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These people are dangerous, and they’re costing lives

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, April 7, 2014

As I predicted last Monday, this was a bad week. Mom passed away Friday morning as I sat at her hospital bedside, holding her hand for 61 minutes after they switched off the ventilator and I slowly watched my mother’s heart rate fall to zero. It was agonizing, and a trauma I hope none of my readers ever have to endure. I couldn’t sue for malpractice while Mom was alive, but we sure as hell can file for “wrongful death” now that she’s gone.

But I’m not here to reopen that wound and cause myself more pain. Another busy week ahead with the funeral, collecting evidence and calling lawyers, so this will have to be brief (pardon the dearth of links.)

On yesterday’s Fox “news” Sunday, former CIA/NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden was on to discuss (what else?) Benghazi and the second Ft. Hood shooting. The (non)story is already on life-support, but Hayden brought Fox a step closer to pulling the plug. Quite honestly, I’m not quite sure why they keep inviting him on. Sure, in private, when he goes on the record only as “an anonymous source”, Hayden is a snarky bitter partisan, but when he makes statements in public, he’s frequently quick to defend the White House, be it Bush’s or Obama’s. Pretty soon they are going to stop having him on if he keeps defending Obama’s White House this way.

I’ve cobbled together a few highlights from yesterday’s lengthy interview. Wallace goes into the commercial break with the following teaser (and flat-out lie):

   “Turns out it was the CIA that changed the Benghazi Talking Points to avoid embarrassing Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

We return from the break and Wallace asks Hayden why Morell “ignored” the CIA’s own “Station Chief in Libya” who “repeatedly told him in the days after Benghazi that this was a terrorist attack”, choosing instead to take the word of CIA analysts back at Langley.

   “How unusual is that to disregard the word of your own man in the field?

“Disregard” the word of your own “man in the field”? Clearly, the suggestion here is that the guy who was actually IN Libya would know better about what happened in Benghazi than some pencil-pusher 8,000 miles away back at CIA headquarters. Hayden jumps to Morell’s defense quickly:

   “Look, you give a lot of weight to your man-in-the-field, but keep in mind, our man-in-the-field was more than 500 miles away from the incident [in Tripoli].”

Not exactly an eye-witness. Hayden went on to point out that Morell also went so far as to inform the White House that there was a “dissenting opinion” as to what happened so they wouldn’t “put all their eggs in one basket.” Wallace quickly moves on (emphasis Wallace’s):

   “Morell said that he went around his boss David Petraeus and took out [from the CIA's report] the fact that the CIA had repeatedly warned the State Department about the threat level in Benghazi”, followed by Wallace playing the clip of Morell testifying that he felt the claim was only there to allow the CIA to “pound its chest” and “lay all the blame on the State Department”.

Hayden again unspins Fox’s attempt to turn this into something sinister by pointing out that the CIA putting that line in about “repeatedly warning the State Department” was inappropriate, and removing it was an attempt to NOT politicize the issue rather than provide State with political cover.

The entire interview was sad all around and I may try to post it online in the near future when I have more time.

Then there was the (second) shooting (in 5 years) at Fort Hood. Right Wing Congressman Mike McCall went on Meet the Press to suggest that maybe restricting firearms on the military base was a bad idea and that maybe allowing everyone to go around packing heat would make the place much safer. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed as Former Joint Chief Admiral Mike Mullen came on later to disagree with McCall, noting that NOT having everyone going around armed has likely resulted in FEWER such incidents. Lord only knows how much worse it could get if every soldier with PTSD was allowed to carry a loaded semi-automatic firearm with them every where they went on one of the largest military bases in the country. And it’s not like they can’t GET guns quickly at Ft. Hood. One Right Wing argument for armed guards in schools is that no one had access to a gun to stop any rampage. Well at Fort Hood, they DID have guns. Heck, they were armed to the teeth, and this still happened… not once, but twice.

Later on in the evening, NBC hosted a special presentation on Global Warming and whether a tipping point had been reached. It was fairly good as one hour summaries of complex issues go, even taking time to explain how we can have “Global Warming” and the record-breaking freezing cold we’ve been having at the same time. But you really can’t do a topic as complex as Climate Change in just one hour, and while they mentioned the skeptics, I think not including Jesus-freaks Paul “lies straight from the pit of Hell” Broun and Jim “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind” Inhoff in the story was an opportunity lost. These Ludites are more than willing to jeopardize the lives of tens of millions based on their own personal interpretation of a 5000 year old Harry Potter novel known as The Bible. I say “their” interpretation because even the freaking Pope believes in Climate Change and released a report on the subject (pdf) in 2011.

In truth, the GOP DESPISES the subject of Global Warming primarily because they associate it with Al Gore. So basically, this one tiny group of anti-science mental midgets that have chosen to interpret The Bible in such an extreme and narrow fashion that not even the Vatican agrees with them, is willing to risk global catastrophe rather than admit that maybe Al Gore was right. Really. That is all it boils down to.

And if Gore had been President on September 11th, do you think for a moment that they would have rallied around him the way Democrats embraced George Bush after 9/11? Hell no. They would have begun impeachment proceedings on 9/12. Don’t believe me? Just look at their outrage over four dead in Benghazi. Now multiply that by 1,000.

These people are twisted. They’re dangerous, and they’re endangering lives. My mother was just their latest victim.

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If You Want to Help the Syrian People, Help the Syrian People.

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

“So let me get this straight”, the boy asked his teacher. “Because Syria bombed Syria, we’re going to bomb Syria for bombing Syria?” It seems almost surreal, yet that is the question. And I must admit that my initial reaction to the news that Syria used chemical weapons on “1,500 of its own citizens… including “at least 426 children“, I too was outraged, believing nothing short of an immediate military response was required. Ah, but is the report accurate? Yesterday, French Intelligence reported that they found (just) “281 people” had been killed in a chemical attack… a fraction of the number being reported by American Intelligence. (Great minds think alike? Truthout has a more detailed report on the questionable numbers emerging from Syria.) Shades of the Bush Administration’s wildly fluctuating intelligence reports on Iraq’s WMD’s in the ramp-up to war in 2003. But the fact is, the victims are crying out for America to help those who have ALREADY been attacked. What they REALLY want is for us to help the people hurting now, not to worry about who might be attacked next. If you want to help the Syrian people, then start by actually helping the Syrian people. Medical aide and sanctuary (perhaps a no-fly zone over refugee camps on the borders of Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. You could find FULL U.N. support for something like that.

The use of military force against Syria is already fraught with potentially huge negative consequences. How do you use military force in Syria and guarantee it won’t escalate or spread and we won’t have to go back? We already know that UN approval of military action against Syria is not forthcoming thanks to a veto threat from both Russia & China. Russia… an ally of Assad… has sent a reconnaissance ship to monitor American warships parked off the Syrian coast, and Iran has likewise issued a thinly veiled threat that attacking Syria would “result in a conflict that would engulf the region”. Are we toying with war with Russia? Might Iran start lobbing SCUD missiles into Israel? Might Assad give chemical weapons to Hezbollah? And what if we do bomb Syria and a few weeks later, Assad uses chemical weapons again? Then what? A ground invasion?

The point of ANY punishment is to dissuade OTHERS (eg: Iran, North Korea, etc) from doing the same thing in the future. It does nothing to help those already injured. And in this case, military action doesn’t even ensure that it won’t happen again. It may even INCREASE the possibility of chemical weapons being used again… if not on the Syrian people, then perhaps in Tel Aviv… or maybe even New York?

We are already hearing stories of the Syrian regime “celebrating the start of President Obama’s retreat.” Screw ‘em. Let them “celebrate”. They’re not even fooling themselves. For over a decade, Saddam Hussein used to celebrate the day Iraq “defeated” the American Military in the 1991 Gulf War. Assad is still quaking in his boots that we may attack in the next week or two, and I guarantee you, he won’t be dropping any more chemical weapons in the next two weeks. And does anyone really think that because we’re questioning using military force in Syria that they can just thumb their nose at America and do something stupid and not see a squadron of Blackhawks overhead the next morning? Of course not. Let them celebrate. Every conflict must be taken on its own merits. We can’t allow “emboldening our enemies” for the next war dictate how we deal with a current situation.

President Obama finds himself on the side of GOP Chickenhawks when in comes to bombing Syria without regard for the consequences. And as I’ve been saying all week: “Only Republicans use military force without thinking about the consequences.” They think you can just bomb another country and be home in time for supper. And the country we attack will drop to their knees and say, “No more! We promise we’ll be good!” Yes, by all means, let’s take advice from the people that got it wrong on Iraq.

So we have questionable reports on the number of people killed that appear to wildly inflate the numbers (why? Isn’t “281″ bad enough?) and a plethora of negative consequences if military force is used (becoming a regional conflict; Spilling over into Israel; Provoking Russian involvement; Escalation if WMDs are used again; etc), no support from Great Britain or even the majority of the American people.

But then, there are questions about whether actual “prohibited” chemical weapons were even used. We know that things like “incendiary bombs” were dropped on school children killing ten, but “incendiary bombs” are not “nerve gas”. Secretary of State Kerry slammed Syria the other day, for its use of chemical weapons on civilians… which is a war-crime. Yet, in his own announcement, Kerry made the eerily Iraq-ish claim:

“In the last 24 hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the United States that have now been tested from first responders in east Damascus and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of Sarin.”

Did he just say “signatures of sarin”? I hate when politicians start using qualifiers when making the case for war. Congressman (and personal hero) Alan Grayson pointed out Friday that the effects of chemical weapons like Sarin are lingering. You get it on your skin and your clothes, and then anyone that comes in contact with your skin or clothes will get sick & die for WEEKS to come. Why aren’t we hearing about people still dying of chemical weapons exposure days or even weeks after the attack? The USE of White Phosphorous as a weapon may be a war-crime, but not its possession. WE use “Willy Pete” on the battlefield (as illumination), but that doesn’t make its possession a crime. We’d better be DAMNED sure that illegal weapons were used before we ourselves embark on what could very well be another illegal war.

Sen. Rand Paul made a disturbing argument on Fox “news” Sunday questioning whether we were even fighting on the right side, noting that Assad had “protected Christians inside Syria for decades, while the rebels are allied with alQaeda.” A disturbing argument to be sure, but the “alQaeda connection” is still a valid point.

Tavis Smiley on “Meet the Press” Sunday said, “Mass doses of violence never solve our problems”, adding that “The same week we honored Martin Luther King’s words, we dishonor him with our deeds.” Well said.

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Revealing Surveillance Methods Just Result In More Complex Surveillance

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, June 10, 2013

Back in the 1980′s/90′s, the National Security Agency (NSA) was so top secret, the joke around Washington was that “NSA” stood for “No Such Agency”, because no one would even confirm its existence. I can remember when saying that you believe such a super-secret agency even exists made you sound like a conspiracy nut. But in January of 2000 (under President Clinton), the existence of the NSA was finally confirmed. Not only was it real, but had been around since 1951 (or 1948 under a different name). The reason for the sudden big reveal? Republican investigations into the anti-terrorism surveillance activities of the Clinton Administration had made its existence all but common knowledge. The endless GOP investigations into the Clinton Administration had found that the NSA had been instructed to monitor all electronic communications for terrorist threats. Cellphones were exceedingly rare, and the Internet was still in its infancy, so the bulk of surveillance was electronic monitoring of phone calls for word combinations like “bomb” & “target”. AlQaeda was already a huge and growing threat with a series of bombings and terrorist attacks across the Middle East (see the Khobar Towers bombing and the bombing of U.S. Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania). Thanks to the GOP’s obsession with bringing down President Clinton, the terrorists now knew that we were monitoring them, driving terrorist activities further underground. There was no longer any point in denying the existence of The National Security Agency, thus the big reveal. And so it continues. Republicans scream about violations of privacy when a Democrat is in the White House even if it jeopardizes public safety, and dismisses the president’s critics when a Republican is in office. The more they reveal, the more they “tip our hand” to the terrorists, forcing the NSA to become more intrusive trying to stay one step ahead of the terrorists. (I won’t be arguing the merits of the surveillance program here, only how it is being made worse by revealing its practices.)

It has been odd this past week listening to Progressives who feel upset & critical of President Obama (expressing everything from dismay to an outright feeling of betrayal), while many Republicans (like Bill Kristol) defend him. But there are also Republicans who… without a hint of shame or irony… are attacking Obama for doing the same thing as President Bush as just “one more example” of him using the government to trample our Civil Liberties (along with the IRS “scandal” and “Fast & Furious”)… unlike the guy who gave us The PATRIOT Act.

I am decidedly torn on the surveillance program. Personally, I was more bothered by the Bush Administration eschewing the FISA Court and Congress for permission than by the surveillance itself:

Bush 2004: Wiretapping only with a (FISA) court order.
Bush 2006: FISA was written in 1978
(explaining why they didn’t bother seeking a court order.)

Flash forward to yesterday (June 9, 2013):

Former NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden on Fox “news” Sunday says
Obama has added “incredible oversight mechanisms” to surveillance program:

So the idea that what Bush did and President Obama is doing are “the same thing” is horse-pucky. In fact, the more we learn about the surveillance program under Obama, the more the argument against it falls apart. Where the Bush Administration flat out lied about seeking permission to do something clearly illegal, the Obama Administration has gone out of its way to keep the program “above board”.

But can’t such monitoring also be a good thing? In England, “CCTV” (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are everywhere as a crime-fighting tool. The 7/7/2005 London Bombings suspects were captured & convicted thanks to being spotted on surveillance cameras positioned throughout the city. And knowing that the cameras are there has likely proved as a deterrent against future attacks.

Others see such invasive surveillance as a “Big Brother” government invasion of privacy. ThinkProgress stated on Saturday that the tangible harm of these programs is that it “changes your behavior” so that even people who never do anything wrong feel they must act/behave a certain way for fear of reprisal.

Well, I’ve got news for you: You just defined RELIGION… the belief that an omnipotent being with the power to punish you is watching your every move to ensure that you’re being a good little boy or girl.

This also defines Santa Claus.

Americans are perfectly fine with the idea of “being constantly watched” as a means of “protection” and “behavior modification”. So anyone that whines about “Big Brother” on their way to church on Sunday… clearly you have no problem with the concept, so what’s your beef?

Conservative columnist Matt Dowd on ABC’s “ThisWeek” yesterday pointed out that “the same Conservatives supporting NSA snooping as an acceptable violation of their Civil Liberties in exchange for a little safety are the very same people unwilling to accept even the most modest gun control laws. I love when someone points out glaring Conservative hypocrisy.

But I digress.

As the presidents’ (whomever he may be) critics publicly reveal more & more about the types of information that is gathered, the MORE information they’ll have to collect as a result of our enemies now knowing what devices/words we are monitoring. If the president’s critics reveal we are checking Hotmail accounts for word like “bomb” and “embassy” in close proximity (the way I just did meaning this Op/Ed has been flagged as you have been too for reading it), they’ll just start using Yahoo mail instead and substituting words like “comb” or “qwoq” for what they really mean, making it tougher to catch them.

Some argue that there’s an upside to all this: Tell them that we’re monitoring cell phones and they’ll go back to using land lines. Tell them that we’re reading their emails and they’ll switch to snail-mail, greatly slowing down and hindering their efforts.

Problem is, our enemies are tech savvy now too. They’re not going to rely on “Smoke Signals” or “the Pony Express” (as suggested by Mary Matalin on ABC’s “ThisWeek” yesterday) to avoid having their communications intercepted, they’re going to get MORE sophisticated, not “less”. Hell, alQaeda publishes its own online magazine on its own website. Does anyone REALLY believe they’re going to get LESS sophisticated to avoid detection? Of course not. All these “revelations” do are push our enemies into using more complex methods to avoid detection, forcing US in turn to become ever more invasive. By that logic then, all we need to do is simply lie about how powerful we are and our enemies will just give up trying to attack us. (Hey, it worked for Saddam, right?)

We are sweeping up more data now because we’ve revealed the existence of these programs, putting our enemies on alert. We had all the information needed to prevent 9/11 before the attack without the extensive invasion of our privacy that we see today, we just didn’t analyze that data in time to prevent the attack. We didn’t have to collect the MASSIVE amount of data we do today from an infinite number of sources. Now we do because the existence and methods of these agencies have been revealed. These very revelations are driving the ever growing invasions of privacy the critics are screaming about. These leaks aren’t making us safer, and they DEFINITELY aren’t resulting in greater privacy.

Note: M.R.S. will be off next week for Father’s Day but will return to our regular schedule on June 24th.

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Republicans Seem Eager to Invade Syria Over WMDs On Ten Year Anniversary of “Mission Accomplished”

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2013

Iraq 1 year later (2004 cartoon)In 2006, three years after “Mission Accomplished”, the GOP controlled Congress set aside $20 million dollars in the 2007 Defense Budget for “a victory party” to celebrate the end of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. (note: the linked story is dated “2009″ because it was updated, but I’ve had it bookmarked since October 2006, as the date in the URL confirms.) It seems that the only people that didn’t know that Iraq had turned into the very “quagmire” Defense Secretary Rumsfeld dismissed as even a possibility before the war began, were the people that cheerleaded us into that war. The invasion of Iraq was a horrendous mistake, and the voters let them know it in a big way in the mid-term election that year, switching control of BOTH houses of Congress over to the Democrats. Rumsfeld was fired and a Republican critic of possibly invading Iraq in 1991 (Robert Gates) was nominated to take his place. That anger over being mislead into a costly and totally unnecessary war of choice with no exit-strategy after 5-1/2 years played a significant part in Barack Obama’s decisive victory over John McCain in 2008. In December 2011, President Obama successfully pulled the last American combat troop out of Iraq, a move supported by 75 percent of all Americans. And now, almost ten years to the day (May 1st) of President Bush’s “Top Gun” moment off the coast of San Diego to announce the end of a war that would continue for NINE more years, with recent news that traces of “Sarin nerve gas” have been found in tissue samples of victims in Syria’s civil war, the same chicken-hawks that couldn’t wait for us to invade Iraq are now suggesting this phantom “red line” that President Obama understandably drew in the sand on Syria, has been crossed and demands military intervention.

Except that that was NOT the “red line” President Obama drew in the sand:

President Obama (8/21/2012): “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around and being utilized.”

Clearly the red line has been crossed” announced both Fox’s Chris Wallace and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during yesterday’s Sunday Talk Shows. John McCain was out there as well last week, once again eager to embroil the U.S. military against yet another Middle-Eastern nation, declaring that it was “clear” that “a red line has been crossed.”

NO! It is NOT “clear” AT ALL! What was reported last week was NOT “a whole bunch” of chemical weapons, as NBC’s roving warzone reporter Richard Engel pointed out on The Rachel Maddow Show Friday night:

Engel: “There are some holes [in the case against Syria having used Sarin].”

Engel: “What doesn’t make sense however is: Why? and How?, you don’t use Weapons of Mass Destruction to do minimal killing [less than two dozen people].”

“Imagine: A nuclear weapon… we’re gonna make just an acorn-sized one and see what the world does. That seems strange.”

While there is little reason to doubt that Syria does indeed have “stockpiles” of chemical weapons, it has never been confirmed. Syria began pursuing chemical weapons in the 80′s to counter Israel’s development of nuclear weapons, but has never actually used them in combat [ibid]. No inspectors have been allowed in to document Syria’s stockpile of WMD’s. It all sounds a tad too familiar:

Saddam: “I lied about Weapons to scare off Iran.”

So a brutal dictator with a “stockpile” of chemical weapons used just enough of his Weapon of MASS Destruction to murder only a handful of people that were nowhere near the capitol? Why? Was it just a test? Could someone… a member of the resistance or maybe even a rival nation… have been trying to draw the U.S. into a war with Syria? Might a member of the opposition have been trying to develop their own homemade Sarin gas in an experiment gone horribly awry? We just don’t know. These scenarios might be unlikely, but we DID just arrest a man Saturday that sent homemade Ricin nerve toxin through the mail, so the possibility that the Syrian government didn’t in fact actually “cross that red line” must be considered before using military force against yet another Middle-Eastern nation. But as Bill Kristol said on yesterday’s Fox “news” Sunday: “Ya gotta do what ya gotta do” (invade Syria for “crossing the red line”.)

There are a LOT of unanswered questions before we do something like use military force against another country. It’s heartening to see that the lessons of Iraq were not lost on our current Commander-in-Chief even if his opposition has the memory of a goldfish.

Editors’ aside: My departure from “Crooks & Liars”:

First some background…

If you are a regular visitor to Mugsy’s Rap Sheet, you probably know that last year I was asked if I’d like to be a volunteer contributing editor to the popular video blog “Crooks & Liars”. The offer was made out of appreciation for my weekly contribution to their “Sunday Morning Bobbleheads” thread for the last six-and-a-half years, live-blogging highlights from the major network Sunday talkshows for 3-4 hours nearly every Sunday morning since 2006. However, that wasn’t the first time I was asked if I’d like to be an Administrator. Back in 2008, I turned down the same offer because I wanted to focus on getting my own blog better established first… a move I later regretted because M.R.S. was not achieving the numbers I had hoped. So when the offer was made again during the 2012 Election Season, I said yes. I was given low-level Admin access, shown how to create posts of my own, and added to the “Team” mailing list. This is useful for people seeking “help” researching a particular topic or needing help finding a photo/video (of which I was able to provide several times). I was pleased to help in any way I could.

I continued to live-blog the Sunday Morning thread each week, and during the busy election season, I even found time to write several posts. When the Sandy Hook massacre occurred last December, I volunteered to live-blog a one hour “discussion” on “gun control”, citing my unique position of living in Texas, having been raised around guns and gun-owners that are extremely protective of their “Right to Bear Arms”.

But as an unpaid volunteer, I was not a frequent contributor to the site. Who exactly can afford to spend hours upon hours during the work week monitoring the Conservative News Outlets and scrounging the web for choice comments from random insane Right-Wingers when they’re not being paid to do so? Hell, I only update THIS site once a week, and I do that on Sunday evening (which it now is as I write this). C&L has a lot of “editors”, but most of them do not post every day (I dare say I’d be surprised if some contributors post even once a month.) One of the reasons I finally agreed to join the team was that I often heard my favorite Liberal talk-radio hosts quote stories they had read on “Crooks & Liars” on their radio shows, reaching tens of thousands. My hope then was to have something I wrote quoted on the radio and perhaps translate into traffic to my own site. But unfortunately, I quickly discovered that if your story isn’t Breaking News, the chances something I wrote would appear on C&L during the daytime hours was close to nil. Timing the appearance of ones post was a lesson in futility. Even posting the night before provided no increased likelihood that my posts would appear early the next day. Being a bit of an historian, I sometimes wrote on a subject a day in advance of the anniversary of such & such, then having to carefully monitor the site to make sure my post did not go up too soon. A posts that announces: “Today is the anniversary of…” looks kind of stupid if it appears a day too early or around 7pm when the day is nearly through and the fact “Today is the anniversary of…” is already old news. The long delay between submitting a story and it actually appearing on the site long after the height of the talk radio day was over negated any benefit I had hoped to gain from my writings, providing me with less & less incentive to contribute.

Anyway, two weeks ago following the Boston Bombings, I did not post anything or provide any research on any of the stories being covered that week. The bombing took place on a Monday and an arrest was made by Friday. It was, as you know, a frenetic news week, and while I wasn’t able to provide any “scoops” from my home in Texas, I was still the recipient of a growing flood of “Team” email every day… something I can understand and fully appreciate… when it is people seeking legitimate help.

I was already directing my “Team” mail to a separate Inbox, but that didn’t alleve me of the burden of going through every message looking for ones of people seeking help. At first the amount of mail was manageable, but despite checking my mail just before bedtime (10pm), I awoke last Wednesday morning to find an astounding TWO-HUNDRED & TWENTY-SIX messages waiting for me. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but after reading my 12th “Thankyou” and “Your Welcome”, I sent a brief note to the Team asking them: “if a message does not need to go out to everyone, to please take a moment to change the “Reply-To” address to the person you are responding to, and don’t just click ‘Reply’. There is no reason to send a ‘Thankyou’ intended for ONE person to everybody on the Team mailing list.”

Am I wrong?

I quickly received a terse response from “Nicole Belle”, one of the higher-ups at C&L (and incidentally the Moderator of the Sunday Bobbleheads thread) telling me that I “had not contributed enough during last weeks’ Boston Bombing” to start telling “us” how to run “our” business. The response seemed a might over-the-top for such a mild (and polite I might add) request. And the “us” really irked me since the clear implication was that I was still considered an “outsider”.

Not being a hypocrite, I sent Nicole a polite reply to her personal address rather than the Team Account explaining that I was only requesting that team members show a little consideration before replying, and I didn’t feel that was deserving of such a hostile response. I also noted that her “you” vs “us” characterization of me in response was disturbing, and that if she felt the amount of time I was “volunteering” was “inadequate”, to please let me know and I’d “do what I could to rectify the situation” (meaning, relieve her of the burden of having me as an unpaid contributor.) Telling a volunteer that they didn’t “volunteer enough” was particularly galling. For all she knew, that was the week I started driving my mother to Chemo each morning and was stuck at the hospital waiting for hours. (It’s not my job to provide you with content each day, Ms. Belle.) She responded with a nasty reply, telling me she was “done with me” and would be removing my name from the group email account. Oh, and did I mention that she changed the Reply-To address of her response back to the “Team” mailing list just so she could have an audience while she told me how difficult and time-consuming it is to change the Reply-To address?

Again, I replied privately to Nicole and again she changed the Reply-To address so she could attack me publicly, saying I had been removed from the Team mailing list. She told me of how she herself regularly receives “something like 400 emails every day and [C&L founder] John Amato regularly receives over 5,000 [ListServe messages a day].” Well, that’s not MY problem. I didn’t make Nicole sign up for all those mailing lists, and if she has a problem with them, then she can always unsubscribe. I was only trying to control my tiny corner of the world. (I found it curious though that she would complain to me about the amount of mail she receives each day after attacking me for doing the same thing.) I mentioned to her that it seemed my suggestion would not only benefit me, but apparently her as well.

Fortunately, there were other members of the team that showed deference towards me, and The Big Cheese himself, John Amato, asked if I wanted to be removed from the Mailing List. I told him, “No,” only that it would be nice if people didn’t address messages to Everyone that were intended for just one person, to help cut down on the amount of unnecessary mail we all receive each day. Again, I didn’t (and still don’t) feel I was asking too much of anyone. I assume John had my email added back to the mailing list because I continued to receive “Team” email.

Last Thursday, one of the messages I received mentioned something I felt I could help with, so I replied and my Server quickly responded that I “didn’t have the right to send messages to this account.” I was still receiving “Team” email, but couldn’t respond to them. So what was the point? I quickly concluded that the sole purpose of sending me messages I could not respond to could be for no other purpose than to “annoy me”. Unable to send a “Team” email, I sent an email to the personal address of all the primary members of C&L telling them to “discontinue my relationship with them” if the sole purpose of sending me email I could not respond to was “simply to annoy me”. A short while later, I received a friendly reply from a supporter telling me an “error” had been made by adding the wrong one of my email addresses to the mailing list (which confirmed to me that Nicole had indeed deleted me from the mailing list and was ordered to add me back), which is why my replies were being rejected, but, I was told, “the problem was now fixed and I should be able to contribute again.” I tried again about an hour later but my message was still being rejected. I visited the C&L website to find all my Administrator privileges had been revoked.

A few weeks before being asked aboard last year, I noticed one Sunday that I seemed to be the only one posting to the “BobbleHeads” thread for several weeks in a row. So I wrote John to express my concern that I seemed to be “monopolizing” the Sunday Thread and would be willing to back off for awhile until traffic resumed if they’d like. I quickly received a reply telling me that it was perfectly fine to keep live-blogging my weekly highlights. It wasn’t until I was asked to join the Team a few weeks later that I discovered that the Sunday Show highlights I had been reporting each week were being sent to everyone on the Team mailing list that same morning to provide others with post-ideas throughout the week… as I had hoped. I was told around that same time how everybody there “freaked out” when I had offered to take a sabbatical weeks before because they had all come to depend upon my weekly contributions.

“If C&L does not want my input, they certainly don’t need my continued contributions to the Sunday Morning Bobblehead thread”, I decided Friday. (A simple demonstration of Nicole’s pettiness can be seen in the fact that… I was later told… she had deleted my post to the Sunday Morning thread yesterday where I let everyone know I would not be doing my weekly highlights anymore. I used no profanity and even noted that it would be inappropriate for me go into detail of my dispute with her on their site. And despite receiving a number of replies from friends telling me I would be missed, I was told she posted yet another nasty and dismissive response before deleting my post.)

So following my “excommunication” by Nicole, I knew that there was absolutely no reason for me to continue providing assistance to someone that didn’t appreciate my contributions to the team. Crooks & Liars financially profited from my assistance each week, for which I received nothing in return other than hostility and called an outsider that wasn’t volunteering enough to be considered part of the team.

And that is why I am no longer contributing to their site. – Mugsy

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10th Anniversary of the Iraq War, the Price of Gas, and the Mess We’re In Today

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, March 18, 2013

Iraqi alSamoud missiles on way to being destroyed. (Feb 2003)Tuesday marks the tenth anniversary of the saddest chapter of the George W. Bush presidency. Every disaster to follow… to this day… can be traced back to that decision to invade a relatively unarmed nation that had not attacked us, under the false pretense of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Our exploding National Debt, our decimated economy (from gas prices that led to the mortgage crisis that led to the Wall Street bailout), to even our muted response to North Korea’s latest reckless provocation. It all goes back to the decision to invade Iraq. So on this inauspicious anniversary, we should pause for a moment to reflect on how it all ties in.

It all began, incredibly enough, back in April of 1993 when Former President George H.W. Bush (“Bush-41″), fresh off his reelection defeat to Bill Clinton, traveled to Kuwait to bask in his “greatest achievement” as president: Winning the “Gulf War” and kicking Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait (after we basically gave him the green light to do so). While in Kuwait, a plot to assassinate the former president by Saddam’s military was uncovered and thwarted. Newly sworn-in President Clinton responded by launching a missile strike on the HQ of Iraqi Intelligence, but that wasn’t enough for Bush’s son, “George W”, who never forgave… nor forgot… the attempt on his father’s life.

A group of Right Wing pro-military extremists… few of which had actually ever served in the military… calling themselves “Neo-Conservatives” (“neocons” for short) formed a group called “Project for a New American Century” (“PNAC”) and repeatedly urged President Clinton to overthrow Saddam Hussein… a dictator that was in charge of the world’s fourth largest oil reserves, on the grounds he was developing “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (most notably Sarin nerve gas.) President Clinton did in fact take the bait several times, first launching a missile strike against what was believed to be an Iraqi “chemical weapons plant” in Sudan in August of 1998 that turned out to be nothing more than a pharmaceutical company making generic Tylenol for export to Iraq (in a program approved by the U.N.) and then again in December 1998 in response to Saddam’s continued refusal to comply with U.N. weapons inspectors. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott called the timing of the strike on Iraq “suspect” and “cursory”… “an effort by President Clinton to distract Americans from his pending impeachment.” After both strikes failed to turn up any evidence of WMD’s, the Clinton Administration never again claimed Saddam Hussein currently possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (sans one remark by Sec. Albright in 1999 noting that UN monitors “had yet to verify” Saddam had been disarmed, and another mention in September of 2000 of not wanting Iraq to “reconstitute” its [defunct] WMD program.)

Why was Saddam refusing to cooperate with weapons inspectors when he had no weapons?

Shortly after his execution, Saddam’s closest American confidant while in captivity revealed that the Iraqi dictator admitted, “I lied about WMD’s to scare off Iran”… the country he had been at war with for eight years. If Iran knew that following the 1991 Gulf War he had been left defenseless, Iran would invade. If the U.S. believed he had WMD’s, so would the Iranians. Little did he realize he had more to fear from gullible American Neo-cons than he did from Iran.

It wasn’t until Texas Governor George W. Bush entered the Presidential race in February of 2000 that anyone started claiming Iraq “still possessed” and might be actively pursuing WMD’s.

Two Texas oilmen, George Bush & Dick Cheney, took office planning the invasion of Iraq & overthrow of Saddam Hussein “from Day One”. So single-minded focused on Iraq was he, Bush “ignored” the threat of alQaeda, despite multiple recent bombings including the attack on the USS Cole less than one month before the election.

Rather than go into the weeds regarding all the warnings President Bush ignored prior to 9/11, I’ll simply refer you to this NYT article. Worthy of note:

“[N]eoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled [re: warnings of a stateside attack by alQaeda]; according to this theory, Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat.”

Moving on…

The Bush Administration started cooking up a reason to invade Iraq from day one, but “9/11″ helped seal the deal, praying on the fears of a panic-stricken populace with daily warnings of another looming attack on the “homeland”. It didn’t matter that prior to “9/11″, President Bush’s own Secretary of State and National Security Adviser (Colin “Slideshow” Powell and Condi “Mushroom Cloud” Rice respectively) had already spent the preceding year reassuring people that Saddam had been “disarmed” and “no longer a threat”:

Barely two years in office, with the war in Afghanistan still going on and the economy in the toilet, people were asking if we could even afford to start a second war. The Bush Administration worked overtime to allay fears that the invasion of Iraq would not only “pay for itself” but possibly even turn a profit as the price of oil plunged from the heady highs of $30+ dollars a barrel to a more reasonable $18 dollars/barrel once Saddam was no longer in control of all that luscious oil (reminder, five years later, oil was hitting a then unimaginable high of $145/barrel, and still hovers close to $100 to this day.) “No blood for oil!” the people cried. “Blood for oil?”, asked the Bushies perplexed. Why on Earth would anyone think Operation Iraqi Liberation” had anything to do with “oil”?

Current TV’s John Fugelsang recalled last week how much the war that was promised “to pay for itself in Iraqi oil revenues” actually ended up costing us (roughly $1-TRILLION dollars… not counting the economic catastrophe, the loss of over 4,000 American troops, or the future cost of caring for our wounded warriors:

Fugelsang on Iraq War cost:

Finally on the evening on March 19th, 2003 (just after midnight, March 20th Baghdad time), despite months of unimpeded UN weapons inspections, Bush gave the order to invade Iraq. Between 9/11/01 and 3/20/03, the price of oil barely fluctuated from its close of $28.03/barrel on September 8, 2001 to $29.88/barrel on March 20, 2003. Yet one year after “Mission Accomplished”, oil closed at $40/barrel after the Energy Department warned in April of 2004 that oil was likely to hit the lofty height of $51/barrel by 2025. Oil broke that “distant future 2025″ price by September. And you thought “Mission Accomplished” had something to do with the end of the war. Silly you.

As I described in detail about a year ago, the rising price of gasoline meant people had less money to spend elsewhere. And when people aren’t buying, companies need fewer employees, causing the economy to contract even more. To make matters worse, a deregulated banking industry took advantage of interest rates being cut to the bone after 9/11, and continued to rate “mortgaged backed securities” as “AAA” even after newly unemployed Americans were defaulting on their Adjustable Rate Mortgages left & right as rates started to spike. Suddenly, the Bush Administration was faced with having to bailout Wall Street to the tune of $700 BILLION dollars… or about 40 percent MORE than the ENTIRE 2008 Federal Deficit. As a result, the Deficit exploded from just $459 Billion in 2008 to over $1.4 Trillion in 2009 (both budgets written by the Bush Administration as a “fiscal year” stretches from October 1st to September 30th.)

So the Obama Administration took office after being handed a $1.4T Deficit. With the Bailout behind them, the next Deficit would only be around $500-Billion, but in May, “The Stimulus” added back $787-Billion to the Deficit for 2010. The following year, it was revealed that for the past seven years, the Bush Administration had been running two wars “off the books” funded entirely with “Emergency Supplementals” (PDF). In late 2010, despite the 2008 Wall Street bailout being behind us and the 2009 “Stimulus” over & done with, the wars were put on the books and the Deficit remained at the “over $1 Trillion” level until just this year with the latest budget coming in just under the $1T mark. And just as the Market was trained to accept $100 oil as “the new normal”, so will military spending in the hundreds of billions become commonplace even after the war in Afghanistan is over.

And here we are. Happy 10th Anniversary Everybody!

The Neocons that brought us Iraq

Now go put some air in your tires and cheat the oil companies out of a few bucks.

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It’s Quite Clear Now the GOP is Trying to Link the Phrase “9/11″ to Obama

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Sunday, February 17, 2013

Embassy attacks since 2002Just as they have every week since last September, Fox “news” Sunday pulled out the defibrillator to revive the feux claim that the assault on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya last September 11th was some massive intelligence failure that resulted in the deaths of four Americans despite advanced warnings, with the Obama White House engaged in “a massive coverup” to conceal that fact (despite all the hearings, the release of over 10,000 documents, and ongoing investigations ordered by the White House themselves.) But I couldn’t help but notice something subtle yet sinister yesterday across two different programs: the absence of the phrase “last year” or “2012″ when talking about the Benghazi attack, referring to it numerous times only as “September 11th”. Sen. John McCain did the same appearing on “Meet the Press” yesterday, getting into an eye-rolling argument with host David Gregory, asking if he “care[d] whether four Americans died” on “9/11″. It is quite clear to me now that there is an orchestrated transparent & cynical effort on the Right to link the phrase “9/11″ to President Obama. Shoot me now.

Where was the outrage, the claims of “coverup” and the demand for hearings to find out “what did the president know and when did he know it” eleven years ago when a Republican president ignored a half dozen CIA warnings of an imminent attack by alQaeda, climaxing with the infamous “August 6th PDB” entitled “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.”… a title chosen out of frustration by the CIA after five (seven?) previous warnings went ignored? McCain even dared question President Obama’s (imagined lack of) response on the night of the attacks. Remind me again what President Bush’s response was upon learning that Americans were being “attacked by terrorists on 9/11″?

Add to that the number of “Americans” that died chasing down phantom “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ten years ago next month that Senator McCain very publicly assured the world was there despite serious questions. While McCain accused Gregory of not caring whether “four” Americans died “on 9/11″, Gregory should have responded by asking if the Senator “cared” that “four THOUSAND Americans died chasing down WMD’s” that he assured everyone was there? Where’s THAT investigation? (To quote Senator McCain as he berated Chuck Hagel over his concern over Bush’s “Surge™”: “Were you wrong, Senator???”)

Bonus: McCain, 13 years ago last Saturday, laying the groundwork for war with Iraq over WMD’s in the first GOP debate of 2000:

Following the REAL “9/11″ in 2001, Senator McCain and his bussom-buddy Joe Lieberman were a bit more deferential to the White House concerning the “intelligence failure” that led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil, calling for only “an independent investigation” similar to the “Warren Commission” that investigated Pearl Harbor:

Explaining why a joint investigation involving both the executive and legislative branches was necessary, McCain said, “Neither the administration nor Congress is capable of conducting a thorough, nonpartisan, independent inquiry into what happened on September 11.” – Senator McCain, December 20, 2001

Do you remember what the conclusion of that investigation was? When the White House was non-committal on supporting an investigation into 9/11, they explained, “Right now, the president is focused on fighting the war on terrorism.” Did Senator McCain take to the airwaves to accuse the Bush Administration of a “massive cover-up” to hide “the most massive intelligence failure in American history”? That would be no. (After a bit of digging through news archives, I could find NO accounts of Senator McCain decrying the Bush White House for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the events leading up to “9/11″… the REAL “9/11″. McCain lambasted another black woman that was being considered for Secretary of State… also named Rice… Ambassador Susan Rice for her role (ie: none) in the Benghazi debacle just a few weeks ago, but Bush’s National Security Adviser on 9/11… Condi Rice defended ignoring that infamous PDB on the grounds that the document wasn’t news, that the notion “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.” was merely “historical” in nature. And McCain’s reaction to that little feux pas? He voted to confirm her for Secretary of State.

We’ve seen this attempt to “redefine” losing topics for the GOP before: calling waterboarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” or GOP pollster Frank Luntz rebranding the “Estate Tax” the “Death Tax”. But this latest transparent attempt by Republicans to link the phrase “9/11″… which has hung over the GOP’s head like the Sword of Damocles for eleven years… to President Obama and the deaths of four Americans last year, is not only pathetic but revolting.

Note: I added a new “page” to the blog last week: “Cancer is not a cause, it’s a symptom”. This is a subject I’ve been mulling for years but never felt was appropriate until the death of my cat “Lefty” last month provoked me to action. I know a politics blog is an odd place for such a subject (which is why I never tackled it earlier), but it is definitely worth your time reading and I HIGHLY encourage readers to pass the link along. It might just save a life. – Mugsy.

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10th Anniversary of Colin Powell’s Infamous UN Presentation, Dissected

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, February 4, 2013

Bush Administration AccountabilityTomorrow/Tuesday will be the 10th Anniversary of then Secretary of State Colin Powell’s infamous PowerPoint presentation before the UN detailing Saddam Hussein’s alledged preparations for war, by showing a series of slides (45 in all) consisting of satellite photos, drawings, and audio & video “evidence” that Iraq was pursuing an illegal weapons program prohibited under “Resolution 1441″… Saddam’s terms of surrender following the 1992 Gulf War. Not a single claim based on the images presented on that day turned out to be true, yet the United States (and 37 other countries) went to war based on those false claims. And to this day, no one has been held accountable for the consequences. I chose 15 of the most damning slides from the Powell Presentation, and with a bit of Googling, I was able to find out just what became of each. While reviewing these slides, keep in mind that the United States went to war, and nearly 4,500 American troops, 300+ coalition troops, not to mention and untold number of Iraqi civilians died based on the claims made in this presentation.

For some inexplicable reason, it seem to need mentioning for all the insipid Right-wing morons out there reading this that… Yes, Saddam was a bad man. Yes, he was evil & disgusting and rightfully earned his place in hell. This “debunking” is neither an excuse nor a defense of Saddam Hussein. But the world is FULL of evil dictators. More Iraqi’s died in the eight years of the Iraq War than Saddam Hussein had killed in his entire tenure as the brutal dictator of Iraq. The nation of Iraq was left in near ruins while thousands of Americans gave their lives and tens of thousands more returned with crippling injuries from fighting a war based on lies, all while a handful of very wealthy Defense Contractors… including one that directly financially benefited our Vice President… all became very very rich in the process.

(15 key slides from Powell’s presentation with updates. Click the pause button on lower left if slides change too fast for you.)

(GlobalSecurity has the entire 45 slide presentation, plus videos, here.)

Over the past decade, I also collected numerous videos detailing just how comically false so many of the claims made that day turned out to be (most are quite old, so forgive the quality):

(Two days before Pres. Bush stated in an interview that “we found… the mobile labs” he claimed were in Iraq, the DIA had already reported them as “the biggest sand toilets in the world.”)

Four months AFTER the invasion of Iraq, the Bush White House admitted that claims of Iraq having a nuclear program were bogus:

Three years later, an investigation by the Republican-controlled Senate finds there never was a Saddam/alQaeda link either:

In total, just under 4,500 U.S. troops and over 110,000 confirmed Iraqi civilians were killed (with some estimates topping 1million) in a war based on this (mis)information. To this day, not a single Bush Administration official has been held accountable for their role in drumming up this imaginary case for war (not to mention the crimes that followed. See: “Abu Ghraib”, etc.)

Sources: Info on UAV’s & Anthrax, Capabilities of Iraq’s Drones, Amiriyah, various debunking of several slides, Czech’s as source of training drones, Al-Zarqawi, “The U.N. Deception”, Al-Taji, “Weapons ‘capacity’ of Iraq challenged”, debunking of “Anthrax Jet” video, Al Musayyib “day-after” photo.

Postscript: As you can see, the winning blog theme was “Emerald Stretch”, which came as a bit of a surprise. I hope to tweak it a bit over the coming months. – Mugsy

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Romney Rehab Week 2: The Full Quayle

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama's huge lead over Romney on Foreign PolicyTwenty years ago this past May, while campaigning in California, the Sarah Palin of the 1980′s… Vice President Dan Quayle… publicly humiliated himself once again by criticizing TV’s “Murphy Brown” for “having a child out of wedlock.” The man was already a laughing-stock for his endless list of gaffes (most notably “correcting” a Spelling-Bee champion for “misspelling” the word “potato” by insisting he return to the blackboard and tack on the missing “e” to the end), and now, here he was in a battle of wits with a fictional TV character… and losing. But then something interesting happened. Rather than be humiliated over this latest Quayle blooper in a campaign year, the GOP proudly inserted Quayle’s defense of “Family Values” into the Party Platform at their convention that year and made “traditional marriage” integral to their campaign. That was probably the first example I can think of of the GOP turning a major weakness into an “advantage”. And in fact, twenty years on, Republicans are still defending Quayle’s inability to separate fact from fiction as nothing short of visionary. And now it is Mitt Romney’s turn to receive (what I have proudly dubbed) “The Full Quayle”.

Last week, DURING the siege on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Romney rushed to the microphones to criticize President Obama for a statement released by that same American embassy (not Obama) PRIOR to the attack, disavowing the anti-Muslim video released by an anti-Muslim hate group in the U.S.. Romney accused the president of “sympathizing with the people who attacked [the embassy]” and murdered an American Ambassador. Of course, President Obama never “sympathized” with the people that murdered American citizens, nor did he not fail to “defend American principles”. (I’m assuming “freedom of speech”? Does Romney think the president should have defended the video?) Romney himself expressed the same “sympathies” as Obama in his own response to the riots.

Of course, once the facts came out, Governor Romney was roundly criticized by both the Left AND the Right for “jumping the gun” and for failing the “politics stop at the waters’ edge” test. Add this to his gaffe-a-thon world tour during the Olympics where Romney couldn’t help but insult the nations he visited, and is it any wonder President Obama now leads Gov. Romney by double-digits on “Foreign Policy”?

So what do you do when you make a huge gaffe just seven weeks before an election you’ve never led by more than two-points and now trail by almost four? You go to the Rove playbook and try to turn your opponents’ greatest strength into their greatest weakness (ala “War Hero John Kerry” vs. “Draft dodger George Bush”).

Romney surrogates have spent the last few days trying to claim, “Governor Romney was right” about the Obama Administration’s response to the attacks, even though the “response” Romney criticized was not actually released by the White House, nor was it a “response” at all, but a prophylactic message to discourage violence. Fox “news” hit a new low when they posted the following wildly misleading headline on their website:

Fox: Obama thanks Libyan president after Americans are murdered


The back story: Libyan President Mohamed Magarief publicly condemned the attacks and led a police sweep that has to-date led to the arrest of 50 men connected to the deadly assault on the American Embassy, for which President Obama’s called to express thanks. But if you’re the typical low-information Obama-hating Fox viewer that only reads headlines and doesn’t bother clicking the link to read further because the headline “confirms” everything you already believe about our “Kenyan-Muslim-Terrorists-sympathizing president”, that headline already served its purpose.

Back in college, on a lark, I purchased a copy of the “Weekly World News” (ala “batboy” fame) because a story on the cover claimed “Pit bull Eats Mobile Home” (pitbull attacks were everywhere in the news at the time), only to learn inside that the dog simply chewed through the wall to get to a chihuahua in heat. I note this only because I can no longer tell the difference between Fox “news” and a supermarket tabloid… except maybe that tabloids have higher standards when it comes to the truth. (And is it just me, or does Paul Ryan resemble “Batboy”?)

As NBC’s ubiquitous warzone reporter Richard Engle pointed out several times last week, the violent protests in these cities across the Middle East are surprisingly confined to the area right around the embassies… and not just AMERICAN embassies. Violent mobs have also attacked the British and German embassies as well… who had NOTHING to do with the video and released no such “sympathetic statements” to protesters. They’re just seen as “pro-Western” and therefore “anti-Muslim”. Meanwhile, just a few blocks away from these protests, life continues as normal, with many people in the region just wishing the whole mess would just go away. Believe it our not, ABC’s George Will got this one right yesterday when he said that “the video is being used as a pretext for violence, and if it hadn’t of been the video, it would of been something else.” I think he actually got one right there. And evidence that the deadly embassy attack may of had nothing to with the video continues to grow (it bears pointing out that these anti-video riots are NOT taking place in Afghanistan.)

Libyan’s counter protest in support of the U.S., condemning the attacks on U.S. embassies:

Libyan counter protest in support of U.S.

Libyan counter protest in support of U.S.

Libyan counter protest in support of U.S.

Libyan counter protest in support of U.S.
(Note: Yes, the fourth guy is indeed holding the EXACT same piece of paper as the first guy. They are sharing the message.)

But Team Romney and his supporters are starting to see the writing on the wall, and have clearly decided this is Mitt’s “Murphy Brown” moment. To hear them tell it, the Middle East is awash in violence, and President Obama has become “Jimmy Carter redux”. But that’s nothing new. Back during the 2008 campaign, Fox-regular Bill Kristol was ALREADY comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter in a video I uploaded to our YouTube archive years ago.

The reality is (of course) devastating to Republicans. If nothing else, President Bush’s move to “democratize the Middle East” (2005 pdf) and paint Iraq as “the first domino” in what they believed would lead to surrounding Muslim nations copying the success of a democratic Iraq, in fact “uncorked the bottle” of anti-U.S. rage over prolonged war & military occupation by the U.S. in the Middle East. America’s standing in the Middle East had never been lower.

The global economic collapse President Bush unleashed on the planet hit the Middle East especially hard. In Tunisia, a man protesting economic hardship and violence against him by his government doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire in protest. This led to the protests that toppled the Tunisian government, which spread to Egypt protesting similar mistreatment by their own government. As the protests spread, they were dubbed “The Arab Spring”, and neocons quickly tried to give President Bush credit for the “spread of democracy” he predicted would take place as they witnessed the flowering of Iraq (the fact that people were protesting in Iraq (pdf) as well was ignored).

While the Neocons were quick to take credit for “The Arab Spring”, now that those same people are protesting the U.S., suddenly it has become “Obama’s Arab Autumn” (cited during Fox “news” Sunday yesterday). Bush “uncorked the bottle”, but all they found inside were bitter grapes.

They so desperately want this to be Carter/Reagan again. But Obama is not Jimmy Carter, this election is not 1980, and Mitt Romney is definitely not Ronald Reagan. Word to the wise though: All it would take is for Republican governors to go on a Public Sector firing binge in September & October to negate any Private Sector employment gains, and a “hostage situation” in an American embassy, to put the outcome of this election back in the “toss-up” column.

The REAL trick will be stopping the governor from pulling another Quaylism before the election.

(Note: Issues with the videos on our new “Must See Videos” page has been corrected, so if you were experiencing problems before, please try again now. Sorry for any confusion. – Mugsy)


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Special guest comment: Our Changing Relationship with Gaza

By Grant in Texas - Last updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special Guest blogger “Grant from Texas” recalls his time working in Israel in the mid-1970′s and how much our relationship with the people in that region has changed since then. Minor edits, a few corrections and some supporting links were added for clarity.

Romney is on TV this morning accusing President Obama of “sympathizing” with the protesters in Libya and Egypt that killed four Americans. How offensive! Now it looks like Lebanon may be next!!!

I lived in Israel in 1975 working as a supervisor on a $23 million U.S. funded project to build military bases from Port Said along the east side of the Suez all the way down to Sharm el-Sheikh. I went to work there 100% behind Israel mostly based upon the propaganda I grew up with in the U.S.A.. I even had to fill out a 10 page extensive questionnaire to be reviewed by the MOSSAD (that took weeks) and ended up with a higher security classification than many in the Israeli Defense Forces. However, I broke some rules like never talking to an Arab, but it was hard not to have contact. The ones I befriended I liked. We Texans on the job called Arabs the “Mexicans” of Israel as they did most of the service work at the time in hotels, restaurants, taxis.

I also drove through Gaza weekly on the way to and from our job in the Sinai as it was the shortest route. The detour through Israel was longer. We 33 American supervisors (had an Israeli work force) lived at the Ramada Intercontinental (now the Renaissance on the beach) four days every other weekend. I was warned that with yellow Jewish license plates on my truck, I would take rocks or worse bullets. However, stopping for gasoline, food and drinks in El Arish, I was always treated with respect, even admiration for being an American (however, this was 1975). I was appalled at the time seeing Israel building a high fence topped with razor wire and gun towers on the Gaza border. Since then, Gaza has become most similar to the Warsaw Ghetto, a cramped prison for Gazans. Gazans used to commute daily to jobs in Israel, but now banned those jobs are now mostly filled by low wage Eastern Europeans.

I would like to go back to visit Israel but maybe with some of the comments I’ve made online now, that might keep me from getting a visa. One never knows the extent of MOSSAD review. I left Israel in the autumn of 1975 with my viewpoints changed nearly 180 degrees. I saw much mistreatment of Arabs, and sadly, some of the Israelis were visiting the same injustices done to them by fascists, now visiting similar upon the Arabs. However, there is a peace-seeking liberal minority in Israel who don’t go along with Likud, and The Jerusalem Post (where Wolf Blitzer once worked) is most right-wing, but there is a liberal voice in Ha-aretz.

Also of note, I am seriously worried about the election this fall. I see that our Texas Republican Secretary of State sent a list of 80,000 supposedly deceased voters to counties saying these voters need to be purged from the voter roles (fortunately, the list was challenged and rejected, but it’s not the first attempt nor is not likely to be the last – Mugsy). The state says they got their list from the Social Security Administration but people who received letters from the state checking to see if they are dead are saying if they are dead, then “why are our Social Security checks coming every month?” So far the undead have one thing in common… most of them voted in the Democratic Primary! You’d think maybe the GOP here is afraid that Obama might take our electoral votes? How absurd with all of the gerrymandering and voter suppression tricks they are trying to pull.

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Spiking the Football: Republicans Criticize Obama for Criticizing Romney on OBL Anniversary

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, April 30, 2012

Last year, Republicans gave President Bush credit for getting bin LadenTuesday will be the first anniversary of the day President Obama got Osama bin Laden. And it is driving Republicans nuts. The fact that President Obama would DARE use “a moment of national unity” for political gain (see: “9/11″)… well, that’s just plain offensive to them. How DARE he “spike the football”… referring to President Obama’s comment last year explaining why they would not be releasing the photos of the dead bin Laden, which would only serve to inflame our enemies in the Middle East. President Obama called the assassination “a moment of national unity”.. a point Republicans are now quick to ridicule the president for using in a campaign video. They are actually accusing the president of “showboating”. (I guess he should of just landed on an aircraft carrier instead.)

“Unity”? Really??? The Right is complaining that the president is “dividing the nation” on what should be “a moment of unity??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Right after the president announced that bin Laden was dead, the Right REFUSED… absolutely flat out refusedto give him credit (a theme we saw repeated after we got Gaddafy). And many still do to this day. I still hear from young Brown-Shirts claiming, “All he did was say ‘Go!’” And that the ONLY reason President Obama was able to get bin Laden was “because of the groundwork laid by President Bush”… the guy whom just SIX MONTHS after 9/11 said he “truly was not concerned about him”, and then closed down the bin Laden desk at the CIA in 2006.

Try to imagine for a moment what might of happened if OBL hadn’t been there in that compound (either because he was never there, or had been tipped off in advance). Pakistan would of had a conniption, outraged by American military action taking place INSIDE Pakistan to get somebody they had assured us was never there to begin with. Clearly, “we don’t trust them” they’d say, order us out of the Waziristan border region and refuse any further cooperation with the U.S…. doing enormous damage to the war in Afghanistan. The Right would of had a field day criticizing the “young and inexperienced president” as a “total failure” fighting “the War on Terror™”… something that “NEVER would of happened if we had elected war hero John McCain!” We’d never of heard the end of it. The raid could of gone horribly wrong (and in fact one helicopter DID crash) or bin Laden could of been ready for them with Seal Team 6 falling into a trap. The number of ways this raid could of gone terribly wrong are manifold. To trivialize the decision of President Obama to go in after him as ‘No big deal’ is beyond offensive.

The gaggle over on Fox “news” Sunday took issue with an Obama campaign ad touting the decision to get bin Laden, contrasting with Mitt Romney for saying in 2007 that “it’s not worth spending billions of dollars and moving heaven & Earth just to get one man”:

“One Chance” Obama/Biden 2012 Campaign video


They argued that when read “in context” (ah, the mating call of the wounded Neocon), Romney was actually correct. But… as you’d expect… the troupe over at Fox conveniently forgot to include Romney’s criticism of then Senator Obama for saying that “even if bin Laden were found to be in Pakistan” he would [still] “go in and get him”. So whether or not Romney would have gotten bin Laden had he of been elected in 2008 IS a valid question. Former head of the GOP and now Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillespi said the ad was turning the killing of bin Laden into “a divisive partisan political attack”.

Is raising whether or not your opponent “would protect the country” as a campaign issue, “offensive”? I ask you: “More offensive than THIS?

Cheney: Vote for us or die. September 2, 2004


In 2006, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pointed out the fact President Bush was “TRYING to scare voters” by using the threat of terrorism to motivate people to vote Republican and avoid the massive Democratic sweep they knew was coming:

Stephanopoulos: Bush “TRYING to scare voters”

It’s like they just started paying attention on January 20th, 2009.

To them, everything was going just great until Obama was elected. Unemployment was “only 7.8%” and gas was “just $1.89 a gallon” they cry (I debunked this nonsense last week). And now, suddenly, using “security” as a campaign issue is “the Obama campaign [using] an event that unified our country to once again divide us,” according to Romney. News flash Republicans: YOU INVENTED “using national security as a campaign strategy to divide the nation”. Suck it up. You’re either with us or against us.
(Note: Commenting should be fixed now so ANYONE can post, not just “Registered” members. – Mugsy.)

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The List II: Michele Bachmann

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, December 12, 2011

Bachmann in OverdriveEverybody knows someone like Michele Bachmann. The “Tall Tale” teller, the “Everyone’s out to get you” paranoid, or the Bible-thumper that throws a screaming hissy-fit if you dare challenge their beliefs. But how many of us know all-three rolled into one? Long-time readers know I can’t refer to Michele Bachmann without the obligatory “BSC*” suffix after her name. So notorious is her history of “nutty” statements that even Fox’s Chris Wallace felt compelled to ask Bachmann: “Are you a flake?” And there’s a reason for it. Bachmann rode to prominence repeating every wild-eyed conspiracy theory to diarrhea from Glenn Beck’s mouth back when he still had his daily TV carnival on Fox. If Beck said it were so, you can bet your bottom dollar Michele Bachmann would be repeating it as gospel the next day: She believed Obama was pushing for a one-world “Global Currency”, said “Obama pals around with terrorists” (Bill Ayers), the government used the Census to round up American-Japanese during WWII and will do so again under Obama, only this time to round up Conservatives. When Liberal icon Al Franken was narrowly elected to the Senate from her home state, Bachmann claimed “341 Felons [illegally] Voted for Al Franken”, claimed “[Dennis] Kucinich’s wife and Michelle Obama plan to work together to push veganism” because they sat together on a plane, Bachmann & Beck both believed defunct community group ACORN would run Obama’s new “Community Reinvestment Act”, warned School-Based Health Clinics could provide “sex ed” and abortion referrals to children, Birther Bachmann wanted to know “Where is the birth certificate?” (later it is shown to her), etc & so-on.

We were first introduced to the Minnesota Congresswoman way back in 2005 when she was caught hiding in the bushes spying on an LGBT Rally supporting “same-sex marriage”:

Bachmann hides in bushes: 2005
Bachmann spying on LGBT Rally: 2005

…Is this any way for a grown woman or member of Congress to behave?

Bachmann has frequently referred to herself as “the one, true Conservative in this race”, and on that point, she may be right. No one single GOP candidate has embodied ALL of the most insane, conspiratorial, delusional mechanizations of the Right-Wing than Michele Bachmann. Self-anointed leader of “The Tea Party Congressional Caucus”, Bachmann has questioned the patriotism of her fellow members of Congress (calling for investigations that would make Joe McCarthy proud); thinks that we can (and should) deport 11million undocumented Mexican immigrants back to Mexico, even if it calls for ripping crying/screaming children from their mothers arms; and has co-founded a “gay conversion therapy” clinic (that bills Medicare) with her big (gay?) husband Marcus Bachmann. Michele has proudly bragged of raising “23 foster children” [some for no more than a week]… all of them girls. Doesn’t she trust her husband around young boys while she’s out legislating? It would appear either Michele suspects something too or Marcus only wants to foster girls because he doesn’t trust himself around boys. Okay, I may be totally off-base here, but ever notice how many self-hating closeted gay Republicans obsessed with condemning homosexuality there always seems to be on the Right? Speaking as a black Muslim lesbian trapped in the body of a pasty white straight guy, pursuing your obsession (he doth protest too much?) to the point of opening a clinic to “fix” gays, seems a little too “on the nose”. And for a “tough woman in a mans world” butch babe like Michele and a cherub-faced, 6’3″, 250lb effeminate gay-hater like Marcus to marry each other, also seems right in character. Marcus Bachmann may be the last man on Earth to figure out Marcus Bachmann is gay. That may be a totally unfair accusation, but hey, you’re wondering now too! Don’t deny it!

But we’re not here to talk about Michele’s husband. I have a lot of links for each GOP candidate, but no other candidate’s list is so replete with as much off-your-rocker nuttiness as Michele Bachmann:

  1. Bachmann calls for investigation of ‘anti-American’ Congress members
  2. Michelle Bachmann warns of politically correct re-education camps for young people
  3. Bachmann: A Gay Man 'Can' get married… He just has to marry a woman. (Like Marcus did? I’m telling ya, she knows!)
  4. Bachmann Denounces Gov't Spending, Cites Debunked Health Care Myth (claims IRS added 16,500 agents to enforce ‘ObamaCare’)
  5. Veterans Slam Bachmann’s Plan To Cut Vet Benefits
  6. Michele Bachmann claims there has been just one new oil drilling permit issued since Obama took office (actual number at the time: 39)
  7. Bachmann Says She Doesn’t ‘Have An Answer’ On Whether Homosexuality Is A Public Health Hazard
  8. Bachmann Calls For Huge Corporate Tax Cut Alongside Tax Increase For The Working Poor
  9. Bachmann: "‪We Now Have A Total Gangster Government‬‏" (accuses Obama of using strong-arm tactics.)
  10. Bachmann doubles down on "gangster government" claim
  11. Bachmann made opposite of Gangster Gov claim. (Said Obama’s foreign policy “makes Jimmy Carter look like Rambo.”)
  12. As Richest Pay Lowest Taxes In A Generation, Bachmann Would End Income Tax For 23,000 Millionaires
  13. Bachmann Playing With House Money (billed taxpayers “$13,630″ for sound equipment used at an anti-government, anti-tax Tea Party rally.)
  14. Bachmann Personally Benefited From Earmarks, Then Falsely Claims She Never Did
  15. Bachmann Calls The Minimum Wage An ‘Expansion Of Government’ That Needs To Be Eliminated
  16. Bachmann: Lower Minimum Wage To Match Cost Of Overseas Labor
  17. Says Abolishing Minimum Wage Would Create Millions of Jobs. Sure, if you don’t mind working for 50cents a day!
  18. Bachmann Only Got Law Degree Because Her Husband Told Her To, Urged Women To ‘Be Submissive To Your Husbands’
  19. Michele Bachmann – Lying about Her Law Degree
  20. Bachmann’s Parable For The Poor: Have Faith In God And You Won’t Need Welfare
  21. Bachmann, Santorum sign pledge to BAN all forms of pornography
  22. Video reminder of Bachmann's crackpotery.
  23. Yiddish Fail: Bachmann Accuses Obama Of Having ‘Choot-Spa’ (Here’s wishing you a Happy Chanooka!)
  24. Bachmann Campaign Takes Retribution Against Local Iowa Station That Asked About Ex-Gay Clinics
  25. Marcus Bachmann Backtracks: Denies Using ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Claims He Never Called Gays ‘Barbarians’
  26. Michele Bachmann Repeatedly Sought Stimulus, EPA, Other Government Funds
  27. Bachmann: Obama Told Me The Affordable Care Act Eliminates Medicare (hypocrisy)
  28. Bachmann Claims ‘S&P Essentially Proved Me Right’ — S&P Really Disagrees
  29. Bachmann Refuses To Say What Spending She Would Cut If Her Plan To Not Raise The Debt Ceiling Were Followed
  30. Bachmann: I ‘Probably Would’ Reinstate DADT Because It ‘Has Worked Very Well’
  31. While Pushing Corporate Tax Cuts, Bachmann Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits Because ‘We Don’t Have The Money’
  32. Bachmann Still Claiming Income From Federally-Subsidized Farm She Insists She Doesn’t Benefit From
  33. Bachmann Would Consider Everglades Drilling Plan Bush, Romney Opposed
  34. Bachmann: Hurricane Irene Was Message From God About Spending (and what better way to protest spending than sending a Billion dollar Natural Disaster?)
  35. Bachmann, The God Whisperer (good funny read on that costly disaster.)
  36. Bachmann Doubles Down On Drilling In Everglades, Says Only ‘Radical Environmentalists’ Would Oppose
  37. Bachmann ‘Open To’ Elimination Of Corporate Income Tax
  38. Bachmann On Muslims In 2005: ‘Not All Cultures Are Equal’
  39. Bachmann calls Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly "the most important woman in the United States in the last 100 years"
  40. Bachmann's latest conspiracy: HPV vaccine caused Mental Retardation
  41. Bachmann cites wrong John Wayne, praising notorious serial killer
  42. Bachmann To Man Who Would Vote For Serial Killer Over Obama: ‘Thank You For Saying That’
  43. Bachmann Flubs Fifth Grade American History (says Plymouth Rock in landlocked NH)
  44. Second Bachmann History Gaffe in the same speech: (tells NH audience their state is home of “Lexington and Concord”.)
  45. Bachmann Flubs History Again, Insists John Quincy Adams Was A Founding Father
  46. Reagan-fan Bachmann Says The American People Are Worried About ‘The Rise Of (China, India &) The Soviet Union’ (the USSR fell in 1989.)
  47. Responding to a recent outbreak of Swine Flu, Bachmann found it “interesting” that last Swine-Flu outbreak was “under a Democrat… Jimmy Carter… in 1976″.
  48. (Ford was still president in ’76.)
  49. Michele Bachmann: 'I haven't had a gaffe'

    Michele Bachmann: Gaffe Machine


  51. Michele Bachmann Meets Her Hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Begs For Endorsement (Don’t know about Sheriff Joe? Here ya go!)
  52. Bachmann Claims Wall Street Reform Is ‘Killing The Banking Industry’ As Banks Post Record Profits
  53. Michele Bachmann’s Latest Job Creation Idea: Less Food Safety Regulation, More E. Coli
  54. Bachmann Proposes to Eliminate All Taxes (adds “Obviously we need to give money back so that we can run the government.” Voluntary taxation???)
  55. Bachmann Equates Today's Social Conservatives with the Civil Rights Movement
  56. Bachmann Warns of Hezbollah 'Missile Sites' in Cuba
  57. Paging Doctor Bachmann. Fundraising email claims Michele… who has no Ph.D… has a “post-doctorate” in tax law.)
  58. Bachmann Missed Every House Vote in September, 58 Percent Since July
  59. Bachmann Tells Man With 'No Teeth' to Rely on Charity
  60. Bachmann Introduces Federal Health Mandates To Govern Abortions
  61. Bachmann Boasts She Spent Her ‘Entire Life In The Private Sector’ Minutes After Touting Her IRS Job
  62. Bachmann: Gaddafi 'May Be' Still in Power If I Were President
  63. Michele Bachmann’s ex-NH staff says national campaign’s rudeness, cruelty pushed them out.
  64. Michele Bachmann: Obamacare Will ‘Endanger The National Security Of Our Nation’ (Debt)
  65. Michele Bachmann Would Add Ronald Reagan, James Garfield, Calvin Coolidge To Mount Rushmore
  66. Bachmann: Eliminate Tax Credit That Kept 3 Million Kids Out Of Poverty
  67. Bachmann: End the Dept. of Education to Solve Teen Bullying
  68. Bachmann believes the unemployed shouldn't eat
  69. Bachmann: We Need To Be More Like (communist) China. End LBJ’s 'Great Society' Programs
  70. Bachmann Wants Iraqis To Pay ‘Several Million Dollars Per Life’ For Every American Who Died In Iraq
  71. Bachmann: Obamacare Will Force Military Personnel Out Of Their Government-Funded Health System
  72. Bachmann: Waterboarding Is Justified… Just Like Nuking Japan. (so clearly, we need to apologize to those Japanese soldiers we prosecuted.)
  73. Michele Bachmann's statements about torture and waterboarding (Tells critics suggesting she try being waterboarded that it would prove nothing.)
  74. Bachmann: Obama Wants More ‘Violence’ So He Can Regulate Guns
  75. Bachmann: A Seven-Foot Doctor Told Me Obamacare Requires The IRS To Pre-Approve Medical Treatments
  76. Michele Bachmann: Get Rid of the Earned Income Tax Credit, Food Stamps, Public Housing
  77. Bachmann During GOP Debate: Leaked intel, or just more conspiracy fantasy?
  78. Bachmann: Teaching Only Evolution Is ‘Censorship’
  79. Michele Bachmann's Short List for AG and Veep: Rick Santorum and Donald Trump
  80. Bachmann: “Occupy Wall Street's” Goal is 'Having Other People Pay for Their Stuff'
  81. Bachmann: Deport All Undocumented Immigrants
  82. Bachmann Approves Of Dragging Undocumented Immigrants Onto Buses In Front Of Their Crying Children
  83. Bachmann Warns ‘The Lion King’ Was Gay Propaganda
  84. Bachmann: Scientists Are Supporters Of Intelligent Design
  85. Bachmann: Terri Schiavo Was ‘Healthy’
  86. Bachmann Likened Visiting Iraq to visiting the Mall of America
  87. Bachmann Claimed Carbon Dioxide Is ‘Harmless’ (so’s water… until you try to breath it.)
  88. Touting Her Currency Conspiracy, Bachmann Insists: ‘This Is Not Michele Bachmann Being A Kook’
  89. Bachmann: Gay singer should repent after getting cancer.
  90. Bachmann revels in her stupidity, proudly pointing out she’s “the ONLY candidate in the race to consistently oppose ‘ObamaCare’ and ‘Global Warming legislation’.”
  91. Comes out against extending payroll tax cut on the grounds, “It hasn’t created any jobs”. Meanwhile, the Bush Tax Cuts have been in place all during that same time, but THOSE cuts must continue because “they create jobs”.
  92. Bachmann: ‘The Number One Way We’ll Advance The Cause Of Life’ Is By Repealing Health Reform.
  93. A bit like improving auto safety by removing seat belts.

    In 2006, Bachmann Predicted The World Would End: ‘We Are In The Last Days’

    Audio clip at link with infamous, surreal “You’re a Jehovah God” quote.
  94. Bachmann Wrong on Social Security, Jobs, Debt
  95. PolitiFact gives Bachmann a “Pants on Fire” for claiming: “PolitiFact came out and said that everything I said was true” in last debate.
  96. Buying into the Rightwing myth that the Poor pay “no taxes” (ever hear of “FICA” or “Sales tax”?), Bachmann proposes a $10 minimum tax for all Americans.
  97. Bachmann has also promised to “abolish the Capital Gains Tax”. So while Poor people would pay $10 more, 20,000 Multimillionaires would see their taxes slashed to just $10/year.

    (Bachmann suspends campaign after disappointing last place finish in Iowa.)

  98. Anti-Abortion Bachmann Says Women Need To be able to “Make Their Own Decisions” About Their Bodies (April 15, 2012)

This just is not a serious presidential candidate. Truly, this isn’t even someone that should be advocating and creating legislation.

Other “Lists” still available for review:

God must want Obama to win.

Sign my petition for GREEN JOBS TOMORROW fast & cheap. Use those $4 Billion in oil subsidies to put Solar Panels on the roofs of 40,000 government buildings, or order 100,000 hybrid mail-trucks. Not only would this INSTANTLY CREATE JOBS, it would spark ENTIRE INDUSTRIES with a future, reduce our dependency on oil, reduce greenhouse emissions, and quickly pay for itself (and cut future expenses) with the energy savings. We need 5,000 signatures by December 20th.

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The List II: Mitt Romney

By Admin Mugsy - Last updated: Monday, December 5, 2011

The Mitt List(Attention: With Ron Paul’s pseudo-concession of the race to Romney [May 14th], I have moved this List to its own page linked on the Toolbar above. For the latest updates, please view that version instead. – Mugsy)

Welcome to our first installment of “The List II”: An archive of links to comments, stated policies/agendas, misconduct, hypocrisy or just basic insincerity, made by each of the eight now seven (sans Cain) “official” GOP presidential candidates. This weeks List-o-Links are for former Massachusetts governor Willard “Mitt” Romney. Despite consistently polling in the “Top Three”, Republican primary voters so dislike the “flip-flopping” former Massachusetts governor that they have elevated just about every other GOP candidate in the race to the status of “Front-Runner” (however briefly) only to see each one crash & burn in a month’s time, desperate to support “Anyone But Romney”™… even courting Evangelical Texas treestump Rick Perry into the race. Alternate front-runners include Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and now Newt Gingrich. GOP voters even desperately courted New Jersey governor Chris Christy (despite being an [arguably] Pro-Choice, pro-immigration, Republican that believes in “Global Warming”, and called “Sharia Law” fearmongering: “crap” after appointing a Muslim judge.) THAT is how much Republicans hate Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Romney was a popular choice among Republicans in the anti-Bush atmosphere of 2008. Having been a Republican governor in “the most Liberal state in the country”, Conservatives (with all the political savvy of a 12-year old) foolishly believed that Democrats would support another Republican after President Bush if that Republican were a formerly Pro-Choice moderate, popular in that bastion of Liberal politics: Massachusetts. Whose chief accomplishment was health care reform (all reasons why they HATE him today). No surprise, coming from the same crowd that honestly believed Democratic women would flock to Sarah Palin simply because she’s a woman. Romney’s record as a Moderate, which made him a popular choice four years ago, he now finds he must run away from to be considered viable by today’s hard Right GOP primary voters. And the result is a well-earned reputation as a “flip-flopper”:

Devastating anti-Romney ad from the DNC.

So, without further ado, here is “The List” for Mitt Romney (all lists will be updated throughout the month as more information becomes available.)

  1. Flashback: Romney says health insurance mandate ‘a terrific idea’ and predicts ‘we’ll end up with a nation that’s taken a mandate approach’
  2. Forgetting America Is At War, Romney Accuses Obama Of ‘Peacetime Spending Binge’…Then Walks It Back
  3. Romney Founded Business That Utilized Offshore Tax Havens, Costing Taxpayers Billions In Lost Revenue
  4. “Bain Capital”, co-founded by Romney, made much of its Billions establishing offshore tax havens for their clients.
  5. After Calling The Auto Industry Bailout ‘Tragic,’ Mitt Romney Now Claims He ‘Had The Idea First’
  6. Animal lovers don’t read this: Romney recalls when he strapped dog cage to roof of car on 1983 family vacation.
  7. Complains of having to “hose off the roof” after the dog loses control of his bowels. I pray the windows were open.
  8. Romney Gives Obama A Failing Grade, But Massachusetts Ranked 47th In Job Growth While He Was Governor
  9. Additional info: Mitt Romney’s ‘Jobs Record’ Is A Sham
  10. Mitt Romney’s Campaign Website Omits Health Care Reform Accomplishment From Bio
  11. Romney Proposed Jail For Abortion Providers, Now Says No One Ever Talked About Criminal Sanctions
  12. Club for Growth says Romney has ‘developed an unshakeable reputation as a flip-flopper’
  13. Romney Attack Ad Blasts Obama For Phrase Romney Also Used
  14. Mitt Romney: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’ ‘Makes No Sense At All’
  15. Romney, who is worth over $250million dollars, tells Florida voters that he understands them because he’s “unemployed too!”
  16. For the record, Mitt Romney Is Not "Unemployed".
  17. Romney, Whose Net Worth Is $250 Million, Whines That He Makes Less Than Federal Employees
  18. How Romney made his fortune (Bain Capital) – The Boston Globe
  19. Buying companies, firing all the workers and liquidating them for their assets.
  20. Colbert Rips Romney for His "Business Experience" Destroying Jobs
  21. After Calling TARP A ‘Slush Fund,’ Romney Campaigns At Bank That Took TARP Funds
  22. FACT CHECK: Romney Campaign Did NOT Raise $10 Million In One Day as claimed.
  23. Romney Acknowledges Debt Ceiling ‘Emergency,’ But Would Require Radical Balanced Budget Amendment Before Raising It
  24. In Video And Campaign Speech, Romney Touts Manufacturing Plant That Received More Than $200,000 In Stimulus Funds
  25. Romney would have rejected Debt deal and defaulted.
  26. Romney PAC Gets $1 Million From Company That Disappeared After Donating
  27. Romney got S&P to raise MA’s rating by promising tax hikes
  28. Romney Defends Raising Retirement Age To Protect Corporate Tax Breaks.
  29. Tells crowd: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’
  30. Romney Takes More Lobbyist Campaign Cash Than The Rest Of GOP Field Combined
  31. FLASHBACK: In 2005, Romney Lauded Cap-And-Trade As "Good For Business"
  32. Romney’s Overreach: Would Illegally Allow States To Opt Out Of Health Law Through Executive Action
  33. Mitt Romney Touts Privatizing Unemployment Benefits Along With Reduction in Spending on Anti-Poverty Programs
  34. With Government Job Losses Slowing The Recovery, Romney Promises To Lay Off Even More
  35. Republicans DEMAND reduction in size of government, then point to government job losses as “proof” the economy isn’t recovering.
  36. Mitt Romney Attacks Obama For Going To Martha’s Vineyard The Same Day He Will Be There
  37. Confronted At Town Hall, Romney Falsely Claims Raising Payroll Tax Cap Wouldn’t Strengthen Social Security
  38. Romney To Quadruple Size Of $12 Million California Home
  39. After Blasting U.S. Trials For Terror Suspects, Romney Now Wants One For The ‘Lockerbie Bomber’
  40. Romney Attacks Obama For Releasing Jobs Plan Too Late, Then Announces He’ll Unveil His Plan Same Day
  41. Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform
  42. Fact-Check: Romney’s USA Today Op-ed Vs. Reality
  43. Great point-by-point refutation of claims made in Romney op/ed.
  44. Romney’s Medicare Plan: It Will Be Similar, But Different From Paul Ryan’s Privatization Scheme
  45. Romney Chart Falsely Blames Obama For Job Losses In 2007, 2008
  46. Romney, Perry, Bachmann Campaign Website Issue Pages Don’t Mention Iraq Or Afghanistan
  47. Mitt Romney Blasts Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac’s ‘Failures’ While Profiting From Them
  48. Earned as much as $50,000 last year in interest income from a Mutual Fund that includes Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.
  49. Romney’s Raised Millions From Wall Street Bankers, More Than Twice As Much As President Obama
  50. Mitt Romney Describes Individual Mandate As ‘A Conservative Idea,’ Credits Gingrich For Supporting It
  51. Romney: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Support State Constitutional Amendment To Define Life As Beginning At Conception (making The Pill illegal?)
  52. Romney Can’t Bring Himself To Condemn Jeering Of Gay Soldier
  53. Romney calls Wall Street Protests: ‘It’s Dangerous, This Class Warfare’
  54. Do we REALLY need another RW paranoid militaristic fear-monger in the WH? (Romney)
  55. White House Consulted Romneycare Advisers To Shape Obamacare
  56. 2006: Mitt Romney Heaped Praise on Romneycare ‘Parent’ Ted Kennedy
  57. Romney’s ‘Middle Class Tax Cut’ Would Provide No Benefits To Most Of The Middle Class
  58. Romney Offers More Details On Medicare Plan: ‘We’re Going To Give People Vouchers’
  59. Romney only fired Lawn company using undocumented immigrants because he was seeking office.
  60. Iowa Woman Schools Romney on Anti-Abortion Amendment and Birth Control
  61. After Romney pledged to Huckabee that’d support a “Life at Conception” Amendment to Constitution, girl finds she must explain to Romney how The Pill works.
    24 hours later…
  62. Romney flip-flops on his flip-flop on Personhood Amendment.
  63. One day After Refusing To Take A Position On Ohio’s Anti-Labor Law, Romney Is Now ’110 Percent’ Behind It
  64. FLASHBACK: In His Book, Romney Attacked Obama’s Foreign Policy For Appeasing Qaddafi
  65. The Romney Rule: 14 Percent Tax Rate For Multi-Millionaires
  66. Video: Romney says his health care reform plan would be good for the nation.
  67. Why Mitt Romney’s Medicaid Cuts Are Even More Draconian Than Paul Ryan’s
  68. Mitt Romney Promises to Raise Retirement Age, Privatize Medicare and Slash Government Jobs at Koch Brothers Event
  69. Romney uses CBO report to claim cutting ObamaCare ‘Saves’ Money. Report says otherwise.
  70. Romney Absurdly Claims ‘I’m Proposing No Tax Cuts For The Rich’
  71. Romney Campaign Memo: The Koch Brothers Are The ‘Financial Engine Of The Tea Party’
  72. Romney Camp Responds To ThinkProgress Report Linking Him To Massive Ponzi Scheme
  73. Complicated, but Romney was investor in company run by son Tagg that partnered with “Stanford Financial Group”, a massive $8.5B Ponzi scheme.
  74. Romney: U.S. ‘Should Not Play The Role Of Leader’ In Mid-East Peace, ‘Follow’ Israel Instead
  75. FLASHBACK: Romney Supported President Bush’s Government Program To Refinance Mortgages
  76. After Obama proposes a gov’t program to refinance underwater mortgages, Romney criticizes the idea. But supported it when Bush proposed it in 2007.
  77. Romney Attacks ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Jobs, Ignoring the 64,000 Green Jobs Created in His State
  78. Mitt Romney floats private vouchers for veterans’ health care
  79. Shocker of the day: Romney flip-flops on privatizing veterans care
  80. ROMNEY FLASHBACK: Homosexuality Is ‘Perverse’ And ‘Reprehensible’
  81. Romney Staffers Destroyed Emails, replaced harddrives upon leaving MA governorship.
  82. Admits it was purely to thwart political opponents.
  83. Mitt Romney suggests Amnesty for Immigrants (video)
    In 2007 Meet the Press interview, Romney outlined view on illegal immigration. Says the 12 million illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship.
  84. Romney’s First TV Ad takes Obama out of context, suggesting clip of Obama quoting McCain was own words.
  85. Refused to apologize. Tells reporters, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”


    “What’s good for the goose…”, huh? Okay then.


  86. Romney Claims George W. Bush Flip-Flopped On Abortion Too.
  87. Remember that brief period when Bush was Pro-Choice? Me neither. Bush himself says he’s been “Pro-Life” ever since Mummy put her miscarried fetus in a jar and showed it to him.
  88. In Stammering Interview, Romney Refuses To Say Whether He Will Deport Undocumented Immigrants.
  89. Romney Calls the EPA ‘Out of Control’ For Wanting to Make Sure Our Drinking Water is Safe [from fracking].
  90. Romney comes out against foreclosure relief in Nevada.
  91. Says “Let investors buy up underwater mortgages” and then rent the home back to the former owners. Help the wealthy prey on the misfortune of others, just like he did at Bain Capital.
  92. Romney Comes Out In Favor Of Payroll Tax Holiday Extension, After Dismissing It As Just A ‘Band-Aid’.
  93. In case you were wondering when it would finally happen: Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s (Kill) Medicare plan.
  94. Romney Tells Gay Vet That He May Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Rights In New Hampshire.
  95. Romney got permission to destroy 150 boxes of records
  96. (See #69 above for some background.)
  97. Romney often touts “Leaving Bain Capital to manage the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.” But three years earlier in 1999, the IOC (Int’l Olympic Committee) launched an internal investigation re: allegations that members of the SLC Organizing Committee bribed members of the IOC in order to win selection as the home on the 2002 Games.
  98. The IOC felt compelled to changed the rules on “accepting gifts from petitioners” as a result of the investigation.
  99. Romney Admits: My Plan Is ‘Not A Huge Tax Cut’ For The Middle Class
  100. In 2010, Romney Said He Wouldn’t Repeal The Individual Health Mandate In Obamacare
  101. Under Romney, Bain Capital Made Millions From South Carolina Business That Shut Down, Laid Off 150 Workers
  102. Romney Still Bringing in Millions From Bain Capital 13 Years After Leaving Firm
  103. Romney, who once told NH voters he too was “unemployed”, is still receiving $13.4 million dollars a year from Bain Capital.
  104. Romney Wants His Billionaire Wall Street Donors To Be Able To Give Him Unlimited Sums Of Money
  105. Romney vows to veto the “Dream Act” if elected. – “Dream Act” defined here.
  106. (In same sentence) Romney: ‘I Don’t Discriminate… I Oppose Same Sex Marriage’. – Clearly Mitt doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “discriminate”.
  107. Romney Ad Touting Bain Record, Cites Steel Mill That Benefited From Government Largess. – Ad brags of creating jobs at “Steel Dynamics”. Company survived only by receiving $37million in tax credits and grants from the county, after which Bain Capital sold off its stake for $104mil.
  108. Romney’s Tax Cut For Millionaires Would Be Nearly Twice The Size Of George Bush’s. – Eliminates the Estate Tax for the richest 0.14% of Americans while raising taxes on the Middle Class.
  109. Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In.
  110. Mitt Romney Embraces Privatizing Medicare and Social Security and Raising Eligibility Ages
  111. Romney agrees to release only his most recent (2010) tax return and an estimate for his 2011 return. – Only wants us to see his returns for the years he knew he’d be running and could tweak them for the most positive spin. And STILL we find he only paid a tax rate of just 13.8%.
  112. How did Romney achieve such a low tax rate? His 2010 Return reveals the use of numerous tax havens in places like Luxembourg, Ireland, the Cayman Islands… even a Swiss bank account. Romney actually tithed more to the Mormon church ($4million) than he paid in income taxes last year ($3million).
  113. In 2006, The Romney’s donated $10,000 to a ‘pray away the gay’ quack therapy group called “The Tyler Charitable Foundation”… a group that later donated $25,000 to stop same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.
  114. Romney praises Kris Kobach, author of AZ’s and Alabama’s offensive “Papers Please” anti-immigrant laws. – Romney said in a press release of Kobach’s endorsement of him, “With Kris on the team, I look forward to working with him.”
  115. Romney flip-flops again on Climate Change. Now says: ‘We Don’t Know What’s Causing Climate Change’.
  116. Romney Touts Support Of Pastor Who Sees A Correlation Between Marriage Equality And 9/11
  117. In an interview with Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Romney destroys his own core argument for why he needs to be president. – Tells Ingraham that he can’t make a case that “Obama has made things worse”, but that’s his strategy anyway:
  118. Romney: ‘I’m Not Concerned With The Very Poor’ (they have safety nets.) – The problem with this statement that Mitt clearly doesn’t get is that it’s not enough just to have ‘safety nets’ to keep you alive, but that it never occurs to him that the poor don’t wish to STAY poor forever and would like to know what his plan is to lift them out of poverty.
  119. Jon Stewart Knocks Mitt Romney For His Private Sector Job Credentials at Bain. – It’s a sad commentary on the state of our News when comedians must point out the obvious problems with the candidates’ positions. In this clip, Stewart explains how Romney made his millions by borrowing against a company he’d later cannibalize and bankrupt… a practice he accuses President Obama of.
  120. No surprises here: While Romney has blasted President Obama’s decision requiring Religious Organizations cover contraception in their non-church-related employees’ health coverage, while governor of MA, Romney upheld and enforced a similar law that passed the same year he ran & won the MA governorship.
  121. The Right went apoplectic over Clint Eastwood’s patriotic “halftime in America” Super Bowl Ad because it makes President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler & GM look good, vs Mitt Romney’s 2008 NYT Op/Ed entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.
  122. Romney advocating for the bankruptcy of Detroit’s Big Three makes more sense when you remember he also criticized helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, advocating instead to let the rich buy up all those homes and rent them back to the peons that previously owned them. “[D]on’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom,” Romney told a Nevada audience.
  123. Romney’s Bain behind airline plan to slash jobs and pensions. – American Airlines takes Bain’s advice to slash 13,000 jobs. That’s what Bain does. It’s what they’ve always done… even when Mitt ran it.
  124. Mitt Romney Tells CPAC He’ll Cut Social Security Benefits, Begin Privatizing Medicare.
  125. In New Op-Ed, Romney Reiterates ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’.
  126. Romney Thinks Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Is ‘An Excellent Idea’. – This despite the fact that states that have already tried this found drug abuse is WAY lower among welfare recipients, and testing them costs WAY more than it saves because broke people don’t buy drugs.
  127. In GOP Land, if you receive government assistance, you’re guilty until proven innocent via a check of your bodily fluids.
  128. Romney doesn’t know what public lands are for if not to be exploited for their resources.
  129. Romney Fails His Own ‘Moral Responsibility’ Test, Can’t Balance His Campaign’s Budget. – Mitt is spending his campaign cash twice as fast as it’s coming in. This is WHILE he’s running ads that say “we have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in.”
  130. After Rick Santorum released a robocall (audio) urging Michigan Democrats to vote for him in their Primary “to send a loud message” to Romney for opposing the Auto Bailout (that Santorum himself also opposed), Romney called it a “terrible dirty trick” and an “attempt to kidnap the primary process.” Only problem: Romney himself has bragged about how he took “every opportunity” to vote in Democratic Primaries to help ensure Republicans face “the weakest possible opponent.”
  131. During a TV interview in Ohio, Romney was asked if he supported the “Blunt/Rubio Amendment that would allow any employer (not just churches) deny contraception coverage to their employees based simply upon the employers own personal “moral” objection. Romney said “No” (mostly because Santorum said “Yes”). The Right went nuts and LITERALLY within the hour, Romney reversed himself, saying “OF COURSE he supports Blunt/Rubio! He was simply confused, thinking the Interviewer was talking about some other “local” officials named “Blunt/Rubio” pushing for a “state” ban. So Romney would oppose STATES allowing employers to deny contraception coverage, but when it comes to a National Constitutional Amendment allowing all 50 states to do the same thing, well, he’s all for that! (So much for “states rights” as well.)
  132. Romney’s Latest Clean Energy Attack: ‘You Can’t Drive A Car With A Windmill On It’. – You can’t drive a car with an oil refinery on it either. What’s your point, Mitt?
  133. So much for Second Chances: Romney Declines To Criticize Limbaugh — Again.
  134. Romney Claims His ‘Bold’ Tax Plan ‘Can’t Be Scored’. – When asked for details on just HOW Romney’s “20% across-the-board tax cut” would affect the economy, Romney says his plan “can’t be scored [by the CBO]” because he hasn’t worked out all the details yet. It’s not a “plan” then yet, is it? It’s just an “idea”.
  135. Former head of the Israeli Secret Service says Romney’s reckless saber-rattling against Iran is “making things worse”. – Iran doesn’t know if Romney has a chance or not, all they know is the Republican front-runner for president is making declarative statements that Iran “already HAS a nuclear weapon” and threatening the use of force… which could have the unintentional effect of SPEEDING UP Iran’s nuclear program to build a bomb before November. Just what we need. Another irresponsible hotshot cowboy in the White House threatening to plunge us into another unnecessary preemptive war, only this time with a country three times the size of Iraq.
  136. Romney Admits GOP Education Policy is Intended to Kill Unions
  137. Romney Justifies Denying Health Care To People With Preexisting Conditions: ‘We Can’t Play The Game Like That’
  138. I find it difficult to believe anyone running for public office could be THIS out of touch: Romney Tells ‘Humorous’ Story About Factory Closing.
  139. Romney recalls an “awkward” moment during his fathers run for governor of Michigan after moving 1,000s of jobs to Wisconsin. Ha ha!
  140. Romney’s Top Five Assaults To Women’s Health
  141. 1) Promised “to get rid of” PlannedParenthood.
    2) Supports “Blunt/Rubio Amendment” that would allow ANY employer to deny contraception coverage for ANY reason.
    3) Said forcing religiously owned non-religious businesses to comply with the ACA is part of a “secular” agenda.
    4) Never condemned Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke.
    5) A former “Pro-Choice” governor because of a family member that died of a “back-alley abortion”, Romney now calls Roe v Wade “one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history.” Add to that Romney now saying he would sign the “Personhood Amendment” that would outlaw The Pill.
  142. Candidate Etch-a-Sketch? Mitt Romney Addresses ‘Women Problem’: Just Wait Until You See My ‘Real Position’.
  143. Romney’s Pro-Guns Speech To NRA Includes Only One Mention Of Guns. – Romney actually had a a FAR more hostile view towards gun ownership while governor than Obama has had while president.
  144. Romney On Cap And Trade In 2003: ‘I Am Making Good On My Pledge’ To Clean Up Carbon Pollution ‘Harming Our Climate’.
  145. While the Romney Campaign was feigning outrage over Democratic pundit Hillary Rosen saying Romney’s wife Ann… who was a stay-at-home-mom… “never worked a day in her life”, Mitt Romney himself told an audience that stay-at-home mom’s “on welfare” need to “get a job and learn the dignity of work.
  146. Shaking The Etch-A-Sketch: After Promising To Veto It, Romney Says He Wants A DREAM Act
  147. Mitt Romney adviser: Planned Parenthood is a goner. (Following Romney statement: “Planned Parenthood? We’ll get rid of that.”
  148. Romney Blames Obama For Factory That Was Shuttered Under Bush. Says if economy were “really” improving, they’d have reopened by now. So let’s return to the policies that closed it in the first place?
  149. Romney Foreign Policy Adviser Attacks Obama’s ‘Czechoslovakia’ Policy. – Hint, Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed in 20 years. Must have been talking to John McCain.
  150. Romney’s Advice To Students on paying for college: “Borrow Money From Your Parents”.
  151. At a campaign stop, a supporter says she believes the president should be tried for “Treason” (which was met with wild applause). Romney’s response? He’d be “happy” to look into it.
  152. After extreme Right-Wing radio host Brian Fischer took credit for forcing Romney to fire his openly gay National Security Adviser, Fischer then criticized Romney for cratering to his demands so quickly/easily, saying, “How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me?”
  153. Mitt Romney attacked gay schoolmate with scissors – As a teen in his all-male private high school, the young Romney was so incensed that a fellow student would bleach his hair blond and wear in (at that time) an effeminate manner (draped over one eye), he rallied his friends to tackle and hold down the student while Romney clipped the screaming/crying students’ hair with a pair of scissors. Romney does not deny the event took place, but claims “no memory of the incident”. Romney’s friends however DO recall the incident and independently confirmed it took place.
  154. Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It – Tax cuts for the Rich, while promising to slash the Deficit and expand the military. Where will the money come from? Look in the mirror.
  155. Romney Campaign Massively Downgrades The Number Of Jobs It Claims He Created From 100,000 To ‘Thousands’ – Wait for it… 48 hours later: Romney Flips Back To Claim That Bain Capital Created 100,000 Jobs.

(Please report any broken links in the Comments section, as well as any links you feel deserve inclusion in this list that I overlooked.)

Other “Lists” still available for review:

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