Meet the Press’ Bad Delegate Math. Misstates delegate math suggesting Sanders can’t win
April 4, 2016



On Sunday’s “Meet the Press”, Chuck Todd cited Bernie’s call for Super Delegates to pledge to vote according to the wishes of the voters of their state so that they accurately represent them, suggesting that even under his method, Sanders still would not win. But when they posted their “adjusted” delegate figures for Clinton & Sanders, I happened to notice BOTH candidates came out with MORE delegates. If you shift delegates from one candidate to the other, someone would have to lose votes:

MtP’s reassigned delegate numbers. BOTH candidates gain???
MtP's bad math


And they were NOT counting pledged Delegates in states that had yet to vote. Todd specifically said this was only “states that had already voted. The graphic clearly reads “States that have voted”.

278 Super Delegates currently pledged, 384 AFTER reassignment. I tried to figure out where they picked up an additional 106 delegates (the number of “unpledged” delegates. He’s counting them TWICE), but I haven’t a clue. If it was a mistake, I await their correction. If not, I await explanation. It’s seems like a pretty obvious and amateurish mistake to make. If Sanders gains 99 delegates, Clinton should LOSE 99 delegates, not pickup seven. If their shift for Bernie can be believed, Clinton would only have 154 Super Delegates to Bernie’s 124, a difference of only 30 delegates (not 136). To broadcast such a clearly wrong claim during the most watched political talk show on national TV on the eve of a crucial election in Wisconsin was (without question) an attempt to suggest Senator Sanders is too far behind to win. It is hard to believe this was “an innocent mistake.”

(Sorry folks, short update this week. Computer trouble. I’m having to post this remotely. – Mugsy)

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