The (In)Complete (and Growing) List of Ridiculous Trump Superlatives
July 3, 2017


(Last update: 09/25/18)
When I was in high school, I had a friend who just couldn’t resist making up outrageous lies about himself. Claims of sexual conquests with women we’d never met and near super-human feats of fighting off bad guys with ninja weaponry that always took place just out of the sight of friends or witnesses. And it didn’t matter how much he was ridiculed for his tall tales, he just couldn’t stop himself from telling them. Truthfully, I think it was part of some desperate need to be liked, to impress people, and convince others he was more interesting than he really was. Similarly, the 71 year old man/child currently occupying the White House suffers from this same affliction, making ridiculous boasts of near super-human insight & abilities that you’d expect more from a toddler desperate for the attention of Mommy & Daddy than from a “Commander-in-Chief” of the United States (not “Leader of the Free World”… that title now belongs to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.) Last March, when I couldn’t find a really comprehensive list of every known connection between the Trump Campaign and Russia that I could direct reality-challenged Trump-Supporters to, I started my own. I found myself in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago when Toddler-Trump made his latest absurd claim that he… with the “possible” exception of FDR… had been “the most productive president in American history” (not an exact quote) by this point in their administration. “What?”, I hear you asking. “Is that true?” No, it’s not true (as if I had to tell you.) Actually, in total, Trump actually comes in fifth… IF you count ALL legislation AND every Executive Order (remember those? Those unbearably “unconstitutional” acts of presidential abuse of power Trump accused Obama of?) as equal. It also helps when you don’t have an “obstruct everything in sight… even stuff they supported” opposition Party in control of Congress stopping you at every turn the way Republicans did to Obama (but I digress.) Like that insecure high-school buddy of mine whom had an almost pathological need to spin tall tales about himself with no connection to reality in a desperate bid to impress people, Trump likewise has this absurd childlike need to convince everyone he is the biggest, greatest, “most successful”, smartest person on the planet and we mere mortals are damn lucky to have him toiling for us in the salt mines of Mar-a-Lago, asking nothing in return… all the while making absurd claims about himself often refuted by documented history, facts, even audio tapes and photographic evidence to the contrary.

I noticed this ridiculous habit of his early on in his campaign, but HBO’s Bill Maher also mentioned it on his show RealTime a few months ago, noting how Trump can’t simply be “good” at something, he must always be “the best. No one is greater than me” to the point of absurdity.

Trump’s very first public meeting of his full cabinet a couple of weeks ago became an embarrassing spectacle as each cabinet member (sans McMaster) took turns stroking Trump’s massive ego & kissing his ass, fawning over him like he just cured cancer in his spare time, telling him what an amazing man he is and what an honor it is to be serving in his administration. Feeding his narcissism the way the office-lackey tells the boss his butt-ugly new baby is the most adorable child they’ve ever seen in their lives.

I searched online for a single comprehensive list of every absurd Trump superlative but only found a few lists of some of his “greatest hits”. So, like my continually updated list of Trump/Russia ties [link under “Most Popular” on right], I’ve decided to start my own continually updated list of Ridiculous Trump Superlatives that I plan to update for as long as he remains in office (which, God Willing, won’t be long.) Note that I’m quite confident I’ll be updating this list often because… no matter how many times you warn him, Toddler-Trump just HAS to touch the hot stove. If Sarah Palin has proven anything: birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and stupid people just gotta say stupid stuff in public. You might as well ask the wind to stop blowing.

So I scoured the Internet for ridiculous Trump claims of being “the best…” at something or “the most…” regarding himself or something that was impacted by his greatness. Here (in no particular order) is my Starter List of absurd Trump boasts (BTW, NONE of these boasts are true.) Try not to let your eyes roll out of your head:

  1. The incident that got me started on this list, Trump’s recent claim: Never has there been a president — with few exceptions, in the case of FDR he had a major Depression to handle — who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done.”June 12, 2017 (Trump has not had a single major legislative accomplishment since taking office despite having his own Party in control of Congress. No immigration bill, the wall still isn’t being been built, “ObamaCare” hasn’t been Replaced, ISIS hasn’t been defeated, China is still manipulating their currency, and on & on…)

  3. Trump bragged of having the foresight to oppose the invasion of Iraq… even AFTER having been caught on tape SUPPORTING the war in an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show. Trump countered by claiming he had confided to Fox’s Sean Hannity… in private… that he had argued against the invasion of Iraq, citing an interview on Hannity’s radio show months AFTER the invasion as “proof”.

  5. “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” – Trump’s Facebook page, May 5, 2016

  7. “I write a book called The Art of the Deal, the No. 1 selling business book of all time.(False) – Trump on the Don Lemon radio show, July 1, 2015

  9. “I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.” – Feb 16, 2017

  11. “[P]riming the pump… Have you heard that expression used before? I haven’t heard it … I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good.” – Trump in an interview with The Economist, May 11, 2017. – I saw an old 1974 episode of Johnny Carson the other day where he joked about Nixon’s idea of “priming the pump” was to spike gas prices to distract from Watergate. The phrase actually goes back centuries.

  13. [My building at 40 Wall Street] “is now the tallest building in Lower Manhattan.” – Trump calling in to WWOR Channel 9 News in NY making the false claim/brag just hours after the 9/11 attacks left nearly 3,000 people dead.

  15. “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.” – in a 2013 tweet.

  17. “I know words, I have the best words.” – Dec 30, 2015

  19. “I’m, like, a smart person.” […] “I went to the Wharton School of Finance. I got very good marks. I was a good student. It’s the best business school in the world, as far as I’m concerned.” […] “Look, if I were a liberal Democrat, people would say I’m the super genius of all time. The super genius of all time.” – Trump at CIA headquarters the day after his inauguration (1/21/17), bragging about himself while standing before the CIA memorial to fallen agents.

  21. “We have a lot of smart people. I tell you what. One thing we’ve learned. We have, by far, the highest IQ of any cabinet ever.” – Jan 19, 2017
  22. (UPDATE: After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump “an F***ing moron” in July (2017), Trump said “if it’s true” he’d challenge him to an IQ test and suggested he’d win. Like any toddler, Trump has a history of challenging people to IQ tests when he feels threatened.)

  23. “Just arrived in Italy for the G7. Trip has been very successful. We made and saved the USA many billions of dollars and millions of jobs.” — May 26, 2017.

  25. Spicer: Trump’s “historic” speech to the leaders of more than 50 Arab and Muslim nations “was a historic turning point that people will be talking about for years to come” and “was met with nearly universal praise.” [The president] single-handedly united the civilized world in the fight against terrorism and extremism” and that his meetings at the Group of Seven summit in Sicily “were marked by outstanding success.”

  27. “We’ve had ‘one of the most successful 13 weeks’ in history.” – Trump on his first 100 days. April 6, 2017

  29. “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” – Nov 27, 2016 (No, no you didn’t.)

  31. I’m the biggest developer in New York by far. There’s nobody even closer.” – Trump on the pilot episode of The Apprentice.

  33. Trump in front of CIA memorial: [The inaugural crowd] “looked honestly like a million-and-a-half people. It went all the way back to the Washington Monument. [But instead of the crowds, the media showed] an empty field and it said we drew [only] 250,000 people. Now that’s not bad, but it’s a lie.”
    Sean Spicer the next day: “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe”.

  35. “I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.” – Feb 16, 2017 (It wasn’t even the biggest Electoral College win since Obama. Only one-termers Poppy Bush and Carter received fewer EV’s.)

  37. “Elijah Cummings was in my office and he said, ‘You will go down as one of the great presidents in the history of our country.’” (No. Actually, Cummings said “You could, IF you…”)

  39. “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” – May 18, 2017. (So says the man who challenged the legitimacy of his predecessor by questioning his place of birth for nine years. And I’m sure the impeached Bill Clinton would have something to say about “witch hunts.”)

  41. [The] “most unfairly treated politician in history.” (So the list goes Trump, Gandhi, Mandela, Lincoln. Got it.)

  43. I would use the greatest minds. I know the best negotiators. I’m in New York — I know the good ones, the bad ones. I always say: ‘I know the ones people think are good.’ I know people you’ve never heard of that are better than all of them.” (He then appoints Ben “Sleepy” Carson… a surgeon… to head HUD, and Rick “Oops” Perry to head the very department (DoE) he once said we needed to get rid of… not knowing it was in charge of our Nuclear Weapons.)

  45. “Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States. Hillary was the worst. In the history of the United States there’s never been a secretary of state so bad as Hillary.

  47. I’m the most militaristic person.” (Except for that time he avoided serving in Vietnam. And is being “the most militaristic” really a good thing?)

  49. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” (Often, Trump attributes divine favor for his talents.) Fact-check: He’s off to a bad start.
    And most famously…

  51. “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Trump’s doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein in the statement released by Trump’s campaign. Dec 14, 2015 The “Trumpian” boast seemed awfully suspicious, and Bornstein finally admitted in May 2018 that “Yes”, in fact, “Trump DID dictate his own medical report” given by his doctor. This came as little surprise to anyone since Bornstein proclaimed Trump’s tests provided “Only positive results”… which, medically speaking, no competent doctor would describe as a good thing.
    Fat Trump

And finally: In case you’re looking for it, I thought Trump had said, “Nobody will be a bigger defender/supporter of LGBTQ Rights than me”… or something along those lines, but he never did. At the RNC Convention, he only promised: “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.” [I guess “foreign” being the operable word here.] And in a tweet, stated: “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.” And now that he’s in office, he (falsely) declares (part 1, part 2, part 3): After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow……” [cue 9 minute freak out as military wonders just what the Toddler-in-Chief “won’t allow”.] “….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…..” [4 more minutes] “….victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you”. Thank you? Seriously?


Update #1: Found this video online of Trump claiming to be The Best at various things:


Claims made in the video:

  1. “No one can do it [the job of president] like me.”

  3. “Nobody is stronger than me [as a candidate].”

  5. “Nobody has better toys than I do.” (yeah, that’s what he said.)

  7. “Nobody is bigger or better at the military than I am.” (Bigger?)

  9. “Nobody loves the Bible more than I do.” (Sorry, Pope dude!)

  11. “I will build a great wall . . . and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me.” – (China built a fairly “Great Wall”, too.)

  13. “Nobody’s better to people with disabilities than me.” (yeah, we know how great you are towards the disabled.)

  15. “Nobody is fighting for the veterans like I’m fighting for the veterans.” (In response to charges his veterans charity was a fraud.)

  17. “There’s nobody who’s done so much for equality as I have.” – (Beyond his recent move to kick Transgender soldiers out of the military, on 8/31/17, Trump repealed a key component of the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” that requires corporations to report pay by race & gender, saving corporations a whopping $400/yr.)

  19. “There’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am.”

  21. “There is nobody more Conservative than me.”

  23. “There is no one who respects women more than I do.” (Just ask Megan Kelly!)

  25. “Nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump.” (There’s just something about people who refer to themselves in the third person…)

  27. “Nobody has ever had crowds like Trump has had.”

  29. “There’s nobody that understands the horror of nuclear [sic] better than me.” (Nuclear what? Weapons? Power? And the Empire of Japan would like to have a talk with you.)

  31. “Nobody understands it better than me. It’s called ‘devaluation’ [of Chinese currency].” (He says while glancing down at his notes.)

  33. “The sale of the uranium that nobody knows what it means. ‘I’ know what it means!”

  35. “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”

  37. “Nobody knows the game better than me.”

  39. “Nobody in the history of this country has known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump.”

  41. “I know the H1B. I know the H2B. Nobody knows it better than me.” (Types of work visas for hiring foreigners.)

  43. “Nobody knows politicians better than I do.”

  45. “Nobody knows more about taxes than I do.” (Especially how to avoid paying them.)

  47. “Nobody knows more about debt than I do.” (Because he’s spent so much time in it?) Trump also said in a 2016 interview on CBS: “Nobody understands debt better than me.”

  49. “Nobody knows the system better than me. Which is why I alone can fix it!”

…and many, MANY more to come I’m sure. Trump calls The Media “liars” because they keep calling him out on his lies… lies that he is dead certain are in fact the truth. That list may seem much shorter than you were expecting (and I might have missed a few), but… while a few are several years old… for the most part, it comes to about two outrageous boasts per month since he declared his candidacy 24-months ago.

Update #2 – Trump announced at a “rally” in Youngstown, Ohio (7/26/17) that, “With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office.” Previously in March of this year, Trump said of Lincoln, “Great president. Most people don’t even know he was a Republican. Right? Does anyone know? A lot of people don’t know that.” I guess he’s never heard HIS OWN PARTY refer to themselves as “The Party of Lincoln” for the past 37 years? Once again, Trump is amazed to learn something every child knows because only now at the age of 71 has he started paying attention and thinks he’s imparting rare wisdom among the masses (his ego assumes that if he didn’t know, then most people probably don’t either. And considering his fan-base, he may be right.)

Update #3 – Trump falsely claims the head of the Boy Scouts called to praise him for his speech before the Boy Scout jamboree last week claiming he was told he gave “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.” Trump’s speech was widely ridiculed for making the speech political (30 seconds after he said he wouldn’t), ridiculing President Obama for not visiting their last event and bragging of his (fictional) political “successes”. While it is possible the Scouts are the ones lying about calling Trump (yeah, right), it is unlikely they told him he gave “the greatest speech ever.”

Update #4 – Even a natural disaster can’t simply be bad in the age of Trump, it must be The biggest ever. It’s historic. There’s never been anything like it.” (presumably to heighten his handling of it.) Hurricane Harvey strikes the Texas coast as a Category-4 and dumps a massive amount of rain. For the record, 31 Cat-5 hurricanes have struck the U.S. since 1924.

Update #5 – In July, during his very first trip to Europe as president, Trump boasted of the reception he received in Poland, declaring: “So I go to Poland and make a speech. Enemies of mine in the media, enemies of mine are saying it was the greatest speech ever made on foreign soil by a president.

Update #5b – (Not a Trump superlative, but a crucial addition to this list) White House spokesperson KellyAnn Conway goes on the Christian Broadcasting Network and tells televangelist Pat Robertson (with a straight face) that Trump’s greatest trait is “his humility.”

Update #6 – Also related to the above, from Trump’s post-victory interview on 60 Minutes, Trump bragging to Leslie Stahl about how humble he is, declaring “I think I’m more humble than YOU can understand.”

Update #7 – October 19, 2017, one day short of the one-month anniversary of Cat-4 Hurricane Maria hitting the island of Puerto Rico, 81% still without electricity. 30% still without clean drinking water, 5,000 people still living in shelters [ibid], a hospital ship (the USS Comfort) that wasn’t deployed until nearly a WEEK after the hurricane had passed (with 1,000 beds and only EIGHT patients), 48 “official” deaths (but with limited communications and no support teams reporting, the death toll is likely over 450)… Trump, when asked to grade his performance on responding to the disaster in Puerto Rico, gave himself a 10 out of 10. A Perfect Score. Meaning he thinks not only was there nothing he could have done better, but that it has been a huge success, That’s not just ridiculous, that’s a disconnect from reality.

Update #8 – Following the deaths of four Special Ops soldiers massacred in a botched mission in Niger, Trump was criticized by the widow of Sgt LaDavid Johnson, claiming Trump told her “Your guy knew what he was getting into” and could not remember the name of her dead husband. Trump, on the defensive regarding his call to Johnson’s widow, insists he “knew LaDavid’s name and said it from the very beginning.” Trump denied to reporters that he had forgotten LaDavid’s name, stating: “[I have] one of the great memories of all time!” – October 25, 2017

Update #9 – As his first trip to Asia draws to a close, Trump brags of his reception in Beijing: “It was red carpet like nobody, I think, has probably ever received. While hard to confirm, it does appear correct that Trump is the first American president China has literally rolled out the red carpet for. China knows how to play to Trump’s ego, and Trump couldn’t help but eat it up.

Update #10 – Trump claimed in a tweet that Time Magazine contacted him for a “photo shoot” because he “probably” was going to be their “Person of the Year” but “turned them down” because “probably” wasn’t good enough to justify taking time out for a photo shoot and instead “took a pass”, taking himself out of consideration. Time Magazine then tweeted that Trump is “incorrect” (read: “lying”), that they don’t reveal who is under consideration prior to publication. So what happened? Did someone leak to Trump that he wasn’t going to be their PotY and decided to get ahead of the issue, so when the magazine hit the newsstands and he wasn’t on the cover, he could claim HE turned THEM down first? Or was he just trying to convince people he was under consideration when he wasn’t? Or maybe he got into an argument with the editor of Time and was told he’d NEVER be their PotY? Who knows? But whatever the reason, he was clearly caught in a lie about being considered for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”.

Update #11 (12/27/17) – During a photo/op at a West Palm Beach fire station, Trump bragged, “You know, one of the things that people don’t understand — we have signed more legislation than anybody. We broke the record of Harry Truman.” In actuality, Trump is in LAST place in number of first year bills signed.

Update #12 (12/28/17) – Responding to reports that he doesn’t understand legislation following an interview, Trump boast that he knows more about “the big bills” in Congress “better than any president that’s ever been in office.” Adding, “I know the details of taxes better than anybody,” in an interview with The New York Times. “Better than the greatest CPA, I know the details of health care better than most, better than most.”

Update #13 (1/3/18) – Trump responds to a tweet from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about having “a nuclear button on my desk” by declaring “I too have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” Of course, we know he’s not talking about the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. He’s making a childish joke about the size of his penis. Two undisciplined children with too much power at their disposal waving their dicks at each other, and we’re caught in the middle.

Update #14 (1/6/18) – In response to author Michael Wolff’s tell-all book about the Trump campaign/presidency where numerous sources inside the Trump White House expressed concern about Trump’s mental stability and fitness to do the job, Trump responded by tweeting: Throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Not smart, but genius.

Trump genius

Update #15 (1/11/18) – After being asked if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meeting with South Korea was an attempt to “drive a wedge between the U.S. and South Korea”, Trump responded: “If I were them, I would try. The difference is I’m president, other people aren’t. And I know more about wedges than any human being that’s lived.” Trump also stated that he believed he and Un “probably have a very good relationship.” This is after calling Un “a madman”, belittled him as “little Rocket Man”, “short & fat”, a “maniac”, “a very bad dude”. “You’ll see that a lot with me,” Trump explained talking about the hostility between them. “…and then all of the sudden somebody’s my best friend. I could give you 20 examples. You could give me 30. I’m a very flexible person.”

Update #16 (1/14/18) – Responding to reports Trump called Haiti, El Salvador and “many African nations” “Shithole countries”, Trump denied the racist comment by declaring: “I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed.” If this sounds familiar, in Example #5 above, Trump declared he was “the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

Update #17 (1/19/18) – Thanks to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” for playing this collection of sound-bites at the start of the 1/16 show of Trump declaring himself the most/best/greatest at various things (boasts already reported above omitted):

  • “I’m the most conservative person in the world.”
  • “The strongest person on the Second Amendment that exists.”
  • “I’m the best thing that ever happened to the Secret Service.”
  • “I have one of the great temperaments.”
  • “I can be the most presidential person ever.”

Update #18 (2/1/18) – Following his first State of the Union address two days before, Trump (falsely) tweets: “45.6 million people watched, the highest number in history. Actually, it ranked ninth. Even if you factor in online streaming, his address only came in fourth. – NYTimes

Updates #19 & #20 (2/26/18) – More than a week after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, FL where 14 students and 3 teachers were murdered by a 19 year old with an AR15 assault weapon (natch), Trump (again) publicly attacked/shamed the armed retired sheriff’s officer with 30 years experience working as school security who failed to enter the school and confront the shooter (note, the first four officers whom arrived on the scene ALSO did not enter the school to confront the shooter), boasting that if HE were outside that school when he heard the gunshots: “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon. Most people quickly recalled that Trump had avoided the serving in Vietnam by obtaining FIVE deferments, including a note from his doctor claiming he had “bone spurs” in his feet that would have prevented him from “running” anywhere.

…Which reminded me that this same poor debilitated soul who could not serve in Vietnam because of his painful feet, also once bragged on the campaign trail of what a great athlete he was in school:

“Just — and so — so I was successful, successful, successful. I was always the best athlete, people don’t know that. But I was successful at everything I ever did…”

Sorry I forgot about that one. But I’m pretty sure “Captain Bone Spur” isn’t “running” anywhere.

Update #21 (3/12/18) – I discovered another clip of Trump brags (there must be dozens of videos like this out there). Trump at CPAC on Feb. 24, 2017 declares: “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me. Nobody. I mean, who uses it more than I do?”

Update #22 – Trump states at a campaign rally, “Nobody can do it like me, honestly.” Not entirely sure what “it” is.

Update #23 – Trump at the 2016 RNC Convention: “I Alone Can Fix It” – Cleveland, OH, 7/21/16

Update #24 – “It’s this.” (Trump pointing to his temple in a sitdown interview.) “It’s not salesmanship. It’s brain power.” (ibid the clip noted above.)

Update #25 – “I’m good at war. I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I’m really good at war. I love war in a certain way, but only when we win.” (Ibid same clip video.)

Update #26 – Trump on the campaign trail: “The other thing I predicted is terrorism. A friend of mine called who’s very political, he said, ‘Forget that! You’re the first guy that really predicted terrorism!'” – Nov. 25, 2015

Update #26b – “I think I’m really the one who broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women” (in the construction industry.) – Not the woman he hired whom proved she could do the job.

Update #27 – On his response to the catastrophic hurricane damage to Puerto Rico: “I give myself a 10 out of 10.” As of this writing (3/12/18), more than six months after Hurricane Maria made landfall, 65% of the island population is still without power.

Update #28 – Trump on his first 100 days: “I truly believe my first 100 days has been just about the most successful in our nations history.” (Apr. 28, 2017) – This was in addition to #14, his earlier statement on his first 100 days, only slightly more outrageous… and absurdly untrue.

Update #29 – On Feb. 28, 2018, Trump held a bi-partisan cabinet meeting with members of Congress to discuss the issue of gun control following the Parkland, FL school shooting. Trump noted how surprised he was no one had been able to do anything up to now on this issue, noting how some of the senators “were afraid of the NRA” (but that he was not.) Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) noted to Trump how he would have to convince Republicans to get behind this issue “because every time it comes up, nothing gets done”, to which Trump replied “You have a different president now”, suggesting HE would succeed where his predecessors failed. “People are afraid to do background checks because they’re afraid of….. somebody.” (This is also the meeting where Trump suggested to his VP that he might be willing to go even further and “take the guns away first” and “worry about Due Process later.”) Two weeks later, after speaking to the NRA, Trump reneged on his promises to “expand background checks” and “raise the minimum age to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21″.

Update #30 – Trump held rallies in Wisconsin and North Dakota Thursday (June 28, 2018) in support of Republican Senate candidates in close elections this November. Naturally, Trump made both rallies all about himself, bragging to the audience:

“I just realized the other day, they told me… when we won the state of Wisconsin, it hadn’t been won by a Republican since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Did you know that?”

No one probably knew that because it’s not true. Nixon won Wisconsin in 1960 (losing to JFK) and twice more in 1968/1972. Reagan also won Wisconsin twice in 1980/84 (which is an interesting thing for a Republican to not know because Regan’s 49-state blowout of Mondale in 1984 is ingrained in the knowledge base of every Republican child at birth.) You know who else has “won Wisconsin since Eisenhower in 1952”? Eisenhower in 1956. SMH.

Update #31 – In a July 2 interview with NBC reporter Maria Bartiromo, Trump brags: “there’s probably never been a base in the history of politics in this country like my base” to explain/justify the vocal defense of him by his supporters after his Press Secretary was asked to leave a restaurant, and massive protests across the nation, both of which were in response to his disgraceful policy of separating young immigrant children from their parents. This was in response to her attempt to get him to talk about “unity” and bringing the country together. Instead, Trump only sees “us vs them.”

Update #32 (07/05/2018) – Lord only knows what The Orange One is babbling about here, but during a rally in Montana, Trump proclaimed to the crowd, “I’ve broken more records than Elton John, and I don’t even have an organ!”

“I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical [sic]: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.

If I had to guess, in this rambling mess he appears to be talking about “attendance” records. Again with his obsession over “crowd size” as a metric of just how much he is loved. Yet he seems to be acknowledging his crowds fit into a smaller space, so he’s trying to rationalize it by claiming that… despite the [disappointing] arena size… they are squeezing in more people.

Update #33 – After trump slurred his speech during press announcement last Christmas (2017), people were concerned that he might have had a stroke. To quash those concern, Trump went to see White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. Jackson’s report was notably odd, declaring Trump had “incredible genes” and “could live to be 200” if he ate a healthier diet. He also placed Trump’s weight at 239lbs… just one pound shy of “obese” for a man of his height. Trump later “rewarded” Jackson by nominating him to head the VA. The nomination fell apart quickly when it was discovered Jackson was of dubious character. It all seemed eerily reminiscent of Trump’s “personal physician”, the eccentric gastroenterologist Dr. Bornstein (see #26 above) whom later admitted Trump told him what to say when he declared Trump would be “the healthiest individual to ever serve as president.”

I don’t bring this up for no reason. on July 9th, Trump announced his second Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, a controversial pick. Kavanaugh attempted to silence those questioning Trump’s selection of him with a similarly awkward Trumpian declaration:

“No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.”

Certainly an absurd claim for any judge to make. Trump relied on a list of just 25 nominees provided to him by The Heritage Foundation, and spent a grand total of just three hours interviewing just four judges for 45 minutes each (including Kavanaugh.) Anyone taking bets Trump wrote Kavanaugh’s statement as well?

Update #34 & #35 (01/06/2018 & 07/12/2018) – I don’t know how I overlooked it, but following the release of the controversial book “Fire & Fury” where Trump’s mental stability was called into question, Trump responded by tweeting from Camp David:

“Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.” Trump went on to assert that winning an election everyone was certain he’d lose proved: “I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!

Not only does Trump “mean tweet” like a 14 year old girl, but he… like… talks like one too.

I had forgotten about that absurd brag until he said it AGAIN when questioned by reporters in Brussels following his NATO summit. Responding to a reporter who asked if he would later Tweet something different than he was telling them once he boarded Air Force One (noting Trump’s history of contradicting his own stated policies on Twitter), Trump insisted that he doesn’t do things like that by reasserting how smart people like him don’t do such things:

“No, that’s other people that do that,” Trump said. “I don’t. I’m very consistent. I’m a very stable genius,”

“Stable” people don’t feel the constant need to assure people they’re “stable”. And most “geniuses” don’t feel the need to inform people they are… like… geniuses.

Update #36 (07/31/18) – “A new poll shows that the most popular person in the history of the Republican party is Trump! Can you believe that? [cheers] So I said, ‘Does that include Honest Abe Lincoln?’, you know he was pretty good, right?” Can you believe it? No. Because there is no way to know what Lincoln’s poll numbers were like because political polling didn’t start until 1936. The man’s ego knows no bounds. A man whom has done more to divide this country than any president since Lincoln, has stoked racism and possibly committed treason, whom just two years ago wasn’t even aware The Father of the Republican Party (“The Party of Lincoln”) was Abraham Lincoln… (see Update #2 above) is now comparing himself to “The Great Unifier”.

Update #37 (09/04/18) – Famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward released a tape of his conversation with Donald Trump regarding his disappointment over the fact Woodward didn’t interview him before releasing his book (Woodward says he tried, which Trump himself confirms). Trump says the fact they never spokes must mean “It’s going to be inaccurate,” when the “truth” in fact is that “nobody’s every done a better job than I’m doing as president.”

Update #38 (09/04/18) – Also from the Woodward book, Trump bemoaned Twitter doubling its tweet size limit from 140 to 280 characters, bragging: “it’s a bit of a shame because I was the Earnest Hemingway of 140 characters.”

Update #39 (9/11/18) – On the 17th anniversary of 9/11, regarding his administrations response to Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico the year before, Trump boasted: “One of the best jobs that’s ever been done.” “An incredible unsung success.” – Maria was the deadliest storm in modern history. 2,975 dead… almost the exact same number as died on 9/11. Some communities still running 100% on portable generators for power over a year later.

Update #40 (7/9/18) – “No president has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more backgrounds to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.” – Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh publicly accepting Trump’s nomination of him to the Supreme Court. I did not include this suspiciously Trumpian claim initially because it was not spoken by Trump himself, but if you recall in Superlative #26, Trump’s Gastroenterologist Dr. Bornstein eventually admitted his absurd “healthiest president ever elected” pre-election claim was in fact dictated by Trump himself, so it is almost certain the same happened here.
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