A Few Protest Sign Ideas for the #OWS Crowd
October 10, 2011


Who are the REAL criminals?The Occupy Wall Street protests have grown considerably over the past three weeks when they first began. They were ignored for a long time until NYC police officers went on a rampage, hauling away protesters and in one dramatic unprovoked incident caught on video, indiscriminately doused protestors with pepper spray.

The Media keeps asking, “Why are they protesting?” “What do they want?” “There doesn’t seem to be a coherent message.” Donald Trump proclaimed on (where else?) Fox “news”, that “Nobody knows why they’re protesting”. We got news for ya, Donald. We know VERY WELL why we’re protesting. It’s not complicated: “We want Washington to care as much about the interests of the of bottom 99% of us as they do the top 1%.”

That seems like an awfully good slogan for a protest sign, since the Media seems to require being spoon-fed the answer since they are too clueless to figure out on their own why hundreds of thousands of unemployed protesters spread across 45 states and more than 25 countries have felt it necessary to parade their frustration in the streets.

And so, with a wee-bit of PhotoShopping on my part, here are some protest sign ideas for the 99% protesters:

First, naturally, my original comment on a sign:



A serious patriot


FAIR share


GOP's worst nightmare


I encourage you to post your own sign ideas in the Comments below. Oh, and a reminder that voting is still open on my “Top 10 Ways to Revive the economy and CREATE JOBS w/o spending a DIME.”

Sign my petition for GREEN JOBS TOMORROW fast & cheap. Use those $4 Billion in oil subsidies to put Solar Panels on the roofs of 40,000 government buildings, or order 100,000 hybrid mail-trucks. Not only would this INSTANTLY CREATE JOBS, it would spark ENTIRE INDUSTRIES with a future, reduce our dependency on oil, reduce greenhouse emissions, and quickly pay for itself (and cut future expenses) with the energy savings. We need 5,000 signatures by December 20th.

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  1. Grant in Texas - October 10, 2011

    In their Founder Worship (right up there with believing on a “rapture-ready”, evangelical Jesus Christ and of course not associated with the Latter Day Saints), the gun-totin’ teabaggers love to reflect on what they think their “sainted
    Founding Fathers” would do. Thomas Jefferson would probably be backing
    the “mob” that is protesting now on Wall Street and increasingly occupying cities all over the World. Jefferson made allegations about
    improper influences on the legislative branch of the government saying….

    “My wish was to see both houses of Congress
    cleansed of all persons interested in the bank or public stocks, and
    that, a pure legislature being given us, I should always be ready to
    acquiesce under their determinations, even if contrary to my own
    opinions, for that I subscribe to the principle that the will of the
    majority honestly expressed should give law.”

    Dumas Malone (1962), Jefferson and the Ordeal of Liberty (New York: Little, Brown), page 12

  2. Mugsy - October 10, 2011

    A bit too long for a sign though. 🙂

  3. Mugsy - October 13, 2011

    Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibi suggests “5 Recommended Demands for the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters”

    1. Break up “too-big-to-fail” banks.
    2. A miniscule “bailout tax” of 0.1% on every transaction, not unlike the fee banks pay for FDIC insurance.
    3. No public money for private lobbying. Banks that took bailout money then used it to lobby Congress.
    4. Tax hedge-fund gamblers who currently only pay a 15% Capital Gains tax.
    5. Change the way bankers get paid. No more tying their income to the company’s current stock value.

    All great ideas. Recommended reading.

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