Conservative Halloween Costume Ideas.
October 25, 2010


After last weeks massive list of 101 Examples (not “Reasons”, which anyone can make up, but actual physical “examples”) to not allow Republicans to regain control of Congress, I was sorely tempted to do a follow up, with even more examples of Republicans calling to privatize… not only Medicare and Social Security, but the V.A., and the fact the GOP, which has made The Deficit THE campaign issue this year and says you need to put them back in charge because of it… is broke. Not just broke, but $2.46 million in the hole. But instead, cooler heads prevailed and I decided to do something a bit more lighthearted in advance of Halloween. If you want to dress up like a Conservative idiot for Halloween this year, Wingnuts have gone out of their way to provide us with some excellent costume ideas:

Are you or your girlfriend going as Sarah Palin this year? YAWN! Hair in a bun, granny glasses, red Versace work suit, then go around making REALLY dumb jokes about how you “can see November 2nd from your front porch”, while giggling hysterically at how funny you are. Two points for creative extras like a baby on a bungee-cord or baggie labelled “Moose Jerky”.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit more creative?

The Wicked O'Donnell of the West There is, of course, the low-hanging fruit of dressing up as Delaware Senate candidate Christine “dabbled in witchcraft” O’Donnell this Halloween (with apologies to the late great Margaret Hamilton)
O’Donnell herself already enjoys dressing up like her mentor, Sarah Palin: O'Donnell as Palin

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year is that Republicans love to play dress-up.

Nor does it take much imagination to don a Nazi SS uniform and go as millionaire businessman Rich Iott (R-OH). Rich Iott as a Nazi


O'Keefe and Giles What about wannabe muckrakers James “Pimp” O’Keefe and his girlfriend Hannah “Prostitute” Giles (who, incidentally NEVER actually wore their costumes to the ACORN offices), whose deceptively edited video launched an unfair tirade of attacks on both sides that ended government funding for the organization?
(Speaking of which, am I the only person bemused by all the Republicans rushing to the defense of Fox pundit Juan Williams, claiming that his firing from NPR was “unfair” based upon a video of his comments “taken out of context”?)


And let us not forget how many members of “The Party of Lincoln” enjoy reenacting the Civil War… complete with slaves:

Recently, we saw Rep. Glenn F. McConnell (R-SC), civil war reenactor posing with mock slaves. Glenn_McConnell_with_slaves

George 'Macca' Allen But at least McConnell is dressed as a Union soldier. Most Republican Civil War reenactors seem to prefer dressing up as Confederate soldiers. Who can forget former Virginia Senator George “Macaca” Allen? I wouldn’t blame you if you have. A few years ago, his brand of subtle racism made headlines. Today, it wouldn’t get you mentioned in the local Penny-Saver.

But maybe you’re looking for a costume idea that requires a little creativity? Something that gets a laugh when you’re asked the inevitable: “Who are you supposed to be?”

Glenn Beck is an almost bottomless pit of great costume ideas:
Self-described “Rodeo Clown” Beck:
Beck 'Rodeo Clown'
Beck loves his Nazi analogies, but he seems to prefer this Soviet uniform:
KGB Beck
Beck the Immolater:
Arsonist Beck
Fans of the old “Sliders” TV series might appreciate “Cryin’ Man” Beck
Crying Beck
Hang a small chalkboard around your neck and go as “Schoolteacher Beck”:
Beck's chalkboard
Or start barking like a dog and call yourself “Wolfman Beck”
Beck, barking mad


Maybe you don’t want to dress up like any specific Republican at all. The teanuts have been a veritable treasure-trove of costume ideas:

Patriotic teabaggers 2 Patriotic teabagger 01 Lady Liberty Costumes Crockett and Franklin Tri-corner hat

Looking to do “Teabagger on the cheap”? 50cents for some poster-board, borrow some crayons or magic-markers from your two year old, and a simple misspelled sign can turn everyday street clothes into a quick & easy Halloween costume:

Consitution Offical Lier To many Pubic Option Muslin Are country Homescholers

Yes, by all means, let’s put these idiots back in charge. Happy Halloween, folks!


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  1. Mugsy - October 25, 2010

    (I wanted to add this update here rather than distract from this weeks post.)

    This past week, we learned from former President Bush’s upcoming memoir (to be released after the mid-term elections) that
    his greatest regret while president was his failure to privatize Social Security.

    Not: “prevent 9/11”, “evacuate New Orleans prior to Katrina”, or “find WMD’s prior to invading Iraq.”

    No, Bush believes his “greatest failure” was NOT privatizing Social Security just prior to the collapse of the Stock Market?

    Has anyone explained to him that his job as president was to PREVENT disasters, not CREATE them?

  2. Conservative Halloween Costume Ideas . Mugsy`S Rap Sheet | Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas - October 25, 2010

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  3. kfreed - October 26, 2010

    Funny you should ask. Rather than a witchy Christine O’Donnell, I’ll be going out on the town as a witchy Sarah Palin with my tea party zombie hubby in tow on a leash.

    Meanwhile, thanks for setting the world straight on the GOP’s Christian Right tea party “populism” scam. Just FYI: I referenced your post, “Tea Party nominees are Evangelical nuts with no economic solutions” in my own (“Stop the InsaniTEA. Church = State?”) over at

    It’s my one and only as I’ve been directing folks to it in order to help get the word out about the so-called “grassroots tea party movement” and would like it to remain front and center.

    As you list Crooks & Liars on your blog roll, I’m guessing you’ve seen the mock-up of the wicked GOP web linking all of the players in the tea party’s fake “revolution”… in case not, here it is(direct link to source at Alternet)… “TEA Party, Inc.: The Big Money and Powerful Elites Behind the Right-Wing’s Latest Uprising”:

    For inquiring minds who want to know…

    I have to say, It’s nice that bloggers are doing the work that the MSM should be doing… think they’ll get around to reporting on it anytime soon? LOL… right.

    Keep on keeping on…

  4. World Spinner - October 27, 2010

    Conservative Halloween Costume Ideas. » Mugsy`s Rap Sheet…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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