Return to Bizarro-LandAfter the week we’ve just had, if I shake my head anymore, I fear it might fall off. The Rick Perry Myth-a-palooza continued for another week as Sunday-show after Sunday-show continued to repeat the “37%” jobs-claim as “fact”, Congressman Weiner… who committed no crime other than being a Douchebag… was hounded out of office by a Republican Party with more sex scandals than a Roman Orgy has concubines, and tossed overboard by spineless Democrats cradling their lunch-money in both hands, offering it to the GOP bullies if they’d just stop calling them names, followed by a farcical GOP debate where brain-apnia enthusiast Michele Bachmann criticized President Obama for involving the U.S. in an unprovoked attack against Libya (as did the rest of the GOP field… renowned doves all). Can I stop shaking my head now?

The telethon for Perry sainthood continued for another week (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, jump back to last week’s column). During at least three of the major network Sunday News shows, the false claim that under Gov. Perry, “Texas created 37% of all new jobs in the country since Obama took office” was repeated as fact. To the surprise of no one, Fox “news” Sunday host Chris Wallace again repeated the false claim, this time at this week’s token “Liberal” guest panelist (filling in for the absent Juan Williams), who wasn’t sharp enough to challenge the claim. On Meet the Press, Conservative columnist Paul Gigot upped the ante to a full “40%… near 40%”, with not even the slightest hint of anyone questioning the claim. Ditto on ABC’s ThisWeek, where guest panelist/news-director Amy Walter alluded to the same false claim of Perry’s supposed fantastic record on job-creation… ALL based upon an un-fact-checked claim emanating from a singular source. And when you check the claim out, you discover that the true number is actually less than 20%… with half of them being government jobs paid for with Stimulus Funds that Perry never misses an opportunity to denounce… that most of the jobs created were “minimum wage” jobs with no insurance or benefits… that Texas jobs actually grew at an anemic 0.6%… and that four other states actually had higher job growth than Texas (the top two being the Blue states of New York and California). Can I stop shaking my head now?

Congressman Anthony Weiner finally announced his resignation after weeks of hounding by holier-than-thou Republicans and spineless Democrats that allowed the story to become a story by NOT focusing the white-hot spotlight of hypocrisy back upon the Republicans. The big winner last week? Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can I stop shaking my head now?

And finally, last week, the second GOP Presidential debate (yet the first to include all the front-runners) took place. All of which took the opportunity to denounce President Obama for dragging an “unwilling” nation into a third war. Always good for a laugh, Bachmann framed the argument against invading Libya this way:

Bachmann on Iraq… er, uh… Libya (June 13)

“We were not attacked. We were not threatened with attack. There was no vital national interest.”

You’d be excused if you thought Bachmann might be talking about Iraq there. I’m certain I heard a blood vessel pop somewhere inside my head when she said that.

In February of 2007, Bachmann was one of only two Republican members of The House to vote against a Resolution opposing President Bush’s plan to send still more troops into Iraq:

Bachmann brought up the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Bachmann said there can be no doubt that the war in Iraq is the central front in the war on terrorism, and she said the terrorists must be defeated.

“Their brand of evil chooses to kill the greatest number of innocent civilians. They are a cruel enemy.”

Yes, as late as 2007, Bachmann was still conflating Iraq with 9/11. Meanwhile, Libya, whose leader actually DID engage in a terrorist attack against Americans in the Lockerbee PanAm bombing, Bachmann claims Libya “never attacked us” and therefore we have no business in Libya trying to unseat Kadafi.

Can I stop shaking my head now?

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