Cause and Effect: Republicans have yet to figure it out
February 21, 2011


Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Sir Isaac may have been talking about the physics of motion, but his law has proved 100% accurate in the world of politics as well. Problem is, Republicans haven’t quite figured out this age old law of nature: everything we do now has consequences. I like how “Merovingian”, a French “super-program” from the movie The Matrix Reloaded, explained it (video NSFW):

Merovingian: You see, there is only one constant, one universal, it is the only real truth: causality. Action. Reaction. Cause and effect.

Morpheus: Everything begins with choice.

Merovingian: No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without.

I constantly find myself pointing out to a Conservative friend of mine just how “short-sighted” Republicans are, making terrible deals now that will only come back to bite them in the ass later, all for short term gain.

I first pointed this out to him when President Bush “befriended” Pakistan… a country with a history of supporting terrorism… simply to get “fly-over rights” to bomb Afghanistan after 9/11. Cozening up to Pakistan to bomb Afghanistan was like cozening up to Dracula to kill the fleas behind your dog’s right ear: befriending a gigantic “blood sucker” to get at a tiny bunch of little “blood suckers” that don’t [didn’t] even number in the thousands. And what was the result? Pakistan created a sanctuary for terrorists in the Northern region of Waziristan in 2006, and denied the U.S. entry into the region to go after them.

Then, in August of 2004, the Bush Administration outed an undercover British spy named Noor Khan, just to score some cheap political points in the days leading up to the presidential election. Because of his outing, British MI-6 had to scramble and arrest every suspect they were presently investigating, blowing the case before they could close in on the Big Fish (defenders of the Bush Administration claim Pakistan blew Khan’s cover first, either to score cheap political points of their own or the sabotage the investigation before it could get too close to the al Qaeda leadership.) Either way, the megaphone of having Bush Administration officials… including National Security Adviser Rice… bleat the man’s name all over the TV News certainly didn’t help the situation.

They of course did the same thing with Valery Plame, outing an American covert spy whose job was specifically to investigate countries trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction, and in so doing, not only endangering her, not only the lives of every source and/or informant she may have ever come in contact with, but an entire cover organization… “Brewster/Jennings”… endangering the lives of every operative that ever used that company as a cover. The business was also an intelligence asset that took years to establish at a likely cost of millions… all because the White House wanted revenge on someone that dare expose their lies that “damaged” their already nonexistent credibility.

One month after outing Noor Khan, the Bush Administration decided to lift sanctions on Libya… which financed, aided and gave sanctuary to the bombers of PanAm flight-103, in exchange for a promise to “give up weapons of mass destruction” that it didn’t even have, all so we/they could import oil from that country again. In 2009, supposedly “terminally ill”, the bomber was released from a Scottish prison, where he was given a “hero’s welcome” greeted by hoards of cheering crowds at the Libyan airport. One year later, the “terminally ill” bomber is still alive. And last week, with pro-Democracy protests sweeping the Middle East, President Kadaffi shut down the Libyan Internet and sent the police snipers in on a brutal crackdown, killing 100 233 protesters in just the past few days.

And now, there is this grand “Budget Battle” in Washington, with a miniature version taking place in Wisconsin. The current governor, Scott Walker, campaigned on a platform of “tax cuts for small business” to tackle the problem of unemployment in that state. Elected only last November, the state’s Republican-heavy legislature quickly passed the governors $3-Billion dollar tax cut… a $2,000 to $4,000 tax deduction for each new job created in that state… without explaining how they would pay for it (sound familiar?). Democrats opposed the bill, pointing out that no company is going to hire an employee that will cost them tens of thousand of dollars a year in exchange for a $2,000 tax cut. The bill passed on January 25th, and less than a month later, the governor has decided he needs to destroy the public-sector unions (teachers, nurses, etc) in order to plug a $3.6 Billion dollar budget shortfall no one apparently saw coming. Cause & Effect. (BTW: The lowest unemployment rate in the state of Wisconsin in 4.4% in the city of Madison, where the mayor proudly calls himself “a Progressive Democrat”.)

In Washington, the Republican minority browbeat President Obama into giving away $858 Billion in tax cuts to the richest 2% of the country in exchange for… well… nothing really. And now, two months later, Republicans are threatening to shutdown the Federal Government because President Obama’s Budget doesn’t cut enough money to cover their monumental tax cut AND cut the Deficit THEY created.

Republicans don’t care about “tomorrow” (see: Global Warming), only what they can take advantage of “today” to benefit them “today” and worry about the consequences later (see: “Dependence on Oil” and “National Debt”). It’s time someone start pointing out that their actions have consequences (see “Beck and the Tides foundation” or “Bill O’Reilley and Doctor Tiller” for more terminal examples).

An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains. — Dutch proverb


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