Black Friday is starting earlier every year

Just a brief note this holiday.

Every Thanksgiving I play a little game, listening for the number of times I hear the phrase: “Macy’s Day Parade”.

It’s an odd homage to consumerism. Many of us said it when we are kids, and if you still haven’t caught it, you probably still do.

It’s the “Macy’s THANKSGIVING Day Parade”, or the “Macy’s Parade”, but not “Macy’s Day Parade”.

Today, about a half dozen major retailers have decided to cut their employees’ holiday short and open on Thanksgiving to extend the holiday shopping season just a few extra hours. Thanksgiving falls on the earliest possible day it can this year: the 22nd, meaning there are more days between now and Christmas than there could possibly be otherwise. Yet, it’s STILL not enough. Some major retailers like Wal*Mart, Target & Sears have seen fit to open right smack-dab in the middle of turkey dinner with the family on Thursday evening and stay open all night.

I’d argue that these few extra hours on an ALREADY lengthy shopping season only cannibalize sales they would otherwise have simply been made a few hours later. Do we REALLY need to open Thanksgiving night???

So do us all a favor this “Macy’s Day”: STAY HOME and enjoy turkey (or “Tofurkey” for some) dinner with the family rather than encouraging these greedy bastards that can’t wait an extra 12 freakin’ hours before they start to commercialize yet one more holiday on an already extended shopping season.

Oh, and BTW: What’s with Presidents “pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving” only to end up eating turkey anyway? Why was one bird deserving of a pardon and the other not? What did the unlucky turkey do wrong? I think someone is missing the point of a “pardon”.