How do I know the election’s over? Because CPAC was obsessed with social issues not jobs.
February 13, 2012



Happy Valentine's DayLast week was the annual CPAC… “Conservative Political Action Conference”… held in D.C. each year. The very existence of CPAC is a testament to Conservative’s innate paranoia and feelings of inadequacy. Conservatives feel the need to get together each year and make a big show of Conservatism in America because if people don’t SEE a bunch of Conservatives all in one place praising Conservatism, then it doesn’t exist. Notice there is no “LPAC” on the Left where political heavyweights, mega-donors and Liberal Captains of Industry (like Warren Buffet, George Soros, and even Bill Gates to some degree) all getting together to cheerlead Progressive politics & policies. Republicans think they have to because “the Librul Media”, “Secular Progressives”, and “Hollywood” are all carrying water for the Democrats by pushing Progressive ideals upon an unwilling populace. They try (desperately) to convince us that this is a “center Right country” despite the fact that a healthy number of self-identified Conservatives LIKE Ron Paul’s “Liberal” positions of ending the wars, cutting the military, and legalizing vices like drugs & prostitution… proving that this is in fact a “center LEFT” country, NOT “center-Right”. So to convince America that they are in fact “the majority” when they clearly are not, they get together and host this high-profile, big-money, over-the-top spectacle that is CPAC each year. And what was their topic du jour this year? “Social issues” like “contraception” and “gay marriage” (which George Carlin once astutely pointed out: “These two groups should be natural allies! Who has fewer abortions than homosexuals?”). In an all-important presidential election year, all CPAC could talk about were “Social issues” because THAT’S ALL THEY’VE GOT LEFT.

Not “jobs” or the “economy”, but whether the government has the right to force people to “take personal responsibility” (which was the GOP mantra back when THEY introduced health care mandates ten years ago) to do things that are in the best interest of society as a whole. Their big issue at this years’ CPAC was the Obama Administration’s recent decree that churches whom stray from simply preaching the Gospel and into private industries like hospitals and colleges that accept public health care dollars must actually provide the same health care benefits as other private businesses that employ people whom may not share their beliefs. Conservatives (whom I’ve already pointed out above are “paranoid” and suffer from a deep “inferiority complex”) think this is “yet another example of government overreach by Liberal Democrats.” For example, on yesterday’s “Meet the Press”, Rick Santorum thought it “absurd” that a Federal Appeals Court could declare a state’s Constitutional Amendment “unconstitutional”:

[flv: 512 288]Santorum thinks declaring a state’s Constitutional Amendment “unconstitutional” is “absurd.”


One can’t help but wonder if Ricky would think it just as “absurd” if a Federal Court overturned a California Constitutional Amendment to ban guns? Declaring laws… even constitutional amendments… “unconstitutional”, is the very definition of what the Supreme Court does. Somehow, Ricky doesn’t know that… at least when it comes to hating on “teh gays”. Personally, not understanding that just because a state passes a “Constitutional Amendment” doesn’t automatically make it constitutional, should instantly disqualify one from running for president. But that’s just me.

And if the very idea of Conservatives all getting together in one place every year to reassure each other that they’re right and everyone else is wrong isn’t disturbing enough, we also have “White Nationalist” Peter Brimlow as an invited guest, noted Birthers, and even a group that waxes nostalgic for Apartheid, all being invited to speak at CPAC. The only thing worse might be if they invited a couple of obnoxious Fox “news” contributors to do their own racist rap song (yes, they did that too.)

The GOP has become virulently anti-immigrant (read: Mexican), anti-gay, anti-womens’ health, anti-poor & middle-class, pro-rich & Big Business, and just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to equating “black” with “poor” while questioning the citizenship of the first black president. Who’s left to alienate?

Sorry Republicans, but NO ONE has EVER won the presidency on “Social issues” alone, relying almost solely on the support of racist white Evangelical voters, in the midst of an improving economy, with job numbers on the rise and unemployment on the decline. Not to mention a president that ended the war in Iraq, aided the ouster of Kadafy without the loss of one single American troop at the cost of a mere $1-Billion dollars, and got Osama bin Laden. People remember the astoundingly incompetent presidency we just left four short years ago: one that turned a budget surplus into a $1T annual deficit, as well as added $5T to the National Debt BEFORE Democrats even retook control of Congress, gave us $2.00, $3.00 & $4.00 gasoline for the first time in history that sucked so much money out of the economy that it nearly pushed us into a second “Great Depression”, and a banking crisis that required a 3/4 of a TRILLION dollar bailout of Wall Street that saw unemployment jump nearly three full points in the last 11 months. We remember. And if they think we’re going back to those disastrous policies just four short years later just as things have started to turn around simply because the president thinks women shouldn’t have to pay for birth control… you’re out of your freakin’ minds (which almost goes without saying.)

(Postscript: The latest buzz in the news is that unrest in Syria and the Middle East, coupled with Iranian threats to blockade the Straits of Hormuz over anti-nuke sanctions, could push gasoline prices up to nearly $5 a gallon. If we see another huge spike in gas prices again like we saw under Bush, it will again suck billions out of the economy and push unemployment WAY up. This is almost exactly what happened to Jimmy Carter his final year in office despite creating nearly 10.5 MILLION jobs in just four years. Russia responded to our grain-embargo of them for supporting Iran during The Hostage Crisis, with an oil embargo that sent gas prices way up and threw the country into a deep recession. Republicans have been trying to equate Obama with Carter almost from the day he took office, and the Republicans in Congress made no secret of their desire to make Obama a one-term president. Ensuring an economic catastrophe like this could very well be the only way they get a Republican back into the White House this November. President Obama would be wise to avoid seeing history repeat itself this Summer.)

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