Just a quick note while it’s still fresh.

On Friday in the presidential Rose Garden, President Obama was interrupted by a young “reporter” from the Rightwing blog, The Daily Caller:

Not only did he interrupt the President while he was speaking, but then argued with him on his comment afterwards. The president handled the situation with more grace & class than I might have in that situation, but it reminded me of another event…

In June of 2008… almost four years to the day… President Bush was making a similar announcement in the very same Rose Garden. Clearly aware of how unpopular he was, President Bush thought that he was being disrespected by a reporter that didn’t even bother to remove his sunglasses when asking him a question… unaware that the reporter was legally blind:

Bush mistakenly believes he’s being disrespected by reporter in shades (6/2008)

Compare that to the punk that challenged President Obama today:

Disrespectful reporter in shades (2012)
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It’s one thing to THINK you’re being “disrespected”, but it’s quite another when they are ACTUALLY disrespecting the president and think nothing of it.

No word from Congressman Joe Wilson on whether such blatant disrespect should be considered the new normal.