The Sunday “Unintentionally” Funnies
October 3, 2011


McKein sopporterAs my regular readers know by now, I spend every Sunday morning watching three of the four network news Sunday political talkshows: “Fox ‘news’ Sunday”, “Meet the Press”, and ABC’s “ThisWeek”. ABC ends their show with a fun segment they call “Sunday funnies”, but this week, the entire show was filled with unintentionally funny moments I just HAD to compile into a single video:

Unintentionally funny ‘Sunday Funnies’


Briefly: First, a shot of Chris Christie in an audience that is supposedly wildly applauding… Chris Christie? Herman Cain criticizes Perry for being “insensitive” to a sign outside his parent’s ranch that uses The N-word, only to go on and call blacks “brainwashed” for dismissing the GOP out-of-hand. Gee, I can’t imagine why.

Later, Amanpour asks Cain if his 9-9-9 tax plan “unfairly burdens the poor?” Cain says his critics “haven’t done the math. I’VE done the math”, then starts his proof using a medium [yearly] income of $50,000″. Amanpour suggests he use a more appropriate figure of “$20,000” instead. Cain’s response: “all you have to do” to figure his plan for someone making only “$20,000” instead of $50,000 is to “divide [$50,000] by two!” Don’t worry. Cain has “done the math” and he’s CERTAIN it’ll work!

Then finally, they show Cheney, Rumsfeld and President Bush over the years reassuring us that The Taliban has been destroyed and al Qaeda has been decimated. Followed by Admiral Mullen saying how we never gave Afghanistan the attention it deserved “for years” under Bush, and General Petraeus saying that now, under Obama, “we’ve finally got it right.”

A favorite “Three Stooges” clip at the end about says it all: “What have you got to offer? Nyah-thing!”

(Reminder, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to vote for your favorite “Tax-free job creation ideas”.)

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