeping new regulatory powers over the $615 Trillion-dollar Banking industry is nearly 2,000 pages long. Do a Google search for the term “health care over 2000 pages” and count the wails of Conservatives and Tea baggers over the “size” of the health care bill, and how that alone was reason to vote against it. Huh. I guess Republicans have suddenly decided that size really DOESN’T matter.

President Obama returned home from the G20 Summit in Toronto over the weekend. I was more than a bit pleasantly surprised to hear he was at odds with Germany’s Chancellor Markel on how to deal with the Global Recession. President Obama actually (thankfully) argued that “now is not the time to cut spending” and pull money out of an economy struggling to restart itself. Germany, on the other hand, views the economic crisis in Greece as a harbinger of what’s to come if countries don’t get their debt under control. But like most Conservatives, Markel doesn’t seem to realize Greece is not in the position it is in today because it “spent too much”; Greece is in trouble because it invested heavily in fraudulently AAA-rated American mortgage-backed Securities, which became worthless when the housing bubble burst.

So it was almost shocking to hear President Obama taking the advice of Robert Reich and Paul Krugman to heart (see earlier posts for links) that there is a difference between short-term deficits and long-term debt, and you must do some deficit-spending now to get people back to work so that they can start paying off that long-term debt. Maybe President Obama is listening to advice from noted Progressives more than we thought?

Oh, and now that the American soccer team is out of the World Cup, we won’t have to listen to those annoying Vuvuzella horns ever again. I felt like The Grinch having to listen to all that “Noise, noise, noise” wafting up from Whoville every Christmas. By the way Mr & Mrs TV Reporter, it’s pronounced “vu-VU-zella”… rhymes with “Methuselah”, not “vu-vu-ZEY-la”. Listening to people mispronounce the name of the cheap plastic noise-maker for two weeks was every bit as annoying as the horns themselves.



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