“How Mitt Romney Made My Life Better.”
September 10, 2012


The Happy Couple

What do all these people have in common:
Ryan Case
Firefighter Doug Stern of Cincinnati, Ohio
Maria Ciano
Nate Davis
Stacey Lihn
Lilly Ledbetter
Elaine Brye
Johanny Adames
Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Bruce
Ed Meagher
Bill Butcher
Benita Veliz
Sandra Fluke
Austin Ligon, Co-founder and retired CEO of CarMax
Karen Eusanio
Jim Sinegal, Costco founder and former CEO
Carol Berman
Jason Crow
Zach Wahls
Angie Flores

They are all non-celebrity, non-public official, private citizens that told their stories at the DNC of how President Obama has made (or is making) their lives better.

And THIS is the list of non-celebrity, non-public official, private citizens that told their stories at the RNC of how Mitt Romney has made (or is making) their lives better:

Grant Bennett on Romney’s leadership in the Mormon church.
Tom Stemberg, long-time friend, founder & CEO of “Staples”.
Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode on their experience at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Head of Bain Capital from 1983 to 1999[*], three years as President of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and four years as Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007), and how many people vouch for Romney and/or his policies over the three days of his Convention? FIVE… two of whom are personal friends, and NONE from his time as GOVERNOR. (Ironically, Romney probably could have produced several more people to brag about how “RomneyCare” had improved their lives, but that’s one accomplishment he’s trying to flush down the memory-hole.)

Make what you will of those two lists, but over the course of his three day Convention two weeks ago, the sentence NO ONE came close to uttering EVEN ONCE:

“Let me tell you how Mitt Romney made my life better”.

Think about that.

POSTSCRIPT: Regular readers know I have remarked repeatedly on how Public Sector job loses have been crippling our recovery. At a time where getting people back to work is crucial to our recovery, the last thing we should be doing is unnecessarily adding to the number of unemployed which end up having to compete with the existing labor market for the few jobs already available. Yet every month, the “net” job creation numbers are always lower than they would have been had the government (both State & Federal) not laid off thousands of employees each month. (Friday’s jobs report for August: 103,000 Private Sector jobs created, offset by 7,000 Public Sector job losses for a “net” gain of only 96,000.)

So it therefore should probably have come as no surprise to hear Sen. Rand Paul (R-TN) on ABC’s ThisWeek yesterday claim government employment had gone “UP” under President Obama, and be completely dumb-founded when economist Paul Krugman attempted to set the record straight.

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