Facebook Shut Me Down. Demands I reveal my identity in the name of “security”. Whose?
March 1, 2016


A quick update for my regular readers on Facebook (as “Mugsy RapSheet”):

For some unknown reason, after 8 years on Facebook using the above pseudonym, suddenly they have have locked me out of my account, demanding I provide my true identity (and that it must match the name being used on my account) before I am allowed access again. Since (quite obviously) my real name is not “Mugsy RapSheet”, I can not produce ID proving my a “nom de plume” is indeed me.

I logged into Facebook from another account and it appears my entire Facebook page itself has been disabled. Any friends that the page has acquired over the past eight years is likewise unavailable. I can’t even post a message explaining my absence! I jokingly wonder if a Hillary fan reported my account and got me shut down following all my posts regarding her & Bernie (no, I don’t think this is true, but why now after eight years?)

Most infuriating is they are claiming to be doing this in the name of “privacy & security”. WHOSE? Clearly not mine. How exactly does revealing one’s identity to the world ensure their “privacy & security”?

In any case, any “challenge” submitted to Facebook (according to Google) can take up to “60 days” to resolve (if ever).

I will continue my posting duties here on this blog next Monday and will let you know if the Facebook issue is ever resolved (you can’t imagine my frustration!)

Thanks for your patience.


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  1. Admin Mugsy - March 1, 2016

    When I posted a video, message or graphic on Facebook regarding the candidates, it would be seen by (more than) 100 people.

    Now, with zero FB friends/followers, my posts are seen by no one. Hmm. Who would have wanted that?


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