Typical politician.Quick, somebody ask Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner and Arnold Schwarzenegger if the Media’s obsession with political sex scandals are based on race.

A third fourth fifth woman has now stepped forward to accuse Cain of sexual misconduct back when he ran the “National Restaurant Association” in the 1990’s (fun-fact: the case against Cain was settled on 9/99… something Numerology aficionado Cain might find amusing). Cain even went so far as to invoke Clarence Thomas in a campaign ad, calling the media’s interest in his being accused of sexual misconduct in 1999 as “a high tech lynching” (a theory former MS governor Haley Barbour repeated yesterday on “Meet the Press”.) In 1991, it shocked people when Thomas suggested “racism” was behind the accusations and media frenzy, considering BOTH of his accusers were also black. To this day, Conservatives still accuse Liberals of opposing Thomas “simply because he’s black” and having nothing to do with his extreme Conservative credentials or lack of judicial experience.

On Saturday’s “Up. With Chris Hayes”, author/activist Michela Angela Davis brilliantly decried Cain as “Black when convenient”, pointing out how quickly Conservatives will play the race card when it suits them, without a hint of hypocrisy. If blacks dare blame institutionalized racism for why they can’t get a job, missed out on a promotion, are harassed by the police, or receive harsher punishment by our legal system, black Conservatives like Cain are quick to say, “Blame yourself!” They tell blacks to “pull up their pants”, “putdown the crack-pipe”, “leave the ‘bling’ at home and stop ‘talking black’.” When white Conservatives say things so overtly stereotypical, we rightly call them out as a racist. So, the question then is: can a black person be racist against blacks?

Conservatives constantly accuse Liberals of unjustly “playing the race card” to try and win arguments. If a Conservative says something racist or defends the racist remarks of someone like Rush Limbaugh or Pat Buchanan, their goto defense is almost always to accuse the accuser of “playing the race card”. Conservatives love to decry “the culture of victim-hood on the Left” until it happens to them.

How many times have we heard black Conservatives like Herman Cain talk about their “humble beginnings”, “born into poverty”… “son of a sharecropper”… what have you, and talk about how they “never asked the government for help. I became a success/rich/famous/etc ‘on my own’.” Pulled themselves up ‘by their bootstraps’ and never tried to blame “discrimination” for their “own failure”? But as soon as Cain finds himself in hot water, he blames “racism” for the increased scrutiny. HOW does a person run for President and NOT prepare to answer questions regarding A LAWSUIT filed against him BY MULTIPLE PEOPLE accusing him OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT just TWELVE YEARS EARLIER? Is that the level of preparation and competency we could expect from a Cain presidency? (If “I don’t know who the president of Ubecki-becki-becki-becki-stan-stan is. Do you?” and “China is developing nukes”, aren’t Palin-esque glimpses into Cain’s unfitness to be President, nothing is.)

Cain has become so detached from the reality he now finds himself in that he has begun criticizing the ethics of reporters that dare ask him about his own unethical behavior. No, I’m not kidding:

Cain: “Send that reporter a copy of the Journalistic Code of Ethics.”

And it’s NOT an idle threat. According to one reporter on ABC’s “ThisWeek”, the Cain campaign REALLY DID send a copy of the so-called “Journalistic Code of Ethics” to another reporter she knew. This obnoxious little move is NOT the way to win over the Press and encourage them to treat you more gingerly. Expect the scrutiny over Cain’s past to only worsen in the coming days. And as the Tea Party starts to see their “Anti-Romney Savior” coming under increased attacks, expect them to become EVEN MORE strident in their support of him in the days (weeks?) to come until they finally see him for the “joke candidate” he really is. Ever notice when you argue with someone that is “absolutely 100% proof positive” that something is true become EVEN MORE certain and unwilling to accept the truth once confronted with hard evidence proving otherwise? That’s Cain’s supporters right now. They are CONVINCED that this is all just “false accusations” by people “out to destroy” their beloved candidate, hyped by the “Left Wing Media”, and it has (so-far) only hardened their support, keeping Cain high in the polls (if not rising) and even donating heavily to his campaign in response to the accusations as a deliberate snub to The Media.

And then Herman Cain is going to crash. Hard. The Right thinks The Left is behind Cain’s implosion, when in fact, they probably want to see Cain be The Right’s nominee more than anyone right now.

  Quote of the Day: “I learned a lesson a long time ago: Don’t be griping about the press.” – Gov. George W. Bush to PBS’s Jim Lehrer, Feb. 16, 2000

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