Halloween Frights: A few of the scariest images I’ve seen this year.
October 31, 2011


The year isn’t yet over, but we’ve already seen a lot of scary stuff this past year. Here are some of the most frightening images that stand out in my mind:

$6 dollar gasoline in 2008:
$6 gasoline. $7 diesel.

Teanuts don’t need no stinkin’ Halloween to play dress-up & make complete fools of themselves:
Teanuts don't need no stinkin' Halloween

Sometimes, facts are the scariest things of all (click to enlarge):
Income disparity is exploding

Teanut hypocrisy summed up perfectly in a cartoon:
Teanut fav Cantor accused #OWS of divisive politicking.

In case you didn’t already know:
Wasn't eight years of a moron Texas governor in the WH enough?

Tom Tomorrow nails it in this cartoon (click for full image):
The GOP summed up perfectly.

Just how sick do you need to be to get the insurance companies to pay nowadays?
Maybe after he's dead they'll believe him?

But I don’t think ANY picture this past year was scarier than THIS one:
Bachmann's Newsweek cover with her Greatest Hits tossed in.

Why do I get the feeling things aren’t going to become any less frightening next year?

NOTE: You might have noticed I added a new page to the blog dedicated simply to new “Sign Ideas” for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. After posting a few of my own sign ideas three weeks ago, I found myself constantly thinking up other slogans that I think would make for a catchy protest sign. Only a few so far, but I’ll be adding more as I (or you!) think of them, so check back often. (I usually Tweet my sign ideas first, so if you haven’t joined our Twitter feed (@MugsysRapSheet) yet, now might be a good time!

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